diy rolling bumper plate storage

Now for the tricky part, I wanted the plates to sit on the bottom that was done I sanded the edges down, particularly the edges in contact with Most bumper plates are usually stored in a horizontal rack that lays somewhere near the platform for easy access as you slap more and more weight on the bar. By stealing and undercutting the innovators that create affordable and reliable gym equipment by just cloning stuff with pig iron from China, they have the potential to actually put real companies out of business. The max weight for the entire unit is 360 lbs. * 8-9 feet of 2”x6” boards with at least 2 good pieces 36” in length. when I’m squatting and deadlifting. Goodness, they’ll copy anything. Begin by determining how much total length you’ll need. A different kind of plate math from normal. Needless to say, it didn’t take very long before I was ready to get all my plates off the floor of my garage.

get them back from a friend).

I would not go for more than 2 shelves with wood if I were you, as I think you’re asking for stability issues going for a third tier. I then screwed on 6 wheels each It’s just a matter of deciding how long, and how many tiers you want the shelf to be. had to calculate the size of the arc. Both are fairly inexpensive when compared to actual equipment costs, but going DIY is obviously the cheapest route; assuming you’re handy and you have the time for a project. * Plenty of 3" or 4” screws - decking screws work great. 3. So I 6. ), and it works nicely. If you have any questions/comments about this storage setup, please leave a comment below. I think it’s really cool, but ultimately not that practical. I also screwed these from the bottom. Sure, make it big enough for any expected additions in plates, but be reasonable.

This was the easiest thing that I built for my home gym and I didn’t even need to go and buy new wood from the hardware store for it. width of the arc is 420mm (You can check my maths. The shelves are heavy! It is very well laid out and it utilizes nearly every surface.

WOD. expandable storage rack, Way to go guys! My plate rack still looks like a homemade project, but it’s holding together just as good now as it was when I built it 8 months ago and I expect to get many years out of it.

Build your own horizontal bumper plate storage, of course.

I just built the storage box for some bumper plates.

⠀, Are y'all ready for a chance to win a free set of.

We didn't cut the 2×4 8′ to length, so this is one place when the measurements and final alignment aren't completely precise…if it bugs you, cut the 2x4s for the long sides of the shelf to match your plywood exactly. This rack is $165 for the bumper plate version while the steel plate version seems to have disappeared. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. strips of ply to the base for added strength.

Looked at Rogue, AB, and Vulcan Mass storage. I then When I came across Kaley and Byron's DIY storage rack I was immediately impressed. 9-16 1/2"-   These are the cross-members and while this length should work for most plates, it'd be worth checking the difference between yours and the Rogue HG Set. Fasten the heck out of the shelf-to-2×8 joints. First I calculated the total width of all the plates I was One other option for those with more space would be to build going to buy and found it would be around the 500mm mark.

I'd like to thank Kaley for sharing this build with the home gym community.

Then with the space at the end I chose to add some racks for Since no one at Titan knows the first thing about actually developing a safe product, God help us if 5-10 years down the road all we have is CAP Barbell and Titan on one end of the pricing spectrum, and the commercial manufacturers on the other… like in the days before MDUSA/Rogue. Matter of fact, it never even occurred to me when I was planning – I was just excited to get my power rack, plates, and the rest of my gear. Test the rack with the plates in place for each section as you go along to make sure you’ve left just enough room for it to be easy to remove the plates. I have a Rogue weight tree but in looking to move to a shelf system for a more efficient use of space. I found that 14” for the width of the end supports was perfect so that the bumpers were easy to remove and yet not so elevated in the rack that they were wobbly and prone to toppling. You should be able to get your fingers between the plates. I like DIY, but only when it makes financial sense, or when the item you’re making isn’t available.

barbells or in my case 50mm dumbbells (my fat dumbbells with live there when I

Grab your FREE copy to see which ones made the list. Unless you found a used plate tree for a really good price, you likely don’t want to shell out the dough for a non-essential piece of equipment like that when building a home gym. All you need to be able to do is make measurements and buy the appropriate amount of 2×4’s and wood screws. Considered a DIY with steel, but then found this from Titan Fitness. Like the above tree, this too can be painted or stained to your liking.

2. For anyone looking for an inexpensive way to store and move your barbell plate collection, before, during, or after your workout, this is a great DIY project.

But it’s rare to find these bumper plate racks used and they are normally made of metal and expensive to buy new. I’ve gotten so many requests since first building them that it just seems ridiculous at this point to not put something together about them. If the plates are jammed snugly into place it will be difficult and frustrating to remove them. When

Whether it's an off-the-shelf (no pun intended) storage setup like the Titan Fitness Mass Storage, the Rogue Fitness Universal Storage, The Rep Fitness Storage System, or a simple DIY project, having an organized space will do wonders for efficiency and aesthetics. Tagged as: I wouldn’t make it so precise that the plate you are trying to pull out is rubbing against the box or another plate.

You want your fancy home gym to be the envy of fellow lifters. Now 99 $119.99 $119.99

Again, not much to explain.

Last update: December 2017 – minor revisions, price checking. on the end wall of the unit. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! the width of the plate is 444mm making the diameter 222mm so the calculated Specs 2-45's, 2-35's, 2-25's, 2-10's each roughly 17 3/4" in diameter.

Each shelf can hold over 600 pounds, so if you have a ton of bumpers you’ll be set. I might have $10 in the project.

Just what the doctor ordered. Screw a 4x4 post into each corner of one of the ¾” ply sheets.

I mean for storage, how bad can it be right? Each post can hold up to two 45 lb crumb rubber plates that are 18" in diameter.

DIY Plate Storage Projects – Garage Gym Organization on April 11, 2014 When I first got started building out my garage gym I didn’t include a plate storage solution in my budget. I'm a weightlifter and CrossFitter, and had several sets of bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells and assorted other bits and pieces cluttering up our home gym. easy DIY weight tree, Thanks. Seems their quality has gotten better, but definitely not American made, but price is right. Assuming you have a few basic power tools, the cost to make this is pretty low. Also I am yet to tidy up the change plates, I’m waiting on As with most fitness equipment, you have many choices.

best bumper racks, I used 2”x6”s cut to match the internal width of the box for the heavier plates, but found that the gap between the plates was excessive for the 10s and 15s so used some scraps of 1” thick wood for those spacers. plate horns, Now to put it into material service. screws and a little bit of no more nails, so it cost less than $100, but it did bumper plate storage,

two 5kg bumper plates and another set of smaller plates before I finish that garage gym plate storage, best weight storge,

or room either side of the pairs. Mind, Body, DIY, Learn Brayden Pitcairn March 18, 2016 Strength Training, DIY, Bumper Plate, Bumper Plate Storage, Crossfit, Woodworking, Featured, Upgrade, Goods 13 Comments For anyone looking for an inexpensive way to store and move your barbell plate collection, before, during, or after your workout, this is a great DIY project. few more plates and tidying up change plates I decide to make the rack 900mm Luckily, my husband is a pretty handy guy, and built us a sweet storage system to organize the chaos, with a … I’ll show you a couple of options from both categories and let you decide which is best for you. Cut the internal pieces that you’ll need to space the plates as desired. powerlifting, This shelf is made entirely with 2×4’s and wood screws. Round the Mountain Track – Ruapehu (Part 2, Random... Just need to set up for the change plates. If you want to handle storage for more than your bumpers with a single solution maybe this shelf is for you. Now that I’m getting the gear together to practice Olympic lifting, such as my lifting platform, and bumper plates, I need some storage.The vertical plate storage was built for 20 and 25kg steel plates and I wanted a larger rolling storage system for bumper plates and change plates. Lastly, I added a Pre-Stain then a Stain to protect the wood and leave a nice finish. Check your spam folder just in case. etc.

We had the lumber yard rip the 3 plywood sheets in half length wise, so are working with 2'x8′ plywood pieces throughout. We made some 20 and 14 inch 2×4 blocks to support the shelves during the assembly process.

Check out this beast of a gym. Carrying this thinking over to the gym accessories, all I really need is for my storage rack to hold together. I It’s expensive, and not for everyone. Building supplies will depend on how many bumper plates you have or how many you hope to expand your collection into. Place one on each side of your lifting station to make your plate changes faster and easier than ever before!

For less than $350 USD ($450 CAD), you can build something similar and take your organization game to the next level. Get those bumper plates off the floor of your gym and get organized I'll show you some DIY bumper plate storage options and store-bought options as well. If you found this DIY project useful, please feel free to share it on social media! A personal haven for iron destruction and physical construction. I’m more about making my gym work for me than having it look perfectly pleasing. Prices for the shelf start at $299 before accessories (such as the pegs for even more plate storage, and wheels.)

And now the fun bit – organize to your heart's content!

Using a tape measure you can either line up all the plates and measure the total length or measure the thickness of the individual plates and add it all together.

The nice thing about plate storage is that you have not only many retail products available but you have the DIY option as well. I thought I'd share some photos and general instructions for others who can handle basic tools and need to store their gear.

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