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I may be a New Yorker, and you can certainly hear it in my accent, but the fact of the matter is that I enjoy hanging out with people; I enjoy watching the snow fall; and I don’t enjoy going to Broadway plays; I don’t enjoy going to see the Statue of Liberty. Harry Enten father was the NYC judge. Obviously, if you’re calling me from that institution which I attended, you know that I only graduated five years ago, so I think my age certainly plays a large part in that. His uncle, mother’s sister’s husband, is singer, songwriter, and musician Neil Sedaka. Well, I’ll give you a few things. They don’t matter. How about that Kyle Hendricks ’12, the Cubs’ ace? I think there are some people who came away from 2016 not trusting the polling data. I mean, I think Bibi Netanyahu has been prime minister for the majority of my life, or very close to it, and that is a very odd thing that, especially during most of my father’s life, [Israel] elected left-leaning leaders.

I think my whole thing was, you know, where I really developed interests was being in a dorm room and basically writing on my blog, “Margin of Error,” at 6 a.m.

Mark Murray is still there; Domenico is now with NPR, but I keep in touch with both of them. I’ve mostly friends right now, but I’ve had a few randos who also signed up for it. That doesn’t mean that the other parts aren’t important; it’s just not where my interests and where my skills lie. Terry Jeffers, who has spent much of his life in the hotel and restaurant industry, reached out to MERS Missouri Goodwill’s Jewish Community E…, (JTA) — The first trailer is out for “Esau,” a new movie loosely based on a biblical sibling rivalry that was fi…. February 8, 2020. I just started it and started sending it out to a few people and then the word spread. When Trump entered the race, when he came down that escalator [in June 2015], I think a lot of people, including myself, thought, “This guy is not going to go very far.” His polling is poor. Philip was born in Lithuania, the son of Rafael Kravchuck/Goldstein and Ruth. So for 2020, one of the things that I was very keen on doing was making sure that I didn’t under-rely on the polling data. At FiveThirtyEight you’re not Harry Enten, you’re Whiz Kid Harry Enten. I know you grew up Jewish in Riverdale. Well, basically, I can describe it like this: My father was a huge New York Giants baseball fan, so obviously the Giants and Dodgers used to play in New York. Enten … The fact is I love snow. Every time I see you on TV, you say “Shalom.” Where did that come from, and why did you start doing that? I still know most of my Torah portion, and I could even do it for you right now, I had pretty much memorized — [chants a couple of verses] — I could go on from there. I restarted it. His interest in politics, sports, and weather has always been about reading the odds. Everything is basically occurring either from my living room or my bedroom. When you first came to Dartmouth, you already had an interest in statistics and politics and weather. var referer="";try{if(referer=document.referrer,"undefined"==typeof referer||""==referer)throw"undefined"}catch(exception){referer=document.location.href,(""==referer||"undefined"==typeof referer)&&(referer=document.URL)}referer=referer.substr(0,700); As Israel prepared for a lockdown due to the coronavirus, a St. Louis native returned to the U.S. Clayton native poses in Jewish guys wall calendar, TV/radio expert keeps Cardinals—and the High Holidays—on the air, After shooting in Vienna near area with multiple synagogues, Jews warned to stay home, ADL slams conservative PAC for calling Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum an ‘anti-Semite’, Jewish Book Festival persists, flips page to Zoom for 2020. Enten started up with Columbia Journalism Review as an analyst. We had a kosher home, separate silverware for meat and dairy, kept kosher for Passover obviously. If he is in the mood for something more obscure, Enten, the senior writer and analyst for CNN Politics and previously a senior writer for the analysis site FiveThirtyEight, might search for returns from an old midterm. She co-owned Esther Manor, a Catskill Mountain resort. When I was up there, it was at least 200 to 400 people, probably. Your grandparents ran a Catskills resort? Here, I have a signup form and anyone can sign up, although I grant that I don’t tend to allow my mother to sign up because she’s sometimes overly critical of me. We know that the Democrats are much better liked among Jewish voters, and we know that in the polls that were taken before the primary that Biden was up by nearly 40 points among Jewish voters. 2 thoughts: 1.

Dartmouth News is your source for news, stories, and ideas from Dartmouth. And while certainly the former vice president wasn’t in a dominating position [to win the Democratic nomination] until March of 2020, he was in a good position. What do your bosses think about that? Once that occurred, I really lost a lot of interest because I felt that to be an insult to the Giants. It really didn’t come from anything except for me being perhaps a little bit more comfortable in being who I am. He is also a Dartmouth alum. There are certainly some people who, after initially asking to be on it asked to be taken off of it, which is perfectly fine.

I think they’ll say “shalom” back at me.

How many people got your blasts? I have not had a single boss [say anything critical]. Sources: Genealogy of Harry Enten – https://www.geni.com, Harry’s father on the 1930 U.S. Census – https://www.familysearch.org, Harry’s maternal grandfather, Irving Strassberg, on the 1930 U.S. Census – https://www.familysearch.org, Harry’s maternal grandmother, Esther Goldstein, on the 1930 U.S. Census – https://www.familysearch.org, Tags: Ashkenazi JewishAustrian JewishBelarusian JewishJewishLithuanian JewishPolish JewishRomanian JewishRussian Jewish. So I have not seen anything to indicate that Trump will get more than 30% of the Jewish vote, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even lower than that. Was there something here that spurred on those interests? Did you have a circle that was interested in politics in the same way you are? In a number of interviews, you said that you first got interested in politics when you went to vote with your father at age 4. If you have a parliamentary system, what should be the threshold that parties can get seats?

Harry’s paternal grandmother was Molly/Mollie Bender (the daughter of Harry Bender and Celia Stettner). The daily blast became widely popular with students and faculty. A favorite is 1978. There’s a center, but I’m not sure there’s really much of a left. I don’t necessarily think so. I went to Riverdale Temple Camp, when I was very young, and even did nursery there. rcel.async = true; I wanted a chance to forecast snow more frequently, and so it was really no big deal. Now, none of that is happening. But I’d also point out that Dartmouth allowed me to do a lot of independent studies, and more than that, the professors were willing to work around what I was interested in.

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