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>>Would anyone care to upload this, hopefully to be included on both of their bios on this site? I have some information, however, that may be helpful in this debate.

1870). To ask the Scottish Government what information it has regarding how many PPE products have been withdrawn from use since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak due to safety issues after they had been used by NHS staff, broken down by the (a) type of product and (b) specific safety issue. We send our condolences to all the families of all those who have lost loved ones at any point during the course of this pandemic. That the Parliament notes with concern the announcement of the planned closure of the GP surgery in Salsburgh at the end of March 2020; believes that the surgery, which has served the population for decades, offers a lifeline to many in the community by supporting them in accessing primary healthcare; welcomes what it sees as the leadership of the area's community council in organising an emergency public meeting to seek further details regarding the proposed closure; believes that a recruitment crisis in recent years has led to an increased number of GP surgeries reducing opening times or being forced into partial or full closure and that the number practices being run by NHS boards has increased by 38% since 2009, and calls on the Scottish Government to find a solution to ensure that the Salsburgh surgery remains open on a full-time basis.

Born at Warwick, Queensland, and growing up in Toowoomba, Fr Richard Leonard SJ directs the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting for the Bishop's Conference. That the Parliament recognises the work of many people, organisations, companies and businesses in supporting the country during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic; acknowledges the support that companies have received during this period; regrets that a small number of companies that have received financial and other support have adopted or continued poor employment practices, including so-called fire and re-hire tactics on their workforce to reduce their agreed terms and conditions, polluting  the environment and avoiding the payment of taxes; notes the importance of discouraging such behaviour; recognises the need to support and encourage responsible employers; welcomes the proposals for a Good Business Commission to oversee the scheme; recognises the importance of it comprising representatives from business, trade unions, environmental groups and tax justice campaigners; believes that it will be important that the Commission will have  powers over accreditation, de-listing and the ability to impose sanctions on businesses that do not comply with its standards, and considers that public funding should not be provided to businesses that do not meet the Commission’s standards. I, too, turn to the serious question of what has happened in our care homes. I get that the First Minister did not get up yesterday morning and decide to impose restrictions on pubs, restaurants and other hospitality establishments. I have to admit, the Barker id makes more sense than Beckwith. To ask the Scottish Government what the cost is of (a) a surgical type two, (b) an FFP2 and (c) FFP3 face mask, and whether this is a factor in determining whether to distribute this type of equipment to NHS staff. That the Parliament recognises Respect for Shopworkers Week 2020, which runs from 16 to 22 November; commends USDAW for organising and promoting the week; welcomes cross-party support for the Protection of Workers (Retail and Age-restricted Goods and Services) (Scotland) Bill; recognises that, in this of all years, shopworkers have demonstrated the vital role that they play in ensuring people have access to food and other goods, and considers that, in recognition of this, it is an appropriate time to ensure that shops are closed on New Year’s Day to give shopworkers a well-deserved rest day for their work both throughout the year and during the busy festive period. Richard and Sallie Beckwith became the subjects of a famous photograph taken aboard the rescue ship Carpathia, showing them in conversation with two other first class passengers, Mr and Mrs George Harder. I, too, thank the First Minister for providing advance sight of her statement. Masks are being recalled to the vendor. 4. In addition we also respond directly to correspondence received from both individuals and organisations. The first 'assignment' of the satchel (at least, the first I'm aware of) to Beckwith was on the TV show "Live from the Titanic" with Telly Savalas. Copyright © 1996-2020 Encyclopedia Titanica, URL :, A possible role of space weather in the Titanic disaster, Survivability Study of the 1912 RMS Titanic Disaster, RMS Titanic facts, history and passenger and crew biography. At Cherbourg they were surprised to be joined by Karl Behr, who had travelled to Europe to pursue his courtship with Helen. I read in a book that it was not a fountain pen, but a gold telescopic pencil (mechanical)that was inscribed "RLB XMAS 1908". Since 2007 he has been an honorary fellow of the Australian Catholic University.

I thank the First Minister for that intervention, but—as a matter of record—we were looking for a statement by the First Minister today, so that she could be questioned, and then a parliamen... Over the past week, the Government has been trying to build cross-party consensus for the framework.

3. Marshall. Here you can find out about your MSPs' political activities and how to get in touch with them. Very interesting theory Mr. P has. The Scottish Government holds a regular forum with a range of stakeholders including staff side representation which provides an opportunity for any issues with regard to PPE to be raised. Michael, I wonder if Barker may have had a check list with all the valuables? I agree, Kritina, there DOES seem to be emphasis to attributing items to the passengers instead of the crew. He is the author of a number of books: Beloved Daughters: 100 Years of Papal Teaching About Women (David Lovell Press, Melbourne, 1995); Movies That Matter: Reading Film Through the Lens of Faith (Loyola University Press, Chicago, 2006); Preaching to the Converted Throughout the Sundays and Feastdays of the Year (Paulist Press, New York, 2007); The Mystical Gaze of the Cinema: the Films of Peter Weir (Melbourne University Press, 2009). Mr. Barker, realizing the ship was sinking, might have thought that it would be better to take the jewels out of the ship, put them in a bag and take them to a lifeboat.

4. Different Levels of Spiritual Warfare This is the approach we are taking, in the lead up to the 2020 elections. No price has never ever been used as a factor in deciding what product is to be issued. Health Boards are disposing of these items locally. SMS: 0467 922 702 3. Thanks, Fr Richard Leonard is a Jesuit priest, an author, educator and critic of our modern culture. Fluid Resistant (Type IIR) Surgical Mask (FRSM) offer the correct level of respiratory protection for staff when caring for a patient who is suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive. Health Facilities Scotland has advised that NHS laundry services have enough capacity to meet current demands. He has served on juries at the Venice, Berlin, Hong Kong, Montreal, Brisbane and Melbourne International Film Festivals and has lectured on film, faith and culture across Australia and the Pacific, Asia, the UK and the USA. 1. Here they waited with Mr and Mrs Edwin Nelson Kimball and were soon joined by Karl Behr. Tracing possible contacts will be difficult, so what should people do if they were at the Melbourne protest? 23,500 of these had been shipped to Health Boards, who were instructed to dispose of the masks locally. To ask the Scottish Government what guidance has been issued to NHS boards regarding the laundering of uniforms that may have been exposed to COVID-19, and what steps have been taken to ensure that staff are not expected to take potentially-infected items home for laundering. In 1996 Richard undertook the graduate course in film production at the London Film School, Covent Garden. What is one to make of... Read full post, If you get a copy of the Eaton and Haas ,"Titanic: Triumph & Tragedy", it lists claims by survivors Fr Richard Leonard is a Jesuit priest, an author, educator and critic of our modern culture. On page 106 there is a terrific photo of Richard and Sallie Beckwith, apparently on deck. 1. Health Boards disposed of these items locally. Would anyone care to upload this, hopefully to be included on both of their bios on this site? Since the beginning of March 2020, National Services Scotland National Procurement has issued six alerts to Health Boards requiring PPE to be withdrawn from use.

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