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"My primary motivation for acquiring the Olympia is to bring the event back to the fans," explains Wood. The Rising Phoenix World Championships uses the IFBB Professional League qualification point system formerly used for the Ms. Olympia: Rising Phoenix World Championships competitions, Rising Phoenix World Championships winners, "ANNOUNCING THE '2015 IFBB WINGS OF STRENGTH RISING PHOENIX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, Jake & Kristal Wood, Wings of Strength & Tim Gardner Productions, ANNOUNCING THE ‘2015 IFBB WINGS OF STRENGTH RISING PHOENIX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS’, Margie Martin Wins Women's Bodybuilding | IFBB Texas Pro 2015, IFBB Wings of Strength Ms. INTERNATIONAL CLASSIC, Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships homepage, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rising_Phoenix_World_Championships&oldid=964539127, Female professional bodybuilding competitions, Recurring sporting events established in 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino, Chandler, Arizona, United States. I believe my life’s

Jake Wood has earned recognition for his decade-long advocacy of the women's side of bodybuilding & fitness as co-founder of Wings of Strength.

As a single mother I knew it would take time, patience and Gods grace. as a young dancer/cheerleader I despised it. to the sport and team, allowed for my coach to be confident in me to always

better. Obviously, all businesspeople want to make a profit – they’re not running charities, afterall; however, there’s also many different ways to make a profit. She says that being athletic benefitted her both physically and mentally. went on to hire my first coach, lost another 30lbs and did my first show in It was a horrible surrounded by day to day, because I know, there are a group of incredible and

Now, with the Olympia, including a media portfolio which includes Muscle & Fitness, there’s no telling how much Jake can grow the sport. This organization has gone above and beyond for female bodybuilding and this sport. determined to do whatever it took to get my pro card, and did just that at the youngest of eight children, and have always been considered the black sheep of Media is very important. Perhaps with Wood in the driver seat of the Olympia, this might influence those who run the Arnold to consider bringing back the Ms. International. That method is bodybuilding, not necessarily as a sport, but as the most effective approach to exercise and diet ever developed.”, COMPETITION HISTORY Jake’s impact was already felt last year, with the announcement that the Ms. Olympia would be returning to the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding. Aleesha won her class and the overall against pretty decent competition. Dan and Jake have had a friendship for 10+ years, so there’s no doubt that, together, they will accomplish even more. Many of my favorite quotes to live by are to, “believe you can achieve, then you will!”  “Look for the opportunities in every obstacle!”. Whoever was to buy the empire, had to have a vision like Dan’s, so it made perfect sense that Jake would be that guy.

In addition to several upgrades in its arena stage production, the 2019 Olympia awarded a record total prize purse for both male and female competitors. purpose is to motivate and empower women to take the best care of their health which

From there, I others to do. bodybuilding, and it was the best decision I made! I fought eating disorders as a teen and young adolescent. show up and perform at my best. Your support is simply amazing! The truth is Women’s Bodybuilding has always been popular, always inspired countless, and always changed lives. completed a Pre-health certificate.

trainer & group exercise instructor. Be absolutely sure to be there! Held at the Orleans Arena, the event serves as the world championships across several IFBB Professional League sanctioned physique sports. Imagine what that team, backed by Jake Wood, will do in 2020, 2021, and beyond? the aftermath of it, I resorted to an excessive amount of drinking and poor I was missing leading up to the Toronto Pro. It is the most prestigious IFBB professional female bodybuilding event around since the end of the Ms. Olympia. About Muscle & Fitness and The Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend:Created by bodybuilding and fitness pioneer Joe Weider, The Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend is a Las Vegas showcase event featuring the Olympia Fitness & Performance Expo, a business to consumer destination for the fitness industry's leading brands and enthusiasts, held across 700,000 square feet inside the Las Vegas Convention Center. Who knows… maybe we’ll see FLEX Magazine become a standalone again? My father (also a body builder) Thank You to Wings of Strength for creating a platform for female bodybuilders to continue to compete and grow. inspiring ladies out there who share similar experiences.

This is a great day for everyone who shares a passion for fitness, nutrition, training and the bodybuilding lifestyle.”. family. It’s a dream come true to take ownership of some of the fitness industry’s most celebrated brands. Chrissy made good on her determination the very next year going back to the Lee Haney games in 2018 and winning the overall title in physique.

happy was more of a priority, than fitting in was.

changes and take control of my life again. The sale of the event and media assets marks the latest acquisition for Jake Wood, an Arizona-based fitness industry insider whose growing portfolio includes digital media and event properties. placing fifth again.

The deal has been carefully crafted, clearing the way for us to offer sponsors and advertisers one of the largest combined audiences in the entire category. I have always been very muscular and The prestigious Olympia Weekend, held annually in Las Vegas, is home to one of the global fitness industry's signature consumer tradeshows while also serving as the world championships of several professional physique sports, including the legendary title of Mr. Olympia. Solomon has also been named President as well as COO. Then made a switch and went to school for No place to compete and nowhere to go, but thankfully Jake has changed all of that.”, March 2008 –  Karen Zaremba Classic – placed 3rd in Open Figure, July 2008 – Michigan Natural Championships – placed 4th in Open Figure, May 2016 – John Simmons Championships – placed 4th in Open Women’s Physique, March 2018 – Ohio Natural Championship – placed 2nd in Open Women’s Physique, May 2018 – John Simmons Championship – placed 1st & Overall in Open Women’s Physique, August 2018 –  Lenda Murray Detroit Classic – placed 1st & Overall in Open Women’s Physique, August 2018 –  North Americans – placed 3rd in Open Women’s Physique, November 2018 – Nationals- placed 2nd in Women’s Physique, June 2019 – Toronto Pro – placed 11th in Women’s Physique, July 2019 – Chicago Pro- placed 2nd in Women’s Bodybuilding, September 2019 – Rising Phoenix World Championship – placed 7th in Women’s Bodybuilding. – Muscle & Fitness, a signature media brand in the fitness category, is dedicated to covering the full fitness landscape, regularly introducing fans to trends in training, nutrition, gear, technology and celebrity content. would be so boring if we all looked the same. Your support is simply amazing! At one extreme, there are bodies that primary turn food into energy. Watch Brian Shaw’s Colossal 1,091-Pound Deadlift off Blocks, Zydrunas Savickas Wins 2020 Static Monsters Worldwide, San Francisco CrossFit Announces Closure After Nearly 15 Years, Devon Lévesque Bear Crawls A Full Marathon In 20 Hours and 48 Minutes, Mateusz Kieliszkowski Withdraws from 2020 World’s Strongest Man Due to Injury, Best Barbells: For Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and More, The 11 Best Creatine Supplements On the Market.

Our ability to also acquire a media portfolio that includes Muscle & Fitness allows us to reach one of the largest fitness-minded audiences in the world. I love my huge family and my amazing husband , who have been so supportive on my journey. That’s what makes me feel best, and it seems to be what my body needs in order to achieve maximum results.”. Jake is a visionary and his track record for success speaks for itself. IFBB Tier 4 point system: 2nd - 4 points, 3rd - 3 points, 4th - 2 points & 5th - 1 point. She knew she had obviously made the right decision.

I lived and breathed hockey. While working in a salon, I continued my

I was the only goalie on the team because the commitment and dedication I had In my more mature years I have learned Regarded as the successor to the Ms. Olympia, Rising Phoenix World Championships adopted the point qualification system that the Ms. Olympia had. another gym member prepare for a bikini competition, sparked my interest in Pro League President Jim Manion says, "I am proud to stand with Jake and his team as we usher in a new era. Thank you Jake Wood and all the members of the Wings of Strength crew for choosing me as one of your Wings Ambassadors and Athletes. Then she decided to resume competing, and Andrea decided to switch to physique, entering a show in May of 2016, placing 4th. All Rights Reserved Wings Of Strength LLC 2019. It was also announced today that Dan Solomon, hired in 2018 to oversee the overall Olympia property, has agreed to a five-year contract extension and will serve as President and Chief Olympia Officer under new ownership. the bars six nights a week, all while working, and attending classes full-time. Along with the sale of the Olympia properties and titles, Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon agreed to a five year extension to continue promoting and producing the Olympia. recognized my inner struggle. running and diet. I was blessed with a top 5 finish at the NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago. in 2016), 1st & overall at the Detroit Lenda Murray

DM didn’t lend itself to all the bickering of other sites. Solomon explains, "We have achieved something incredibly powerful. bodybuilding is for every body. But standing on stage with such full muscle development, symmetry and proportion she acquired a lot of fans among the audience. Over the course of just about five years, WOS has put Women’s Bodybuilding back on the map, with a consistent number of top notch events, partnering up with great promoters, and earning the left-for-dead division considerable fanfare. Giving women like myself a stage to stand I'm confident they will thrive under Jake's ownership and his forward-thinking plan to transition to a fully integrated online and social media strategy. I’d like to start off by thanking Jake Wood and the Wings of Strength team for creating such a platform for female bodybuilders, and for allowing me to be a brand ambassador. “Having a performance background,” she says, “gives me a lot of confidence when I’m posing.”, Aleesha was eventually able to turn pro by winning the 2014 NPC USA Championship, heavyweight and overall. Up to three invites from Wings of Strength as approved by the IFBB Professional League. Who wouldn’t?!?! It’s a way of That’s just part of the culture. And of course, working out like this  she gradually kept getting bigger and more muscular. She hooked up with a coach or two, but mostly she says she paid attention to her body and began to learn what approach to training produced the best results for her. Then one day a new group of birds lands in the pond and they look like him. In 2016 I came home regrouped, changed coaches, and went back to work. Aleesha fulfilled her commitment to compete at the Rising Phoenix, but she was not able to train hard enough to be at her best.

I suspect the Roaring 20’s will be very kind to bodybuilding, thanks in huge part to Jake Wood.

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