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Begin the story. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Complete the mission as you would do normally. If you wait too long to sell then the return will be significantly lower so keep an eye on the stock and wait for it to reach its peak and make sure to sell before the next trading day which begins every weekday at 8am in game time. I think your ment to finish the main story line before you start the assassination missions that way you have all the cash from the heist mission’s to trade with, I can invest all my money with Franklin, but when I change to Michael or Trevor and dump everything into the same stock, it takes all my money but shows that I have nothing in my portfolio.

STEP 3 - BEFORE the third assassination mission invest in [FRT] Fruit (BAWSAQ).

If you're spending it all on ammo, then you're probably about to start the kind of chaos you won't be saving after anyway, so why not just use a cheat code to be evil before bedtime? I had this issue on Xbox One with all characters (money was spent but nothing in portfolio).

It nets 2 billion per character if all of them are done right after the big heist. Advance the in game clock 2 days and at the start of the second trading day the stock will be up 100% instantly and will not peak any further at which point you sell. I think I'm not going to worry about what I missed out on, and just stick to killing people for now. $707,470,720 invested. Redwood rebounded 305.88 in a (in)game week, 305.88 on Tuesday, and it started to fall.

Mine hit 300% after a(n) (in game) week. DO NOT DO ANYMORE OF LESTER'S ASSASSINATION MISSIONS: There are probably other ways of manipulating the stock market and making vast amounts of cash without these missions but if you do them early on you will miss out on being able to invest your take from the final heist on his stock tips and thus not be able to make vast amounts of money as quickly.

7. Anyone else ever have this happen? Then I forgot and about 9 missions later I had like 3.4 million. If you save yeah you will end up with billions, billions you don't have anywhere to spend. This is the most important step and the step most people are not aware of.

Gosu Noob Copyright © 2012-2020 All Rights Reserved. After all, +80% of 500k is a lot more than +80% of 5k, so it's important to do as much as possible before the hotel assassination.

As Michael: Run the Epsilon story line, yielding about $2 million. Finish all the main story missions besides Lester's assassination missions. This is not always guaranteed. STEP 5 - BEFORE the fifth assassination mission invest in [GCD] GoldCoast (LCN).

How to make GTA 5 money fast using the Stock Market and Lester Assassination Missions.

He thanks you for making him a bunch of money. I recently replay it on pc, it didn’t turn into profit until the tuesday after it (I did the mission the previous monday). Kudos mate!!!


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This was with option C. No, you are all wrong. That's it? Lester Assassination Mission #1 - Hotel Assasination.

After all, +80% of 500k is a lot more than +80% of 5k, so it's important to do as much as possible before the hotel assassination. I have 1 billion and I’m on my way to the last part where I invest in Gold Coast and double that so… 2bil brodie lol.

$32, 081,246 invested. I just broke the million dollar mark with Michael after doing only the hotel assassination. $58,714,376 invested.

Press J to jump to the feed. No Spam. 9. Lester Assassination Mission #3 - The Vice Assassination. You won't have much money to invest so the take won't be that big. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Whymy redwood investment didnt hit until 300%.It only hit 2%.I already wait more than four days.Can anyone help me? Also allows me to invest in bawsaq, otherwise it was always closed.

$234,839,456 return.

Timeline:Purchase Betta Pharmaceuticals stock and complete the mission on Monday.Sell the stock by Tuesday.Purchase Bilkinton Research stock by Friday.Sell that stock anytime after the following Monday. Especially if you need something. NOTE: DO NOT DO ANY OF LESTER'S ASSASSINATION MISSIONS AFTER THE FIRST ONE! /r/GrandTheftAutoV - the subreddit for all GTA V related news, content, and discussions revolving around Rockstar's critically acclaimed single player release and the ongoing multiplayer expansion of Grand Theft Auto Online. Enter BAWSAQ – the GTA5 equivalent of Wall Street, accessible through your phone (more on that in the How To Navigate The Stock Market section). As Trevor:Run the Altruist Camp story line, yielding about $100k.Do Maude's bail bond missions for another $40k.Drug shootout, Tuesday daytime only, at least $60k.

Yeah but it’s 2020 and I’m actually doing this right now. And, try not to get wasted, that burns cash.

As Señor Editor, he produces words (and stuff) for Gosunoob. The disappearance of a partial owner caused the stock price to drop temporarily. Invest in [BET] BettaPharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ) with each character before starting the mission with Franklin.

The assassination missions you can do as Franklin (through Lester) are fun in and of themselves, but with a little know-how, you can also use them to make truckloads of money. Don’t forget to invest with all three of the characters. There's also random robberies and atm muggings, I'm leaving them out as they don't amount to much.

There have been quite a few guides to the assassination missions, how to do them, what stocks to buy. This is very well made and simple to follow.

No PC or Console elitism. The market is dormant during weekends, so make sure you start each of the missions on a Monday.

The stocks are divided between two markets: the BAWSAQ and the LCN.

Before the big heist it doesn't really worth saving.

Here is what I made with Michael. I'm guessing by sticking to the basic plot, you'll end up with enough to buy every property anyway. First, cut expenses.

And all but the most unusual vehicles can be stolen off the street.

I think that doing this is worth it as you can build as much money as possible and then complete the random event -‘tinkle investement’ but overall it does NOT NET 2 billion, at least not now. On Micheal there was an email from the head of merryweather. Advance in game clock 2 days. If you wait 2 days and land on a weekend you have to wait additional days to get to the next week as stock prices do not move on weekends. He tells you to invest in TNK for about a 30% return.

I now have more money than sense xD, Your email address will not be published.

I have all planes & choppers.

I have all properties I have my garages full of modded cars. On Micheal there was an email from the head of merryweather. Also it didn’t hit 300%, it’s 254% on my save.

Sell at 80% return. Sell at 300% return.

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

You will net a max of 80% return from this stock at which point sell it on all your characters. it does it means 2 billion if you combine all 3 characters money together and if all done properly. Yeah, I only got 55% and it started falling. Actually it doesn’t I’ve got 1.4 billion for each of the characters, Worked for me too, in fact better, the bus assassination topped at 148% return, Michael has 2.14 Billion and both Franklin and Trevor have 2.1 Billion each and I’ve still got the side missions to do (just done the Tinkle), Bart. (Braddock farms north of Grapeseed). Right after the mission BettaPharmaceuticals only rose by 16.98% and since then simply stagnates, while Bilkinton "only" dropped by 14.64% to a share price of still around $70. Lester Assassination Mission #2 - The Multi Target Assassination.

Here are my numbers to show you what I made with Michael. Required fields are marked *, Recruiting people who dislike DedSec in Watch Dogs…, Equipping different guns and non-lethal weapons on your…, Watch Dogs Legion free Prestige Operative El Rubius…. 8.

BEFORE starting the mission invest all your money with each character in [GCD] GoldCoast (LCN) and then complete the mission. The percentage of return here can easily surpass 100%.

It should fully mature to its pre-assassination level in another 72 in-game hours. Some are character specific, some can be done by anyone. Even though you are meant to hurt this company with the last assassination mission they come out on top in the end. Still all protagonists got 600 millions each. Your email address will not be published. $353,735,360 invested. Keep the endgame in mind - if you plan on killing off Trevor or Michael, use the other two characters for all optional pickups.

Got all that done?

or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. Luckily, I backed up a few different save files…. There have been quite a few guides to the assassination missions, how to do them, what stocks to buy. Yea you have to save the missions until the After the big bank heist.

There are a lot of words (and stuff) there, so he's terribly busy.

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