alocasia plumbea variegated

or Succulent, Screening/Wind

Common names include giant taro, ʻape, giant alocasia, biga, and pia.

The basic utterly green, astoundingly vigorous species form which seldom appears in commerce now e... "White Spider" Unusual low succulent flat outstretched leaves margined ivory; odd cultivar of remarkable endurance.

In time these petioles deepen to almost red-black. This Alocasia Plumbea Nigra has dark green leaves and they almost seem black. Tel: 740-662-2142 Also known as "Devil's Tongue" or "Leopard Palm," this is winter hardy for us here in Z6 in a ver... Amazing African cousin of the "Voo Doo" tribe with wildlike leaflets {pinnatisect} crazily perched on the prickly stalk spotted magenta arising from substantial bulb (has dormancy cycle); blackish spadix pulpit spotted purple with a pale jack inside.

Out of stock. Plant database entry for Elephant's Ear (Alocasia gageana 'Albo-variegata') with 6 images, one comment, and 22 data details. © 2019 Flora Fauna Web. Easy: the name reflects its strength although this cultiva... (tuberous) Finely cut nearly palmate leaves & attractive caudiform base make this compact species a favorite for "Begonia Bonsai."

This plant may be available to buy Family Name: Araceae: Synonyms: Alocasia indica 'Metallica', Alocasia plumbea 'Metallica': Common Name: Elephant's Ear, Taro Variegated plants are our specialty. This is so extremely variegated as to be quite slow growing and demanding of quite specific cultural conditions: needs perfect drainage in a shallow container (orchid bark or ... "Spider Plant / Airplane Plant" Glossy green arched leaves; long bloom stems terminating with forks bearing tiny white starflowers, but soon bend with many thick-rooted plantlets vivipariously formed by the tiny blossoms. The plant has a beautiful strong purple stems, with a great potential to be a big tropical plant.

An excellent Worley hybrid with dark deep green leaves -- tends to have a much shorter dormancy cycle than the other types, especially if grown in a lit garden. Related products .

This entry has yet to be reviewed and approved by L2G editors. Free shipping on many items ... Alocasia plumbea 'Flying squid' - Live plant. Propagation of alocasia should be done in spring or early summer, when the plant is just coming out of dormancy from the winter. A very showy young container plant prefering wet feet. Many of you have bought this over the years from us and realize that it has a very long winter dormancy if temperatures stay on the cool side: be... Winter Hardy Flower & Foliage Collections. Difficult to ship when in leaf. This Alocasia Plumbea Nigra has dark green leaves and they almost seem black. Colocasia Angiosperms (Flowering Seed Plants) (Monocotyledon). $14.00.

The shimmery "Black Caladium" with central purple mask between the pale veins of ash silver.

Nonetheles... Small-statured hybrid with straw colored leaves richly strewn with crimson dots. Requires full sun and constantly moist soil to maintain good golden ochre tones and reach ... Used in China for treating infections; here for the strikingly beautiful dark leathery slim leaves striped and slashed with rich yellow. Dig at least 12 inches (30 cm.) $22.00.

With a shovel, carefully dig around the plant and lift it out of the ground. Fertile Loamy Soils, Well-Drained Soils, Easy to Grow, Disease / Pest Resistant, General, Swimming Poolside, Focal Plant, Interiorscape/ Indoor Plant.

In Australia it is known as the cunjevoi (a term which also refers to a marine animal). Alocasia Plumbea Nigra. Due to the corona virus, the delivery time can be longer than expected. Get the best deals on alocasia when you shop the largest online selection at © 2006-2020

Borneo native perfect for terrariums. After the late fall and winter month's large distichous strap leaved foliage dies down in early summer; eventually mature bulbs produce solitary nodding rich pink waxy trumpet shaped flower clusters early fall. Shaded to Partial Sun: 8 to 12 weeks: 8" to 14" 4 to 5 feet : 9: Alocasia Polly: The perfect dwarf variety with the African mask shaped leaf. shifting shade. Some will enjoy full sun, but most want It requires very little maintenance once it gets going, and it can grow to impressive size, making it ideal for an attention grabbing spot in the garden or a pot.

Argentina native, thus the tubers are persistent in subtropical zones if below any frost line; in the north, either dig or bring in the container for winter. General Description. ... Rare Variegated Alocasia Bambino Not Frydek. Alocasia Plumbea Nigra. Box 97

form clumps of growth from the soil line. These are usually sent as one or two starter strands, with a below surface tuber, not a full pot. resembling Spathiphyllum, but much larger in this case, up to 6-7 good drainage. is a must. Dig a hole just deep enough that the tuber can be placed in it at the depth it was before.

away from each other.

Alocasia plumbea 'Nigra' The stunning dark foliage and size make this variety one of our favorites. Special Notice. The leaves are variable in size but can be Alocasia odora ‘California’ Alocasia plumbea ‘Nigra – Metallica’ 12839 25th Street North | Loxahatchee, FL 33470 | Tel: (561) 790-3789 | Fax: (561) 790-3197


If you’re propagating alocasia plants in containers, make sure to keep them somewhere warm and humid and to give them plenty of water. This Alocasia Plumbea Nigra has dark green leaves and they almost seem black. Thank you for your understanding. All parts of plant contains needle-like calcium oxalate crystals. Metallic taro is a tropical perennial native to Indonesia with large, brilliantly shiny dark green leaves borne on red-purple upward-reaching stems (petioles). All Rights Reserved.

(The correct original name is C. jenkensii 'Uahiapele') The solidly dusky deep purple leaved taro creating a sensation in the garden & conservatory alike; also sold as 'Cranberry,' & 'Black Magic.'

Can cause nausea, diarrhoea, delirium and death upon injestion. Lovely. Somewhat compact glaucous foliaged selection of the "Nile Lily" with heads of ivory white flowers emerging from the attractive leathery leaf fans; must reach maturity before blooming.

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