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brown checkered plastic grips. It was very well built, but so were a lot of other semi-auto 9mm handguns. In Germany, you can currently get one of those for as little as 75€ in used condition. The gun found a niche in the West German civilian market (1960s / 1970s West German gun laws being much more accommodating than 2020s Germany). I can say about these pistols that I saw about a dozen of them. The per-gun price is unknown, but it is certain that the contract demanded payment only in British pounds. This is an undelivered one lacking the Egyptian symbol sold by Technika. In communist Bulgaria, Kintex had the same role. As evidenced by the switch from “Cal.” to “Kal.”, these were made with the intent of later selling them to commercial buyers in West Germany. A government “trade company” called Technika (also known by its Magyar-language abbreviation, TKV) was created to conduct overseas deals in guns, ammunition, spare APC parts, radars, and so on. The “Heart of Hungary” underneath the slide catch notch is actually supposed to be an aiming-reticle with the letter I in the middle. In 1970, Baader was in Jordan at a training camp of the Palestinian Fatah organization, and was trained on use of firearms including the Tokagypt, which he loved. For Technika, when accounts receivable went into arrears, boxes stopped leaving the warehouse, end of story. In the arab world, German guns – especially of WWII vintage – had a reputation for high quality and the seller no doubt saw “value-added” opportunity in the inscription, to hike the price to a less-informed Palestinian buyer. These were also the first to appear outside Hungary and Egypt, even though they were built after the tail end of the 1st version. By the 1980s it was said that Hungary was the most indebted Warsaw Pact member. The whole total is uncertain but including all seven versions, between 30,000 to 33,590 Tokagypts were built. Provision for firing pin safety on CZ 50/70 is indeed very different than that on Walther PP. The rest were made available for sale elsewhere.

He consider Atilla-Pistole to be different from 48M noting that it has frame made of light white-colored alloy whilst for 48M frame is steel. FAST 'N FREE. ), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (flint), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (perc), United States Patent Firearms Revolvers/Pistols, Century Arms International (CAI) - Shotguns. (An Egyptian M4 Sherman tank of WWII destroyed during the 1956 Suez conflict. From the 1956 Soviet invasion through late 1958, the Hungarian army was partially stood down and reformed along Warsaw Pact lines, with most WWII-era weaponry not of Soviet origin being flushed out in favor of combloc-standard gear. Under Janos Kádár, who took over after the failed uprising, an “unofficial deal” became national policy, in that in exchange for Hungary’s people accepting their political fate, the government would legitimately provide at least a semblance of a tolerable consumer lifestyle. Technika-brokered sales appeared around the world. A final possibility is that even though there was nothing wrong with the Tokagypts, and even if the Soviets didn’t care, and even if bills were paid; the Egyptians just decided they wanted something else. It cannot move forward. Almost certainly, the Soviets did not interfere against Hungary’s side of the deal. Want to receive updates about upcoming auctions? $6.99 shipping.

After the uprising, tooling from this project remained and Hungary saw an opportunity for further benefit. Polish ammo turns up with an oval 21 code too. They use Browning Tilt Barrel lock system. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecccbb04f190d86 The pistol upper right, closest to the blue IED barrel, is a Tokagypt with an extended threaded barrel. Placing your bid is your acceptance of all Terms and Conditions, Buyers Premium,Taxes,Shipping and Payment information. Hey man! Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Buy FEG Walam 48 .380 used: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All Sorry, there are no results in your area. If the Defense Ministry in Budapest volunteered to charitably donate Hungarian army guns to an arab state, fine, that was their concern. Often they were bought in odd-sized lots, and frequently in quantities too low to be effective battlefield assets. The occasion was the creation of the al-Qahira Army, a civilian militia hastily raised in Cairo during 1956 should the French and British have carried the Suez operation deeper into Egypt. This is uncertain and maybe fanciful. The rifle is a FEG M.43 of which 86,500 were built for the Hungarian army during WWII, plus about 15,000 until 1948, when production ceased in favor of Mosin-Nagants. 1922, the French army version of the FN 10/22 used during the 1940 defeat. This document was declassified in 2007. Hungary produced several pistols based on the Walther PP/PPK. The Walam 48 is the “export” version of the FEG M.48, Hungary’s copy of the WWII Walther PP. The Tokagypt would have seemed to have been the perfect fit, but it was not to be. ACTION: SEMI-AUTOMATIC HANDGUN , BARREL LENGTH: 112MM , SERIAL # E02285 , CONDITION: 7/10 , CLASS: CANADIAN RESTRICTED CLASS. The masks are the Mk.IV, a pre-WWII design made by Siebe, Gorman & Co. in the UK. The Webley Self-Loader was a British WWI weapon and not a great one at that; during WWII it was mainly employed by Royal Navy watchstanders.). The USSR was generous with military aid but at the same time, desired recipient countries to sole-source major buys from the Soviet Union. Please consider, Steyr M30S Prototype: A Repurposed WW1 Improved Mauser, Hungarian KGPF-9: Kalashnikov Genetics in a 9mm SMG. The serial numbers were prefixed by “E” for Egypt and ran sequential. In 1958, as mentioned, the 13,250 delivered Tokagypts were dumped off onto the Egyptian National Police. Classified Ad, Search Full Text of Listings “Patient Zero” for this was probably the West German far-left terrorist Andreas Baader, co-founder of the Baader-Meinhof Gang aka Red Army Faction. As FEG was already license-building the TT-33 as the M.48, all relevant data to that pistol was available. Great research. In no way did the Soviets think like that and to the contrary, just the opposite. Near the end of WWII, a cheaper simple stamped-on serration was substituted. Was: $18.51. Other than a final approval on arms deals being needed by the Ministry of Defense (nearly always a rubber stamp), Technika was largely left to its own devices. Starting in 1955, Egypt shifted to the east bloc for its weapons needs. Your IP: Not just broken, but right through holes on the ledge under the finger. As always, first-rate research and an extremely impressive article! Enjoy what you read on Forgotten Weapons? Given this WWII-derivative gun’s obscurity, it had quite a disproportionate representation in Cold War-era violence.

These remained in production alongside TT-33s.). Between 1948 and the 1956 uprising, 21,550 were delivered to police, customs, and bank guards plus 450 (stamped “Polgári”) issued as everyday carries to high-ranking communist party apparatchiks, who were unloved by the Hungarian people. Technika also imported non-combloc weapons into Hungary, including a buy of 9mm Uzis from Israel that went to special police units. 9mm” same as in the 2nd version, then “+7,62 mm TT”. This Ag m/42 offshoot was expressly chosen to use Egypt’s mass availability of 7.92 Mauser. Most Walther PP parts were interchangeable with the 48.M.

I also remembered. Ferunion often operated in places where Technika did not desire a public face (or would be unwelcome) such as gun shows in NATO-member countries. (For comparison, a WWII German Walther PP with Third Reich-era markings.) You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store.

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