how do outdoor restaurants keep flies away

), and it happens that they also look pretty in a jar. Except go home, I suppose. Put them around your restaurant or on the windowsills. But a few pesky flies can quickly ruin that. They can also help to eradicate any existing fly problem. The existence of flies will make customers doubt the hygiene in your kitchen and in the restaurant as a whole.

From food forests and survival gardens to soap and yoghurt. If you own a restaurant, these tiny pests can be your worst nightmare!

Mind you, I don’t normally go around killing animals without reason but the amount of (very painful) march fly bites left us no choice. Commercial kitchen fly control units and sticky traps are also handy tools for keeping these pests out of your kitchen. ), but they’re also kinda gross considering how much time they spend flying from surface to surface (raw hamburgers to fruit salad … ), trailing any bacteria they encounter from place to place. They don’t make any noise so you can use them indoors and outdoors (in a covered, dry area such as a patio). Once even one person stops caring about the cleanliness of the restaurant, your fly problem could return.

Your email address will not be published*, The Best Termite Companies in Orlando, Florida. Flies love sugary and yeasty things, so the more wine, beer, and soda you have on the table, the more attractive it will be to them. It's a double bonus that natural citronella torches and candles will also help to keep mosquitos away, too. The same essential oils that work in herb form will repel flies from your skin, too. Qualified permaculture teacher and garden go-to. Just remind your guests not to drink the water or you’ll have a much bigger problem than how to keep flies away from food at your party. Some herbs with essential oils have the same effect on flies, including basil, lemongrass, lavender, mint, and rosemary. These often contain parasites, viruses, and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. We’re guessing you don’t have a lot of poop around your patio (if you do, it’s time to teach Fido how to use a shovel!

One of the best ways to keep flies at bay is to ensure high levels of hygiene in your kitchen and restaurant. Read this: 5 Easy Steps for Banishing Flies from the Kitchen. This is why having a fly-free restaurant is so important. Loves creating stuff. The scent will keep them away so you won’t have to worry about a fly infestation entering your establishment. From the 11 methods I’ve listed above, you should be able to keep flies away from food or at least deal with them quickly if they do swoop in. If not, some portable electric fans could easily keep those pesky insects away, plus they’ll keep you cooler in the summer months. Installing mesh netting in restaurants with open doorways and windows will really help control the entry of flies. Cover the opening with plastic wrap. There’s also these: 8 DEET-Free Bug Sprays for Outdoor Entertaining. Although a fly’s size makes it nigh on impossible to swat, it also means they can’t fly well in wind. There are a few herbs with essential oils that repel flies (and other insects! They can be better for the skin too.

An outdoor patio is a great place to spend a warm evening or entertain company.However, nothing can crash your outdoor festivities as quickly as the appearance of flies and other creepy, crawly bugs. “Flies breed in decaying fruit and veggies, compost, and manure,” says Dr. Gabrielle Francis, a New York City-based naturopathic doctor. No restaurant owner wants that because it leads to the loss of customers, revenue, and, in some severe cases, the loss of the business. At night when the lights come on, flies are less attracted to sodium vapor lights, cutting down on flying action around the patio. Add some wine or vinegar.

Sometimes these pests are a menace just because they're unsettling and gross. But you’re not limited to repelling just mosquitoes; there are also repellents for creating a no-fly zone around your body.

This extra cleanliness will make it even more unlikely that your customers will get sick in your restaurant.

Some bloggers have reported success with a. that uses glasses filled with water and a few pennies sitting at the bottom. Keep indoor and outdoor trash cans covered. – can be a great natural solution to your fly problem. You need a nice, high-powered fan like this one: Flies hate the scent of lemons, so if you can spare a couple after you’ve served the gin and tonics, slice them in half and create some tasteful table decorations with them.

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