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The punk scene had its violent aspects, but most of the bands that I knew wanted to distance themselves from the violence. Instead he enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he got his Bachelor of Arts in biology and a Bachelor of Science in Geology. He is most recognized as the lead vocalist, songwriter, and only constant member of the noted Los Angeles band Bad Religion, which he co-founded in 1980. At this time, where would you have been? Greg still lives in Ithaca where he spends most of the time together with his children and his wife Allison Kleinheinz, whom he married in July 2008. We’re just committed to the craft. They share two children. Despite their independent endeavors, they always found home in Bad Religion. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/WireImage). It’s a complicated time in humanity…, That’s ultimately where your ethics have to kick in. This idea that we don’t have to listen to science and we don’t have to pay any attention to fact, that everything is some kind of a political strategy or conspiracy theory… this is very disconcerting.

(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images). That constant growth, the constant refinement of our craft is what got us through those years without even looking at the success of others with jealousy, but looking at it with admiration and actually motivation in saying, “Man, if those guys can do that, let’s do that too and let’s put out a better record.” The long history of our songwriting catalogue speaks the loudest.

Dabei befragte er circa 150 führende Evolutionsbiologen zu Themen wie Willensfreiheit, den Glauben an einen persönlichen Gott, Weltanschauungen. How’s that gonna affect us?” I was never that person. Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley of Bad Religion perform at Coachella, 2015, CA. Do you think there was resentment that while they were loading boxes you were doing your doctoral studies? Part of me didn’t want to admit the reality. What are these people so angry about? In contrast to American Lesion this album has a folk-sound and features some old American songs.

Es dokumentiert ihre Diskussion über Themen wie Religion, Gott und Evolution. I always firmly believed, and it’s how I am as a father, that you lead by example. He is most recognized as the lead vocalist, songwriter, and only constant member of punk rock band Bad Religion, which he co-founded in 1979.He embarked on a solo career in 1997, when he released the album American Lesion.His follow-up album, Cold as the Clay, was released nine years later. Help keep Greg Graffin profile up to date. It really was self-defeating as a professional piece of work, but I really believed in my heart of hearts that punk was about not being able to read a book by its cover, not prejudging something and expecting it to fit a stereotype, I thought it was one of the most punk things we could do to put out something that was completely unexpected. But I must say, a pandemic, it brings it to the forefront, because you can live in a world of faith and you can ignore science for a long time until you can’t ignore it anymore when you’re confronted with something like this. Even if they’re on the wrong side of the political or belief spectrum, you still have to extend your humanity to them and help them out. Met Greta, the woman who became his wife in 1988, in a class called "The Intellectual History of the United States" Lives near Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, with his second wife Allison and children from his first marriage: Graham and Ella Graffin. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Greg still lives in Ithaca where he spends most of the time together with his children and his wife Allison Kleinheinz, whom he married in July 2008. And we’ve been very fortunate that other people have recognized that. While Brett was out of the band, he was arrested and forced by court order to enter rehab. At that time I was teaching at Cornell. So, Brett left the band, I entered a phase of denial that he mattered to the band, even though I was not outwardly hostile to Brett. I never burned any bridges with Brett and it’s a good thing I didn’t because he eventually wanted to come back and we all wanted him back.

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