i hate my birthday because no one cares

Birthdays have turned into days where I do something special for myself.

I wholeheartedly agree! As Told Over Brunch is a home for intelligent discourse from the twenty-something perspective - so the stuff you gossip about over mimosas on Sunday morning or over takeout on your friend's couch when happy hour ends too early. As you age, you realize that those numbers die down. ), and it was nothing special and very special at the same time. Thanks again. Everyone has their own lives, but I’m sick of being sympathetic and understanding. and some of my anxiety subsided. I’m sorry and I hope you somehow have a good day. But then I subtly tell people it's my birthday.

I was happy and so truly grateful. And it never really starts to feel better. I wish I was even loved by a one person but no one loves me and cares about me. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. But it still makes you feel inadequate and terrible. Move forward and make plans to better your circle around you.

I was still very anxious in the lead-up days, but then I group texted a bunch of people invited them all to something I love (free outdoor yoga), and said come to that or don't, and then come to dinner or don't. I want it recognized and to feel special, but I hate being put on blast with everyone so hyper focused one me. Since I cannot control other people’s thinking. I hope you can find a way to make your day special. My parents always bought me gifts and people always showed up to my parties. I'm telling you girl, next year go book your nails in advance and bring yourself to the movies or whatever it is that makes you happy. Birthday celebrations and dinners are costly. Every year I hate my birthday because they always suck. Iv noticed tho older you get, the worse birthdays get. I want us all to have fun. Every human being, no matter how loved or happy they seem to be on the outside, at some point feels like nobody cares. Don't wallow in self-pity because no one around you cares. I hate people asking me what I want for my birthday. And I'm still crying! Let's be real: Your 21st birthday went on for a week, or a month. Once you start planning you think "If I don't invite Jessica, she'll be upset," or "If I invite Caitlyn, I have to invite Olivia.".

EDIT: I want to thank all of you for taking a bit of your time to say such kind words to me. The lump in my throat starts to make breathing hard. There… I said it. I loved planning birthdays and surprises for friends, but when it came to me, the favor was never returned. Not even my husband. But everyone deserves to feel remembered and appreciated, especially on their birthday. I have decided to change my approach. Hi my birthday will be tomorrow I hate this because my family doesn’t talk to me in 19 years over reason very hard for me to be upset when my birthday is coming but hope in 3 years time will have 50 th party if my family will talk to me or not how will I treat on my birthday tomorrow can u help to discuss on this my birthday I want to party and celebrate and everyone always is not here or doesn’t care to show, and a lot don’t even wish me happy birthday. I try not to overplan things or cram too many events into one day. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This is the correct response to this. There was something weird about the rice (this was decades ago, so I don't really remember what exactly) and then I didn't like the taco (I think I ordered the wrong thing). I dropped contact with most friends and family because they were toxic and now I'm left with birthday blues every year, feeling forgotten, feeling like the wishes I did get were hollow obligations, etc. i hope things start going better for you.

Happy Birthday, OP! As I ponder other reasons I've cried on my birthday, none of them are "real"' I cry a lot of the time out of general stress and anxiety leading up to my birthday. Every year I hate my birthday because they always suck. I understand.

No matter how unhappy or unloved you feel right now, know that you are not alone. Here are just a few reasons why I stopped celebrating my birthday.

After spending my birthday alone, studying for exams, in another country for the last three years, I realized birthdays don't mean much after 25. So then which one should I go to? My birthday is coming in the next 2 days but no one cares about it , I feel that I'm alone , even my friends in real who left they don't care anymore. Right there with you. I have a meeting and volleyball after work. I hate everyone staring at me asking, "Are you having fun?" Does this make you less important?

Birthday celebrations do not define you, your status or your significance in this world. I give people the out they need to skip my birthday. You may think that no one cares about you or your birthday but by sharing this we guarantee you that the whole reddit community supports you in every way and will be there for you, we care about you, Happy Birthday!!! So I was rather bitter and getting frustrated because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY DAMNIT I SHOULD BE THE HAPPY ONE. After you hit 25, you're deemed almost an adult, you're not hip and cool anymore. I deeply appreciate anyone who reaches out, says something kind, shares well wishes, sends me a gift, calls me, texts me.

Personally, I have a few ways I try to make my birthday more pleasant. I suggest you do the same, you deserve it! Happy birthday friend. Even though age is just a number, someone, make it stop! JOKES. This is so unfair to say, but I can’t help but feel incredibly sad today. You can't keep up with the new lingo of the uprising generation, which makes you feel like you don't fit in, like you're stuck in the middle between the old and new. For so long I didn’t feel free to express my birthday lament because it seems so juvenile, or worse… emotionally immature. They think it's the worst thing that could happen to them, because they absolutely hate that all attention is on them. And so, your birthday turns into a list of who was really there for me and do I still talk to them? I dont want any more birthdays. that's rough. I stop relying on other people to make me happy or fell good. The only person who I thought understood this is my boyfriend, and he’d rather go paintballing with this friends and didn’t even care to try to plan something with me before or after.

I’m sorry about your girlfriend. I want people to wish me a happy birthday, but not in an obnoxious way. I’m happy you can see things this way. You have fewer attendees each year, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because they are your closest friends. I survived but it still stings.

We all want one special day a year, but the older we get, the more people think we expect it less. I think last night we figured out what I'm doing tonight, and I know I'm going to have a good time. I can feel my face flushing. Hopefully one day so will I. I’ve really had to cling to self love lately and I couldn’t agree more that there’s not enough of it these days, You know I spent my 21st birthday crying in my sister's car because all my friends forgot and the girl I loved didn't even text to say happy birthday. Hey, it’ll be alright mate. But in the same breath, I also don't want to sit home and ignore my birthday. No one bought me shots or made me unwrap presents in front of people. Nobody Cares. on repeat. But people already have plans. One woman had a miscarriage on her birthday, another's father was sick and/or died on her birthday. Keep your chin up and make today a day just for you. I didn’t expect it at all. I choose to do what pleases me in most responsible way. Sending you the biggest happy birthday I got!

My birthday, especially when I didn't plan a single thing, isn't a good enough reason to skip them both. It doesn't mean you have good friends and confidants in all of those people. I make a weird joke about free Slurpees at 7-Eleven. I wish all the best to all of you, a thousand times. That would make me feel like a total friendless loser. Do NOT let them think you’re paying for them. Hope things are looking better in whatever else you plan to do, I feel your suffering. I dodge questions about the 11th. I know there’s people that love me, but this is not enough for me. I decided to focus on what I want. My birthday isn't like that.

I was so excited for mine and none of my friends were around.

They'd rather sit home and watch Netflix than have to come home from work, get dressed and go to your lame party.

It means you are growing up and your priorities and values have changed. You are important with or without a huge party or a small celebration. I don't want to burden people with switching their plans because I'm a shitty planner and told no one about my birthday until this week. People showed up. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Don’t be alone at home on your bday if you can, I’ve done that and felt like absolute shit. I don’t even know why Im writing this, it’ll get buried. My sister's ten years older and she said to me "Don't expect anyone to ever arrange anything on your birthday ,it is a day meant for you and the only person you can rely on to make it a special day is you." You make that day all about YOU! Hope this made you feel better!

No one can spoil you like yourself :) and Happy Birthday love, let this be the last one you spend sad x, This is my first reddit comment and I want to wish you a happy birthday with it!!! The '90s babies are not babies anymore. Birthday celebrations are not for everyone. We aim to keep this a safe space. I now rely on myself.

We'll listen, and if you want, we'll talk. But also that I am already busy with trivial, mundane things like working out, meetings and various other very skippable things. I don't want other people or myself to ignore my birthday either. Tears start to flow. You can't expect anything from anyone or else you'll forever be disappointed.

I mean, sure, I cry almost every year on my birthday, but it's never over anything serious. No. Because I'm not successful enough. Not even my dad. Lawd do I hate unwrapping presents in front of people.

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