ap psychology research methods quiz

Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game . How does psychology differ from false explanations of behavior? Ap psychology Research Methods Quiz. STUDY. This quiz is incomplete! prediction of how two or more factors are likely to be related.

experimental results caused by expectations alone; any effect on behavior caused by the administration of an inert substance or condition, which the recipient assumes is an active agent.

How do psychologists collect information? This best illustrates the power of, formulating test will hypotheses before conducting research is most directly useful for restraining a thinking known as. Learn. Test. Played 101 times. secretspy. basing decisions or conclusions on observable evidence describes which of the following? Alexandra is told that research supports the value of cosmetic surgery for boosting self-esteem. organized sets of concepts that explain phenomena, prediction of how two or more factors are likely to be related, repetition of the methods used in a previous experiment to see whether the same methods will yield the same results, the factor the researcher manipulates in a controlled experiment, the behavior or method process that is measured in an experiment or quasi-experiment, all of the individuals in the group to which the study applies, the subgroup of the sample that receives the treatment or independent variable, choosing of members of a population so that every individual has an equal chance of being chosen, the subgroup of the sample that receives the treatment or independent varibale, division of the sample into groups so that every individual has an equal chance of being put in any group or condition, factors that cause differences between the experimental group and the control group other than the independent variable, a description of the specific procedure used to determine the presence of a variable, a phenomenon that occurs when a researcher's expectations or preferences about the outcome of a study influence the results obtained, clues participants discover about the purpose of the study that suggests how they should respond, research design in which participants don't know whether they are in the experimental or control group, research design in which neither the experimenter nor the participants know who is in the the experimental or control group, a physical or psychological treatment given to the control group that resembles the treatment given to the experimental group, but contains no active ingredients, a response to the belief that the independent variable will have an effect, rather than the actual effect of the independent variable, which can be a confounding variable, the extent to which an instrument measures or predicts what is is supposed to measure or predict, a field that involves the analysis of numerical data about representative samples of population, number that summarizes a set of research data obtained from a sample, an orderly arrangement of scores indicating the frequency of each score or group of scores, average or most typical scores of a set or research data or distribution, most frequently occurring score in a set of research data, the middle score when a set of data is ordered by size, the arithmetic average of a set of scores, the spread or dispersion of a set of research data or distribution, the difference between the largest score and the smallest score, measures the average difference between each score and the mean of the data set, bell-shaped curve that represents data about how lots of human characteristics are dispersed in the population, the percentage of scores at or below a particular score, a statistical measure of the degree of relatedness or association between two sets of data that ranges from -1 to +1, statistics that are used to interpret data and draw conclusions, the condition that exists when the probability that the observed findings are due to chance is less than 1 in 20 (p<.05) or less than 1 in 100 (p<.01), suggested rules for acting responsibly and morally when conducting research or in clinical practices. Created by.

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Spell. which of the following questions most likely could be answered using in Imperial approach? A statement of what will happen next in a sequence of events. the post-experimental explanation of a study, including its purpose and any deceptions, to its participants, what is measured or observed in an experiment that changes due to altering the independent variable, a spoken or written summary of observations, statistics that summarize the data collected in a study, neither researchers nor subjects are aware of the treatment group they are part of in a study, scientific evidence obtained by careful observation and experimentation. case study, naturalistic observation, correlational study, experiment. This best illustrates the power of a. AP Psychology Research Methods. the tendency to accept certain information as true, such as character assessments or horoscopes, even when the information is so vague as to be worthless.

organized sets of concepts that explain phenomena. Match.

What ethical questions does psychological research raise? 0. How is an experiment performed, and what are its major components? 77% average accuracy. bell becomes associated with food, causes salivation), factors that impact the independent variable in an experiment because they are difficult to distinguish or separate from the variable itself, an unchanged factor or condition put in place in an experiment to limit causes of variance to only the independent variable, a group of subjects receiving an unaltered treatment, or being placed in the most typical environment, the relationship observed between two variables, a number from -1 to 1 that indicates the direction of the relationship between two variables as well as its strength, behavior that is not observable by others.

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