56 inch muskie

The C-Ball Jr. is easy to fish, easier to cast than it's bigger brother, and a serious fish-catcher.Headlocks – Just in time for trolling season.

If you aren’t seeing this kind of detail on your 'birds.

Sometimes they lack technique, sometimes they lack heart. JigRipper – Makes retrieving big baits a lot easier. Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. Walz made an “earth shaking” announcement this week.

Weird analogy, but that's like working 12.5 weeks at a 40 hour/week job just to catch ONE 40+ incher.Regardless, it's alway fun seeing how this event plays out because it's a good snapshot of the current bite in the Metro, including some of the hottest lakes. *slow clap*. The tourney averaged roughly 500 angling hours per 40+ inch fish. . Remember when we said there was a bruiser caught on an 8/9 Stagger – well here she is! You need to experiment and learn how things work on YOUR boat. Here's another one from Jeff Andersen; you can literally see this big girl sitting next to a weed bed waiting for your bucktail!

Props to Matt Ross for putting in the extra effort and putting 'er in the bag!Click here to watch the full video on Jordan Klingbeil's YouTube channel.Love how his normal human instincts told him to reach for the boat, but he kicked his common sense to the curb and went back to netting the fish WHILE FLOATING IN THE WATER!! Tis the season for giant muskies to grace the boats of guys and gals fishin’ for walleye and bass! “Typically, they’re a pretty hard fish to catch. .
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Instagram Spring/Opener Tips

Two weeks can make a big different depending on how the weather turns out…. It didn’t fight hard,” she said.

That means guides can’t pile all their friends, family and casual acquaintances in the boat for extra springtime trollin’ rods – we’re lookin’ at you, Brad! “Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” The ideal contrast/sensitivity will depend on your boat and the spot you're fishing.“As a general rule of thumb, you need to crank the sensitivity DOWN on hard bottoms (sand, rock, gravel) and UP on soft bottoms (mud, muck, silt). Follow him on Twitter @MikeSherry14. Don’t be afraid to lead with a small bucktail, especially when you have multiple casters in the boat, and follow it up with other traditional springtime offerings.

What's sweeter than catching a 56" x 24.5" musky? 28:56… Diggin’ the “Glitter Green Perch” pattern on this DJ Custom Baits glider . Lots of data you can use/study later.Musky Hunter Magazine – You know it, you love it. Southern WI opened earlier this month, northern WI is opening next weekend, and MN is opening a couple weeks after that.

Definitely not the biggest muskies in the world, but this might be the first time we’ve seen a shore fishin’ double-up.

Here's another! Gov. Schneider is having a replica of the fish made by Shane Indrebo with MuskyWorks Reproductions in Alma. Typed comments will be lost if you are not logged in. Welcome to our new and improved comments, which are for subscribers only. Stevens Point Journal • Schneider, a 25-year-old Appleton resident, reeled in a 56.5-inch musky on the Fox River in De Pere on June 5. Also heard the WI Supreme Court overruled the extension of the state’s stay-at-home order. Emily Schneider of Appleton caught this 56.5-inch musky June 5 in the Fox River near De Pere. The less obvious white line (left) is the musky. The long wait is almost over for all you musky-heads in the northern states! Sheboygan Press • As you can see from the results (below), the fishin' was TOUGH this year. This Week’s Monster Muskies: We've all had to deal with disappointing net men. Fond du Lac Reporter • This honest-to-goodness 56-incher was too hungry to wait for MN Musky Opener. Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter •

Packers News • Gotta love it when a perfectly executed turn and hookset leads to a big musky hitting the net!

on starting the season off right with 53.75 inches of musky! Not as important as Mother's Day (or Valentines day for that matter), but don't forget to thank your dad this weekend.

The only stipulation is guides can’t have more than 2 guests in their boat at a time. Looks like Mike Buckingham wasn’t too disappointed that this wasn’t a Mille Lacs bronzeback: This enormous Ohio musky was almost too much for Robert Basic to handle – 48 inches and girthy as all get-out! Sometimes they lack technique, sometimes they lack heart.Well, you can't question the heart on this one!

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