abandoned places in oshawa

You can find these 3 houses on the same waterfront location. Abandoned Places?

According to one story, after the death of Massey’s daughter, Lillian was so aggrieved that she hanged herself. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Or sitting in my livingroom reading and all of a sudden feeling several sharp bangs on the floor as if someone in the basement was banging on the ceiling. Looking for haunted places In Oshawa or abandoned areas.

Mackenzie House was the final home of William Lyon Mackenzie, Toronto's first mayor, who died in the house in 1861. The Devil's Hole itself is a stone staircase, a tricky climb down to the Niagara River, and it could be dangerous. save hide report.

The Pillars Estate is a Victorian mansion built in the early 1800s.

Located in Scarborough, Ontario, The Guild Inn use to be a grand place that boasted beautiful gardens on the shore of Lake Ontario.

In the quaint, little town of Greenwood, Ontario, sits a little village all of its own.

Located within the trails, you can easily find it on the maps provided at the location, since it is actually labelled "Ghost Rd. The unseen presence has been known to smash plates, move furniture around and scream.

Is it? Located on a street named after one of this properties prominent former owners, the Burgar/Glasgow/ Fortnor House has a great deal of history, and mystery, that surround it. The 1808 Gibraltar Point Lighthouse on the Toronto Islands is the oldest existing Great Lakes lighthouse, and it has a mysterious legend. Or coming downstairs to the kitchen to find the cold water tap on full force. Stories ... Folks at Newmarket Inn have reported seeing apparitions of a man wearing a blue coat and hearing disembodied screams.

Take a walk through log cabins and the blacksmith shop. Rumor has it that a girl was murdered at Anchor Park; her body was found hanging on a swing-set swing.

For many years, Ralph Mason ran an army surplus store out of these buildings in Oshawa. And last but not least, the basement tv was unplugged from the wall and cable outlet for several days, yet it turned on... Neighbours would have keys or hair brushes go missing and find them in the freezer, toilet bowl, microwave, etc. Thanks!

Located in the south end of Oshawa, this building has seen some tragic events. Witnesses at the Omni King Edward Hotel have experienced unexplained sounds, elevators that seem to operate by themselves and playful activity with the faucets and toilets in the ladies' restroom.

There” more. Today is hosts a car lovers dream: The Canadian Automotive Musuem. Our fantastic guide Zac was spooky, engaging…” more, “I went to this attraction last year and I would say it is one of the best Halloween events in North America.

Terrified of the beast that is close behind you.

Best Haunted Houses in Oshawa, ON - The Haunted Walk at Black Creek Pioneer Village, Halloween Haunt They have seen shadows, lights and odd mists and heard unexplained sounds, laughter and voices. The inn was featured in an episode of TV's Celebrity Ghost Stories, talked about by actor ... » Cemeteries near Oshawa, ON But if you take a walk through the conservation area (specifically the crab apple orchid) you will find an abandoned swimming pool where -legends say - Lenny the camper died and still haunts the grounds to this day. You can find these 3 houses on the same waterfront location. The ghost of a crying woman and a crying newborn have been ... Staff at Winery at Marjim Manor say former residents Shubal, Sophia and Lewis Merritt, Charles and Hannah Ring and the Sisters of St. Joseph's dog Duke haunt the premises.

Regent Theater is a nightclub that was once a movie theater. If you like your food with a side of spooky, this is the place to go! The Rapids Theater, built in 1921, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of an actress who committed suicide here long ago. Built around 1882, The Brunswick Hotel was once the former winter home of Colborne's elite families.

You can also visit the Lee House, but that is only if the spirit of Mrs. Lee is nice enough to keep the door unlocked and let you in! The Oshawa Community Museum and Archives are made up of 3 individual Museums: The Guy House, The Robinson House and The Henry House. Featured on both "Creepy Canada" and "The Girly Ghosthunters," Fort George was an important War of 1812 stronghold.

The dark grounds, scent of old century buildings and the sounds of leaves crunching under our footsteps were the perfect setting for our spooky walk. Imagine being a young girl, running.

Another local ... Glendon College, a bilingual liberal arts college with about 3,000 students, lies on what was once the 1900s estate of well-known financier Edward Rogers Wood. landed on the property and began their new lives. Heritage Theatre is said to be haunted by an actor who was killed in the dressing room. » Find museums in Oshawa, ON, Devil's Hole State Park - Cave of the Evil Spirit.

They were also buried in the cemetery, which was the first Loyalist Cemetery. Your screams remain for eternity. Now, his ghost is said to roam the halls of ... At Boston Mills Cemetery, witnesses have seen ghost children playing tag among the gravestones and an apparition of a priest. I went there at night with a friend and we got spooked out.

The building was once home to the Bowmanville Public Library, but now hosts a large collection of antiquaries of the town's past.

We were the only two people there and it was a quiet, sunny, Sunday afternoon.

World War I hero and Victoria Cross recipient Charles Rutherford, who ... At the Hockey Hall of Fame, once a bank building, the apparition of a teller named Dorothy makes appearances in her 19th-century attire. The Orillia Opera House is said to be haunted by ghosts who make footsteps, slam doors, create moans and shadows, and drop the room temperature. This historic community club has been in existence for over a century, and is believed by many patrons to be haunted by an evil entity. Other reports here have included lights that ... A suicide, ghostly children and unending balls are all said to haunt the Royal York Hotel. I lived in the Briarwood Square townhouse complex (1400 Mary Street North) for 18 years, my neighbours and I had weird stuff happen quite frequently. You end up at this tunnel and hope that the darkness will hide you.

The 1899 Old City Hall building, designated a historic site in 1984, has a ghost in its rear staircase known to walk up and down with loud footsteps and tug on the robes of judges.

Thanks anyways! Cannon fire and gunfire have been heard, and British and American soldiers' ghosts have been spotted both inside buildings and outside on the grounds. Witnesses describe a mysterious cold spot that appears on the way to the restrooms.

Locally known as "The Hill", Prince Edward Heights was once owned and used by the Canadian Military as a training ground.

I was going to suggest the Whitby courthouse in downtown Whitby. Jester's Court Pub and Eatery, a former private residence, is believed to be haunted.

Demolished [7] Mount … Looking for haunted places In Oshawa or abandoned areas.

Witnesses have reported footsteps, strange lights, the sound of children crying, whistling, and disembodied voices having conversations. 53 miles from the center of Oshawa, ON.

It's one of the oldest remaining pre-Confederation buildings in Toronto, and many hangings were held here since 1908.

Taking a step back into time is easy to do once you enter through the doors of Black Creek Pioneer Village.

At the Rockhaven Hotel or Motel (now a Shoppers Drug Mart), a honeymoon suite was the site of a grisly 1960s murder. TouristLink members rank Don Jail, Queen's Park and Old City Hall as the top haunted locations in Oshawa.

Witnesses say the spooky caves are occupied by something otherworldly.

Built between 1832 and 1837, Fort Henry protected the naval dock yard at Point Frederick, the entrance to the Rideau Canal and the town of Kingston, Ontario.

She was employed by its owner, industrialist Hart Massey. Ghostly moaning has been heard in the cellar, once a prisoners' holding area, and something ... Queen's Park in Toronto is said to have an apparition of a female in tattered clothing who hangs from a rope. Nestled in the small village of Leaskdale, Ont. Local legend has it that a grandfather killed his granddaughter a couple decades ago by tossing her off the cliff near Scarborough Cemetery. Speculators think the ghost may ... Kenan House is an 1800s Victorian mansion at Kenan Center. Ooo sounds spooky, I’ll have to check it out sometime.

The most well-known ghost may be Malinda, wife of James Van Horn ... Old Fort Niagara is rumored to have a headless ghost that haunts the 1726 French Castle, and witnesses have seen odd shadows and orbs and heard slamming doors.

Weird ask I know, but does anyone know any cool abandoned buildings or whatever in or around Durham?

Add to that, the original owner is rumored to have died in the house.

Gate was closed my outside light was on and my neighbours sensor didn't go off - that was freaky.

I mean I would be conscientious of the collapsing roof, but there is that white building on Simcoe, just South of Adelaide, that might be worth checking out? The Lockport Caves is a system that was built in the 1880s to provide the area's mills with water power.

It was established on a portion of land owned by descendants of the original settlers.

This beast, happens to be your Father. I'm pretty sure this guy is from Durham Region. Abandoned Places in Oshawa Click to Browse. (Submitted by Callum Swift).

I know it’s a long shot but I figured reddit wasn’t exactly the worst place I could ask so lol.

Located at 37 Silver St. in Bowmanville, Ontario, the Bowmanville Museum has been rumored to be haunted by an unknown ghost.

I lived in the Briarwood Square townhouse complex (1400 Mary Street North) for 18 years, my neighbours and I … Staff members have heard furniture moving in locked rooms and have seen doors, even locked ones, open and close by themselves. Another story said Lillian ... At Ryerson University, rumor has it that a ghostly white female figure, cold spots, wind gusts, light anomalies and whispered names have been seen or experienced near McAllister Studio. This location can be found in the South end of Whitby, Ontario, near the shoes of Lake Ontario. 99 Simcoe St. S, Oshawa, Ontario has been the home of many business since the building was first erected. The historic Red Coach Inn is said to be haunted, particularly in the Victoria Suite where, in 1927, a man bludgeoned his new bride to death. I used to cut the grass at camp 30 like....years ago, I wish the old Whitby Mental Health hospital was still around :(, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd4Ug3mzfy4.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You could actually see the glass vibrating as if someone was pounding on it. There used to be an old farmer's silo around the Harmony Valley conservation area that I believe is now long gone due to suburbia. An eerie shadow man along with cold temperatures have been noticed here, especially upstairs.

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