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My show, Uglee Truth Podcast - 2 sisters who catch up weekly on their lives, pop culture, sex, relationships, parenting, etc. Listen to Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess in full in the Spotify app. In this episode, we get personal and we discuss spirit, shame, Rob’s history as a “megachurch” pastor, knowing when to walk away, how to answer the “BIG” questions for your kids and when you should answer them, processing through current circumsta…, (CW: Paris Hilton documentary commentary involves emotional, physical, and sexual abuse discussion) The Broads are here to discuss some current tea (aka James Charles VS H3) and some ancient tea (Team Edward VS Team Jacob).

And this time he brought his son Trace with him! They chat about emergencies and their go bags for, well, basically the apocalypse. First The Broads talk some recent tea (ie.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO OUR DONATION MATCH GOFUNDME…, EPISODE ORIGINALLY DROPPED ON OCTOBER 29, 2019The Broads are joined by the amazing Ev’Yan Whitney (sex educator/sexuality doula) to discuss sex shame, “losing your virginity”, sexual liberation, healing, low libidos, getting out of your head, and much more!EV’YAN WHITNEY:Instagram: @evyan.whitneyPodcast: The Sexually Liberated Woman https://podcast…, Jess recaps the latest Bachelor GOAT episode with Justine and Natasha of 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose!

It’s Halloween Season, Broads, and that means it is time for our favorite Roz Drezfalez to enter the Zoom chat! 197: Haunted Dolls and Murder Mysteries with Roz Drezfalez, 196: Clare’s Bachelorette Recap: Ep 3 (Producers Want Us To HATE Clare! 18h ago 18h ago.

+ Paris Hilton’s Shocking Documentary + Harry, Megan, & Reality TV?!

She chats with them about having SMA, growing up with a disabled body, the lack of representation for disabled bodies, the phrase “being inspiring”, inspiration porn, guys with the worst pick up lines, the need to vote, the lack of accessibility, her current cele…, The Broads have a chat about some Bachelor tea, theories about Clare’s season, and then dive into Sean Lowe’s GOAT recap! They chat about his final meal/drink, what he was like growing up, spirituality, HIS BOOK (“Making the Love You Want”), living with LUKE P, his time on The Bache…, (IMPORTANT: SEE BELOW EPISODE NOTES FOR TIME STAMPS IF YOU WANT TO AVOID HEARING ABOUT CURRENT BACHELORETTE DRAMA) The Broads are quaking in the presence of Bachelor Clues and Pace Case, hosts of “Game of Roses” podcast - the podcast that is an in-depth analysis of “the game” that is The Bachelor media series.

Then they dive in Ben Higgin’s season aka the man who said 1,000 “I love you’s”. He chats with The Broads about being in a polyamorous relationship for over 18 years and answers ALL of their questions.

A couple of opinionated broads (Bekah Martinez and Jess Ambrose) hold nothing back in their arguably uncomfortable, occasionally serious, and undeniably funny chats ranging from Bachelor(ette) Recaps to sex to spirituality to breastfeeding and more.

183: How To Love People Who Suck + Getting Comfortable with Conflict w/ Kara Loewentheil. 3: Exorcism, Hauntings, and Sleep Paralysis! First they discuss her personal journey, the loss of her father, and her battle with mental health. She tells us all about what her initial birth plan was, comparisons to Ruth’s birth, some shocking new experiences, her labor and delivery, and how her and baby Franklin are doing! ), who he’d want to get stuck on a desert island with, much more AND THEN Queen Natascha drops in to surprise The Broads with all …, The Broads begin the episode discussing the disappointing events this week in Bachelor Nation (0:00 - 28:30). Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess. They then fall in love all over again with Trist…, Today The Broads take a break from their typical episodes to catch up, have some laughs, and then answer some questions from the beloved #broadsquad!

Host on Chatty Broads with Bekah and… and Guest on Mommies Tell All, Reality Steve Podcast, Miraculous Mamas, and Roses Tell All Before they dive into the recap they discuss all the reasons and evidence why they believe Dale and Clare truly had not b…, Today The Broads are joined by the hilarious comedians Malik B. and Justin Elliott!

+ Chris Harrison & Reality Steve Confusion! Second, they have to go over the Jada/Will/August “entanglement” and their differing opinions about their Re…, The Broads are FINALLY able to chat with their forever favorite of Bach Nation, Mike Johnson!! #halloween #fabfi…, Well here we are, Broads. Listen online, no signup necessary. + Is Hannah Ann The Next Jackie O? + "Clare and Dale DIDN’T Talk Previously" Analysis, 193: First Dates and Nipple Clamps w/ Malik B & Justin Elliott. Listen to all your favourite artists on any device for free or try the Premium trial. He then dives into readings with Bekah and Jess and it gets personal as they discuss family, past relationships, children…, The Broads are finally joined IRL by their favorites Natasha and Justine from “2 Black Girls, 1 Rose” podcast! Full of laugh attacks, interrupting, and tangents as they answer some Marry/F*ck/Kills, tell awkward hook up stories, chat Hogwart’s houses, answer “which of my friends are you most attracted to” #quarantine…, The Broads cover episode 5 of LTYH and let’s be honest they are feisty and it’s hot takes city today. They discuss her recent conversation with Chris Harrison, going back to school to become a sexologist, first experiences and advice regarding consensual non-monogamous relationships, the importance of communicating with a partner, her sex vacations (aka sex-cations), an…, The Broads are back with another Bachelor news and pop culture filled tea on Tuesday episode!

182: Is Clare a “Cougar”?!

+ More!

They chat about their different childhoods and parental upbringings, how they saw trans people represented through media growing up, why using someone’s correct pronouns is so important, the power of language and how it ca…, (TW: Stalking and Domestic Violence discussed regarding Colton and Cassie from 00:06:30 - 00:25:00 in podcast) On today’s episodes The Broads discuss a lot of Bachelor Nation news such as Cassie filing a restraining order against Colton, Victoria Fuller on “The Viall Files” rejecting the “home wrecker” title, Katie Morton on “Mouthing Off w/ Olivia…, The Broads are joined once again by the incredible master coach and host of “Unf*ck Your Brain”podcast, Kara Loewntheil, but this time they discuss how to handle ALL the uncomfortable conversations that have been happening in 2020 with family and friends who have differing opinions.

In this thought-provoking but chatty podcast, we bring together leading experts and radical thinkers to discuss the big issues that will affect our future, and what we can all do about them. The Box), 132: Love Is Blind Recap: Episode 1 (Justice for High-Waisted Jeans), 131: Quarantined with Craig Conant (& Tips from Nurjahan Boulden), 130: Bachelor Recap: Finale Part 2 (Peace Out, Pete & Hannah Ann Stans), 129: Bachelor Finale: Part 1 (Pilot Pete & BarbraGate), 128: Bachelorette Breakdown & Friendship Breakups, 127: Introducing Here's the Sitch with Mike & Laurens, 126: Bachelor Recap: Episode 10 (Pilot Pete & The Women YELL All), 124: Bachelor Recap: Episode 9 (Pilot Pete & The Frickin’ Fantasy Suites), 123: Postpartum Support: Boobies, Bottles, & Doulas, 122: Bachelor Recap: Episode 8 (Pilot Pete & Hometowns), 121: An (Unfinished) Survivor’s Story: Chantelle Dashner-Griffith, 120: Bachelor Recap: Episode 7 (Pilot Pete & The Scar), 119: Bachelor Recap: Episode 6 (Pilot Pete & The Tammy Turbulence), 118: Bachelor Recap: Episode 5 (Pilot Pete & The Kelsey Conflict), 115: Bachelor Recap: Episode 4 (Pilot Pete & The Chase Rice Realization), 114: Getting Friendly with Your Fertility, 113: Bachelor Recap: Episode 3 (Pilot Pete & Miss Texas Intentions), 111: Bachelor Recap: Episode 2 (Pilot Pete & The Champagne Crisis), 108: CAST BIO BREAKDOWN: Pilot Pete’s Season, 107: Darkness in Light of the Holidays with Peter Rollins, 106: WTF is Human Design? They briefly discuss the GOAT episode but mostly take a journey through a comprehensive analysis of Nick’s entire season overall.

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