can't pay? we'll take it away!

Cases featured include the violent car owner from episode 1, the woman who defaulted on her loan repayments from episode 2, and the taxi driver who had a writ written out against him instead of his brother from episode 3. We'll Take It Away' held to have breached privacy rights by broadcasting a couple's eviction",!&oldid=986475584, Channel 5 (British TV channel) reality television shows, 2010s British documentary television series, Articles with dead external links from August 2016, Articles needing additional references from December 2018, All articles needing additional references, Articles lacking reliable references from December 2018, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mike and Terry head to Liverpool to seize a. Mike and Terry travel to Cheshire to seize a vehicle from a woman who owes several hundred pounds on a loan, and Mike shows his softer side. Gary and Paul try to track down the directors of a company operating a village pub who owe more than £2,300 to an electricity supplier, but are caught in the middle of a bitter dispute between the pub landlord and her son. Gareth and Craig attend a farmhouse, where the debtor owes £5,700 in unpaid vets bills, but the debtor claims she has been making regular payments to the claimant – a fact which the agents discover is correct. Gary and Cona are confronted by a knife-wielding debtor whilst attempting to recover £11,000 owed to a claims company. Paul and Steve head to Essex to evict a family for non-payment of rent, but discover a dispute with the letting agent has led to the eviction. Paul and Steve then attend an eviction in North London, where the tenant has been behind on her rent for nearly six years – but to their surprise find a menagerie of electrical goods including TVs, laptops, games consoles and designer clothing. [32][33] This led to the series being axed in May 2018 as Channel 5 realised that the court case opened them up to future claims. Can't Pay? This half-series featured sixteen episodes. He’s a member of Bafta and is also active on a number of Pact committees. Meanwhile, Brian and Kevin deal with a single mother of three who owes a debt of more than £5,000 to a former landlord for damage to his property, and later try to reclaim a debt of over £11,000 owed by a furniture business, but an employee of the company becomes less than helpful. Brian and Del call upon an East London garage to reclaim £7,000 to a dissatisfied customer, but find the business – and the customer's vehicle – in a state of disrepair. [3], The second series exclusively features Enforcement Agents from DCBL, and sees the introduction of six new cast members – Phil Short, Ben Pinner, Brian O'Shaughnessy, Graham Aldred, Iain Taylor and Stewart McCracken. is a factual/reality documentary series on Channel 5. Meanwhile, Stuart and Elmor head to Merseyside to attend the eviction of a tenant with a brain tumour who has been unable to pay the rent on his house, and later attend an eviction with a twist – the tenant is in fact the letting agent and has been living in the house under a false name. Stewart and Vic then head to, Stewart and Vic attempt to reclaim more than £8,000 owed by a car dealership in. This program takes viewers behind the scenes of Australia's Customs, Immigration and Quarantine departments. Stewart and Vic chase over £2,200 owed by a scrap yard owner to a shipping company. See which Can't Pay epsiodes are being shown this week. The High Court of Appeals awarded the two £20,000 after finding that their privacy had been infringed. Meanwhile, Brian and Del attempt to reclaim an £11,000 debt owed by a man and his partner for unpaid rent, but are shocked to discover an armoury including samuai swords amongst the debtor's possessions. Observational documentary series revealing the dramas and dilemmas faced by staff of some of the UK's largest ambulance services on a daily basis. More than 80 cameras follow Bedfordshire Police over a 24 hour period as they respond to emergencies, investigate crimes, arrest suspects and battle against the clock. Stewart and Iain attempt to reclaim a debt owed by a builder, but are threatened with violence by the man and his friends from the building site. Meanwhile, Gareth and Craig attempt to reclaim £45,000 owed by the director of an online clothing business to a former distributor, but are alarmed when on their second visit to the property, they find a stash of guns. The actual content of this episode will be available after broadcast.

The result is a unique insight into one of the biggest issues facing those who cannot afford to keep paying the bills. Del and Dael attempt to reclaim £3,000 owed by an Indian takeaway to a meat supplier, but become embroiled in a game of cat and mouse as the debtor refuses to reveal his identity. However, they are forced to call upon police assistance when it becomes apparent that the unstable debtor may have access to weapons. is a British factual documentary series on Channel 5. When they threaten to remove the debtor's girlfriend's possessions, the situation becomes heated. Series 5 Episode 20 - YouTube Steve and Ben attend the eviction of a young mother and child, and Steve is shocked when he discovers some of the worst living conditions he has ever seen. For eight non-consecutive weeks, it was the most watched programme on the channel. The current listings description of this episode is identical to Episode 33. We'll Take It Away!

Runcorn, Max and Steve visit a woman who owes more than £5,000 to her former landlord, and are forced to remove her only asset of any value. Garry and Matt uncover an arsenal of weapons, including knives, razor blades and meat cleavers as they try to evict a highly volatile tenant from his flat for non-payment of rent. Del and Dael attempt to reclaim £3,500 owed by a man to a van rental business, but on arrival at the property, find themselves in the middle of a bitter dispute between father and son, which leads to death threats. Later, Phil joins Paul to turn detective when they arrive an eviction in East London, where they discover the remaining tenant escaping through the back door. Paul and Steve evict a family from their home following an ongoing dispute with their landlord, who claims that he has been trying to evict them for more than 16 months.

We’ll Take It Away! Stewart and Elmor attempt to reclaim a £3,000 debt owed by the owner of a dog kennel business, but when they arrive, Stewart is threatened and angrily confronted by the debtor's dad. [citation needed] Episode 8 also saw a guest appearance from Graham Aldred, last seen in series two. Del also looks back on a case featured in Series 3, Episode 1, where he and Kevin were assaulted by a violent debtor. Gareth and Craig call upon a young mum who owes £6,500 in solicitor's bills, but she claims she has no assets that could possibly offset the debt. Max and Steve head to Romford to reclaim £12,000 owed by the town council and find themselves clamping the mayor's limousine. Malcolm is a highly respected Executive Producer with many prestigious series for British and international broadcasters to his credit.

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