eric andre show reactions

Andre isn’t impressed.

As you might've guessed from that setup, The Eric Andre Show's "hard to watch but impossible to look away" quotient is higher than pretty much any series in the history of television.

That approach also bleeds into his standup special, which features an of-the-moment skit about the US reality show Cops and its inappropriate cod-reggae soundtrack. That genuinely appalling event remains a high-water mark for the series, as it found Andre pushing his pranking art form well past the brink of decency. “We had a country singer come in,” explains Andre. There was the time he got stitches in his hand after he punched through a car window, and during an interview with Vivica A Fox he crashed into his desk and wrenched his back. Such assumptions would apparently be completely misguided.

When tarantulas and scorpions are popping out of my desk, it doesn’t matter who they are, they’re going to have a strong reaction,” says Andre. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The natural reaction to watching Lauren Conrad's spot on The Eric Andre Show would be to assume it was an elaborate hoax agreed to by everyone involved. Watch Queue Queue So I put it in my mouth, and when she turned back at me, I went 'buuugh.'". Part stoner fever dream, part nightmarish send-up of Jimmy Kimmel and co, it has all the elements of late night: a host with a desk (Andre), a co-host without a desk (comedian and Broad City star Hannibal Buress), a house band (a bizarro jazz five-piece), special guests (everyone from the actual Dolph Lundgren to a George Clooney impersonator) – but minus any hint of logic. I got arrested twice. Lauren Conrad clearly wasn't happy with the way things went down in her Eric Andre Show appearance, with Andre claiming in a 2015 Maxim interview, "Lauren Conrad was really upset and mad at me, and she kind of walked off set during the interview. ", Per the same interview, Andre explained that Conrad's PR team weren't exactly pleased with the experience either. After, I gave her a bottle of wine and was like, 'Oh, you know I'm just f**king around. ", Still, it seems Eric Andre harbors zero ill will toward the subject of his most infamous interview, going on to tell The AV Club, "I'm not doing it to be purposely mean to Lauren Conrad. He targeted Adult Swim, which was known for its alternative programming, but he was on unemployment benefit and desperately needed the work. If you've watched the actual interview, you know he got more than a rise out of poor Lauren Conrad during her time in the hot seat. '", In a separate interview with The AV Club, Andre claimed that matters got even more heated after the fact. I was destroying myself.”. How dare you desecrate his name?’ I was eating mushrooms in the woods in Canada with this girl I was dating, and I got a call from Adult Swim and they were like: ‘Hey, you gotta take that song out.

The process is: that made me laugh. I just play a lunatic on TV; he’s a 24/7 lunatic.”, Born to an African-Haitian father and a Jewish mother, and raised in Florida’s “boring homogenised suburbs”, Andre made Jackass-style videos with his friends before he went to college in Boston to study the double bass. The truth about Eric Andre's infamous Lauren Conrad interview. But for her part, the unsuspecting guest was a trooper for much of the insanity, sitting pat while Andre threw a barrage of wildly inappropriate questions and comments her way, and even stayed put when he drew a lipstick swastika on his forehead and simulated fellatio on the tube. (“If I go to a skatepark and I see kids that look like [oddball rap collective] Odd Future, I know I’m about to take a shitload of selfies.”) More recently, he has got a foothold in the mainstream: he voiced a hyena in the recent Lion King remake, he’s starred in a hidden-camera film called Bad Trip, and his latest project is a Netflix standup special called Legalize Everything. The Eric Andre Show displays several of the characteristics Booker identified as postmodern. Adult Swim/Cartoon Network The natural reaction to watching Lauren Conrad's spot on The Eric Andre Show would be to assume it was an elaborate hoax agreed to by everyone involved. And it was all totally real. This video is unavailable. If that story was coming from someone else, you might dismiss it as apocryphal, but this is Eric Andre. “Racist evangelical people were like: ‘Jesus is not black. scoring legions of fans over the course of their small screen runs. If that story was coming from someone else, you might dismiss it as apocryphal, but this is Eric Andre.

now-infamous interview with Lauren Conrad. “I was just, like, wiping out. And when you water it down or make it awkwardly political when it isn’t, it’s missing the point.”, Ultimately, Andre says, writing his show is very simple. We're as disturbed by that fact as anyone because, well, Eric Andre and his co-host Hannibal Buress really do pull some crazy stunts on The Eric Andre Show. I’m not building a hydrogen bomb over here.”, Eric Andre: Legalize Everything is on Netflix now, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Creative freedom and having the right to offend are notions that Andre holds dear.

"Her publicist was so f**king pissed, screaming at us, 'You'll never work in this town again! Andre spilled the beans, as it were, behind how he and the show's creative team pulled off that grossest of gross-out gags during a 2016 interview with talk show legend Larry King. With a fresh season of The Eric Andre Show hitting Adult Swim in 2020, the mad prankster of extended cable will surely be pushing boundaries further than ever. “Dennis Rodman told me he kissed a dead girl,” he says, still sounding genuinely perplexed. There have only been 40 episodes of his infamous "talk show" over the course of eight years, but there's little question that Eric Andre has made the most of every single second of his gonzo Adult Swim series. In season one, skits included Andre sprinting through an all-white civil war re-enactment dressed as a runaway slave. Comedian Eric Andre: 'We don't tell guests a thing – they waltz into a house of horrors'. "They called us and said, 'You can't air this!' In many of his man-on-the-street skits, the mere presence of a black man in an unlikely social situation is half the joke. Moments later, she stormed off stage never to return. Frankly, we cannot wait to watch the madness unfold — even if we're watching through our fingers.

The result is one of the most dysfunctional 15 minutes to appear on any channel, ever. “You got to mix the highbrow and lowbrow to make it fun. You can just smell it. His fans, he says, fit into two categories: “college party dudes” or “black skateboarders”. He has been sharing posts about defunding the police and attending rallies, but Andre approaches politics in his work cautiously. As wild as the interviews are on The Eric Andre Show, the bar is clearly raised when he leaves the studio. You never, never fake reactions," he said.

Is the mainstream ready for his radical comedy?

REACTION - The Eric Andre Show - Funniest Moments - YouTube “You can’t slap reggae over police brutality footage and call it a day,” he tells the audience. In response to King's inquiry about what drove Conrad to flee his show, Andre admitted the vomit gag was indeed quite "low brow." We have to laugh at the absurdity and the pain of life.

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