is chuck's mom a traitor gossip girl

After he leaves, Jack shows up at Elizabeth's hotel room with Chuck's lawyer and it is revealed the three of them were working together to get the Empire. Chuck is confused, and says that even though he is no longer in charge, he is not leaving the hotel, but security tells him that the orders come directly from Elizabeth. When they find her, she tells them that she was one of Bart's lovers, that she knew he had a son but knew nothing of his mother. He doesn't judge me. Elizabeth asks how she ever loved him, and Jack replies that's a fair question. See a Breakdown of Scott Disick’s Complicated Dating History: Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia Richie and More, All the Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus, These ‘Marshmallow’ Jessica Simpson House Slippers Are So Plush, PHOTOS: The Gossip Girl cast, then and now, PHOTOS: What they wore last night on Gossip Girl. You destroyed your relationship with your son. After Blair and Chuck's car accident (Riding in Town Cars With Boys), Lily tells Chuck that when he needed blood from a family member, Jack provided it for him.

She eventually emails him a picture of herself very pregnant right before Chuck was born, with the subject line being that she was tired of all the lies. After putting two and two together and fact checking her assumptions at the hospital, Serena confronted Diana, in true Upper East Side fashion, at a party thrown by new hot couple Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) in Dan’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

In The Hurt Locket, Chuck searches for more information and finds it belongs to a woman named Elizabeth Fisher. It was already known that Jack couldn't donate blood so they had to come up with another blood relative that could've donated so Chuck wouldn't find out about his dad. Chuck goes to the state dinner for the French ambassador and meets up with Blair. Hopefully April 23’s episode will answer the question: Will Chuck, whose father is now dead, come around to the idea of a real mother-son relationship?

"I'm a woman who has lived. Last Appearance: He tells Chuck that the a big time family council is organizing a boycott.

Blair and Chuck fill in Nate and Serena on who she is. Dark Fic. "I don't know what my uncle has promised you but I'll double it if you give me my hotel back."

They had an affair that ended when she got pregnant.

-Elizabeth, "Where are you gonna go?

Although the popular CW show, "Gossip Girl," ended in 2012, its six seasons continue to live on streaming services like Netflix. He asks if Jack lied because he was covering for the one person who could have given it to him: Elizabeth. -Chuck, "I know he's not perfect. This was never about money." Once there, he sees a woman bringing yellow roses to the grave, coincidentally Elizabeth's favorite flowers. -Elizabeth, "So help me. Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Elizabeth arrives at the Empire with a new purple tie for Chuck, and Chuck says he only wears purple because his father loved it so much. Diana appears in fourteen episodes. She is portrayed by Laura Harring. Books Gossip Girl. After thinking it over, Elizabeth decides to call Chuck to talk to him but he does not answer the phone. There was a picture of Elizabeth with Chuck as a baby (or pregnant I forget). He finds out she's been living in Vienna for the past six months. But I didn't know how much I'd come to care for you." He is stealing my hotel and then he will leave you." Status: After Diana Payne falsely confesses to being Chuck's biological mother, she makes up a story to make him believe her.

In The Sixteen Year Old Virgin, Blair calls Elizabeth and invites her to go shopping with her and Chuck.

Jack calls Elizabeth from the penthouse of the Empire, and Jack is his normal inappropriate self to her. Chuck meets with his lawyer, who informs him that things have taken a turn. Elizabeth couldn't raise someone else's child as her own, which is why she told Bart to tell Chuck she was dead, and Diana wanted to see Chuck but Bart didn't think it was a good idea. At the Empire Bar, Jack shows up and announces that he's come to protect Chuck, seeing as his mother mysteriously reappeared.

Underneath it all, he's a kind, loving person." Upon seeing him, she says his name and takes off into the night. Gossip Girl Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Eric asks, stepping ahead, eager to know the fate of his heroe . But he understands me. -Jack, "I'm leaving. Part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Anyone care to enlighten me? And his mom is not Diana Paine. He says he saw Elizabeth's dead body at the funeral home, and tells Chuck to bring her to the party later, seeing as they never got along and maybe now they would hit it off. I'm gonna try to be the person I forgot." It's revealed that she used to take Paxil, a medicine used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley. Jack says that she didn't want him to know and Chuck replies that he wants to thank her. But instead of Chuck’s (Ed Westwick) personal private investigator delivering the news to him, the credit was given to his step-sister, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). Elizabeth overhears, as she came to tell Chuck she changed her mind and wants to come. Chuck and Elizabeth go down to the bar and they talk. Family:

Who else do you have besides me?" -Chuck, "I love him. Lily/Bart, Blair/Chuck Chapter 14:"How is he?" Birthday: He also admits that he misses her terribly. -Jack, "I'm starting over.

Chuck says Jack has a point about Elizabeth; that she showed out of nowhere, doesn't know things about Bart, and when Jack, the only one who actually met Elizabeth, says he's coming to the party, she bails. Chuck agrees, saying that his real mother could have never done to him what she did.

I know it's very difficult for you to understand, but-" -Elizabeth, "Jack is incapable of love! Chuck returns and says her name used to be Evelyn, and she is his mother.

I'm pretty sure Bart is his dad.

Give me back my hotel." After further investigation, Chuck finds a locket she left engraved with the letter E and a picture of Bart inside. Jack calls Chuck and Chuck figures out he was probably behind the sudden case.

Series Information

"The Debarted" Elizabeth says she is not his mother and that she knows nothing of his real mother.

People really do look like ants." Blair comes to the Empire ready for the party, and catches Chuck bagging Elizabeth's glass for a DNA sample. Before leaving, she looks at the locket with both photos. And I don't want anything." He tells Chuck that he has been played from the very beginning and he needs to leave. After Chuck explains to Blair, he gets the DNA results and tells Blair he has another option of who to sign the hotel to. If you want to chat about the TV show Gossip Girl then you're in the right place. Chuck asks her to have a drink with him. "The Empire Strikes Jack" I have plenty to hide." Evelyn Bass (alias) In Pilot, Chuck talks of Elizabeth as if she's still alive but it's later mentioned that she is dead. Its Elizabeth. XOXO, Press J to jump to the feed. Blair goes through Chuck's phone and listens to a message Elizabeth left him, saying she is still staying at the Algonquin Hotel and leaving today but she has things she needs to tell him. Later that morning, Chuck, Blair, and Elizabeth are out with Elizabeth and he asks her to come to the honoring of Bart and Elizabeth replies she would love to come.

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