computershare website down

Follow the prompts, accept the license agreement, then download the full ''Windows Offline Installation'' file to your desktop,(about 15 MB), scan it with your antivirus (just to be sure it's clean).

Try clearing your Internet cookies and browser cache.

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The other countries secure (https) weblinks are fully reachable.

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rich, Have you tried accessing it from a different computer..? I also tried 4 different computers with 2 people checking. It also has an AES 256 bit encryption! I would appreciate if anyone could help. My ISP is netscape. Maybe someone can offer some advice.For now, I can use the proxy.

I then disabled McAfee Antivirus, and a trojan identification program. I don't know what to do with this info or who to contact.

I have been connecting without any problems to the secure Web pages within the U.S. "" Web site for the last few years. I think the screen said something about my never filling in security questions or something--I don't recall what the screen said actually. Test performed on 2020-07-16 02:59:34. If you're not using IE7, then set the same settings in IE6 to "Medium".Next, make sure to turn OFF any Popup blockers, particularly those in your browser.Hope this helps.Grif, I also have not been able to access my US account in Computershare from AOL - I likewise called the help line and they said they had no complaints from anyone else and said nothing has changed internally. Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. Refresh your browser. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hit the check button to update this page. 4. Posted by 1 month ago. Once that's done, then install Java JRE 6u3 from the downloaded installer. Java is installed, if you're using IE7, then access the Internet Explorer "Internet Options" settings, "Security" tab, "Internet" icon, "Custom Settings" and change the security level to "Medium", instead of "Medium-High".

I registered some time ago w/computershare and never used the online account, but when I tried signing in about a week ago, I was unable to do so.

Proceed to refresh your browser by hitting the CTRL + F5 keys simultaneously. Between August and now I did not check my account. you may try an alternate DNS service, such as. Try resetting your modem and restart your computer.

I have been connecting without any problems to the secure Web pages within the U.S. "" Web site for the last few years.

Clear your local DNS cache to make sure you have the recent version from your ISP for If is also down for you then there is likely a problem with their servers.

All submitted content is subject to our. I thought about contacting my benefits office (Walmart) since we have so many employee accounts with them but this is a very busy week for us.

: has yet to be estimated by Alexa in terms of traffic and rank. I thought IE used 128 bit. The day I checked was 11/10/2007!!!!!!!!!

They wanted me to update my CHF Account details in my profile to pay my money. The result? I was going to reinstall my computer anyway so I did, installed AOL 9, Norton Internet Security 2007, Sun Java 6, and all the Windows Updates only. Computershare Acquires Corporate Secretarial Serv... Read More. If so, then it's an issue with your computer..

Guess they discovered they were at fault. Two weeks ago was the first time I couldn't; and I have been unable to connect since then; although I CAN access the secure pages of their Australia and United Kingdom Web sites.I called Computershare and even talked with a supervisor. This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. All of my financial websites are reachable except the US Computershare site.

© 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. All Computershare did was reset my password. Having the exact same problem your having. The way they hide prospectuses (can't see them w/o a login) and have mishandled this problem really scares me. Welcome to Computershare.

Tried to connect thru my AOL browser after lowering my security settings and lo and behold I was able to connect.

If not, then it is possible that the site has gone down entirely.Hope this helps.Grif, I am having someone try to access the site. don't have any problem getting to other secure websites.i can bring up the us computershare home page but when i click on the box called shareholder services or the investor centre i get the message waiting for reply and then it times out. Or, we can persuade companies to leave Computershare and move to another transfer agent. Instead of using Internet Explorer to access the site, try downloading and installing a second browser..

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