c300 w205 turbo upgrade

Lowers exhaust temperature, so the charger and the exhaust manifold are more protected. The bigger the diameter of the downpipe, the easier and quicker the turbocharger is able to lead off the exhaust gas. Harwinton, CT 06791, USA, Copyright © 2000 - 271 Litchfield Rd

Visit us at facebook.com/GotTunedCom, Be the first to review “M274 Downpipe Mercedes W205 C200, C250, C300”.

Every part of this racing focused downpipe replacement is produced using CNC technology and is fully made out of Acid-Resistant Steel.

All rights reserved. Mercedes C200 W205 184HP 7. This means, that errors can be avoided. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. On Sale: $1,295.00.

In case of Euro 5 and 6 vehicles, a catalyst with ECE selection is needed, to avoid the above points. This upgrade ensures your turbo’s potential is not wasted, it is also a great choice cost-wise! Mercedes Benz ECU tuning, calibration, and performance part experts. Price Match Guarantee Contact Us For More Info. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Poland

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41-706 Ruda Śląska, There are 2 sockets for lambda sensors on the assembly.

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Description 3 colors & 64 colors Turbo Air Vent / Duct for Mercedes C Class W205 GLC X253 Features OEM design, fit original air vent position perfectly With 3 colors /64 colors ambient light for options, … After extensive R&D, TurboKits.com has achieved the “impossible”- a turbocharger upgrade that will give the C300 a stronger power band without sacrificing low-end power. TurboKits.com You can’t find that elsewhere! M274 Downpipe Mercedes W205 C200, C250, C300. 10. Mercedes-Benz C300 - W205 Turbo Upgrades. Most of the cars up to Euro 3 Emissioncode do not have post-cat sensors, therefore require no adjustments to avoid the alarm.

2. You can choose between DeCat Downpipe and a SportCat Downpipe (100 CPSI / 200 CPSI).

ul. The new C300 2.0L Turbo is an amazing vehicle.

NIP: 6412543718

W.3 Turbo Upgrade, M157 $4,499.99 Add To Cart Superchargers SLS 825 Supercharger System $15,999.99 Add To Cart SLS 750 Supercharger System $12,499.00 Add To Cart M113K Supercharger …

Lighter than OEM.

In case of catalytic converters, the washcoat content is significantly increased and has a very high oxygen storage capacity. For downpipes without catalytic converter or with 100/200-cell catalytic converter, if the second post-catalytic lambda sensor exists, the control unit may display an error message. 3.

The shape and mounting points fit with the original car parts, no additional work is needed! 4. The C300 is a great daily driver, however, it lacks in the power department. The highest levels of performance and greater reliability under constant high load conditions. All Rights Reserved. 100% Plug and Play Terms Of Use .:.

The second lambda sensor is only used to monitor the catalyst’s effectiveness, and this check can be programmed out through modifying the chip’s software. 8.

Clean, strong and attractive welds, inside and out! RENNtech Stage I Turbo Upgrade | W205 | C63 /S AMG | Sedan | 709HP/638TQ | 4.0L V8 BiTurbo | M177 | MY2015+ C63 /S AMG BiTurbo Includes Turbo Upgrade, ECU Upgrade, and Fuel System Upgrade.

Mercedes C300 W205 244HP, M271 M274 Turbo Upgrade Mercedes C300 W205 Hybrid Turbo Infiniti Q50. Contact Us .:. Features:Automatic tuning6 Pre-loaded OFF-THE-SHELF tunes (including STOCK tune)100% Plug-and-Play functionality100% Reversible to original factory tune in minutes, Power Gains:Stage 1: +50-60hp / +60-70tq (octane depending)Stage 2: +65-75hp / +75-85tq (octane depending), Vehicle Application:2015+ Mercedes Benz C300 W205, Octane(s) Available:AUTO-DETECT tuning maps6 Pre-loaded OFF-THE-SHELF tunes- Stock- 91 Octane – STAGE 1 w/ Burble- 93 Octane – STAGE 1 w/ Burble- 91 Octane – STAGE 2 w/ Burble- 93 Octane – STAGE 2 w/ Burble- VALET MODE100% Plug-and-Play functionality100% Reversible to original factory tune in minutes, AMR Performance Enhancement Features:•Optimized Fuel Mapping•Optimized Timing Curve•Speed Limiter Removed•Improved Fuel Efficiency•Broader & Stronger Power Band•Lower RPM Hesitation Eliminated•Increased Turbocharger Response•In-House Engineered & Tested Results•Smoother Firmer Transmission Shift Patterns. Engines: 2.0T GDI. TurboKits.com is proud to present: turbokits.com, Mercedes-Benz C300 - W205 Blow Off Valves, Mercedes-Benz C300 - W205 Cat Back Exhaust, Mercedes-Benz C300 - W205 Downpipes, Mercedes-Benz C300 - W205 … fits: 15-18 Mercedes-Benz C300 - W205. ECU tune is necessary to avoid the Check Engine Light. This does not rectrict driving operation, because first lambda sensor is present for the motor control. C63 C63S GLC63 G63 GT63 W205 W222 X253 C253 W463 X290 Because a downpipe connects a turbocharger and the Catback exhaust, its upgrade is often required for the upgraded turbo to unleash its full power. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Price: $1,495.00.


Not only does this upgrade give the vehicle an increase in horsepower, torque, but also increase the turbocharger’s response, increase in boost levels, optimal fuel curve, and an increase in throttle response! 2015+ Mercedes Benz C300 W205 Octane(s) Available: AUTO-DETECT tuning maps 6 Pre-loaded OFF-THE-SHELF tunes - Stock - 91 Octane – STAGE 1 w/ Burble - 93 Octane – STAGE 1 w/ Burble - 91 …

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3. …

W.3 Turbocharger Upgrade for Mercedes Benz AMG M276 V6 C43 GLC43 SLC43 SL450 GLS450 GL450 GLS400 GLE 43 GLE450 S450 CLS450 CLS400 E43 C43 C450 C400 C400 W205 X253 C253 R172 R231 X167 X166 W166 Check out the deal on W.3 Turbo Upgrade… 1. TurboKits.com C300 Turbo Upgrade. Buzzwise.pl. W205 Mercedes Benz C300 Turbo High performance ECU Tune for horsepower and torque Free Shipping on Orders Over $500 Toggle Nav My Cart 0 Items(s)-$0.00 Search Search Advanced Search Search … Mercedes C250 W205 211HP

Sitemap .:. Custom Downpipe Kit for Mercedes C-Class W205 with M274 2.0L turbocharged engine unit and the stock power of 184 – 244HP.

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REGON: 380013152 It is made fully out of Acid-Resistant Steel to ensure a long life despite being exposed to toxic exhaust gases. You can choose between DeCat Downpipe and a SportCat Downpipe (100 CPSI / 200 CPSI). Even with a Stage 2 package the factory turbocharger is "tapped" out. - Smoother Power Delivery and Improved Drivability, - Improved Throttle Response (No need for Sprint Booster/Go Pedal). The COMPORT handheld ECU programming tool offers pre-loaded OFF-THE-SHELF tunes/maps giving you theability to continue upgrading your vehicle without the need of purchasing “retunes”. Great Sites

Removed Catalytic Converter.

From tuning we typically see gains of +55-65Hp & +65-75Tq. While the EOBD Catalysts are tested up to Euro 4, their durability and use up to Euro 6 is given.

It doesn’t include the Catalytic Converter (CAT) and thereby significantly reduces the back pressure which leads to faster spool, an increase of power and more aggressive exhaust sound. The design of the GotTuned downpipe is optimized for the minimization of variances in cross-section area in order to get smooth exhaust gas flow and top performance.

The downpipe parts are CNC produced, ensuring precise, high-quality elements. M271 M274 Turbo Upgrade Mercedes C300 W205 Hybrid Turbo Infiniti Q50 Catalyst information For downpipes without catalytic converter or with 100/200-cell catalytic converter, if the second post …

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This well engineered recipe turns this normally commuter vehicle into a torque filled throttle happy warrior! M274 Downpipe Mercedes W205 C200, C250, C300 499.00 € – 799.00 € Custom Downpipe Kit for Mercedes C-Class W205 with M274 2.0L turbocharged engine unit and the stock power of 184 – 244HP.

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GotTuned sportcats run a 100 or 200-cell high flow cat which passes road legal emissions tests, while de-cat pipes are for RACE USE ONLY and are NOT road legal.

Weistec W.3 Turbo Upgrade for Mercedes Benz AMG M177.

Unleash #beastmode and improve your vehicles performance in minutes! Młyńska 43,

We need usually ~ 14 working days to perform and send this KIT.

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Constructed of billet aluminum, our 59mm compressor wheel is 5-axis CNC machined and flows an impressive 36+ lbs./min. DESCRIPTION:After hours of data acquisition and numerous runs on the dynamometer, AMR Performance has engineered and developed ECU Software upgrade(s) for the Mercedes Benz CLA 250. The COMPORT has the ability to program our custom ECU software (tunes) into your vehicle from the comfort of your own home as well as give you the ability to continue upgrading the vehicle without the need for your ECU to be removed or shipped in! 6. The 2,5-inch pipe diameter.


1. Allows for smooth flow of the exhaust gases, giving your engine extra power, as well as sharper throttle response!

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Limited 2 years warranty

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