kilgharrah and aithusa

Television programs This was not the last time Merlin would seek help, and the great dragon reminded him nearly each time what he had promised. Also known as: Kilgharrah is a character in BBC's Merlin, voiced by the late John Hurt. Instead of killing him, Uther imprisoned Kilgharrah beneath the castle in a cave, where he was to stand as an example to all magical beings what would happen to them. Merlin realised that all along, the great dragon had only been helping him for his own gain and promised he would never let Kilgharrah go free. Despite this Kilgharrah was genuinely sorrowful when he heard that Gaius was about to be executed, though this was for Merlin's sake rather than Gaius'.

And while the Great Dragon reminds Merlin to remain hopeful that Arthur will create a new world were all creatures of magic are respected, he tells the young warlock that Gilli may need to die in order for the age of Albion to come. Jul 11, 2013 - Kilgharrah dressed as Arthur and Aithusa dressed as Merlin!!! Gaius is troubled when a new physician arrives in Camelot--a man who attempts to get him sacked.

get your s**t together, go and learn some dragon stuff as a dragon lord I command you, Yeah wtf was up with that. With Kilgharrah not surprised, Merlin said he stopped her. Portrayed by


Kilgharrah was Aithusa's Dragon guardian. He is also often judgmental, as he does not doubt for a second that Morgana and Mordred will bring about Arthur's downfall, since he knows most prophecies are true. Although Kilgharrah hasn't yet met Morgana, Kilgharrah gave lots of advice to Merlin about Morgana referring to her as "the Witch". Likes He warned Merlin of Morgana's betrayal but Merlin still disobeyed him, with disastrous consequences on a number of occasions. He saved Merlin again when he was being pursued by supernatural beings named the Dorocha, where he would also meet the knight, Lancelot. Aithusa has big, light blue eyes, four horns, short neck spikes, and tail spikes. Merlin then told Kilgharrah that Merlin is Uther's daughter, to which the Great Dragon already knew. Merlin finds himself in a dilemma since Arthur's decision would also decide the fate of Mordred who was fatally wounded by the Disir. Like boi excuse me wtf I thought you wanted a baby dragon. It seems like Merlin left him to his own devices. Kilgharrah flies Merlin just outide the castle and flies away, wishing Merlin luck and reminding him that the future of Albion is in his hands (The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part Two).

Kilgharrah hated Uther Pendragon ever since Uther banned magic and killed almost all the Dragons. Aithusa has been shown to have a genuine bond with Morgana, who treated the Dragon like a pet and developed affection towards Aithusa after the young Dragon saved her. Merlin does not understand how the boy knows who he is, having never met a druid before, so he asks the Great Dragon about the name. Statistics

Although he is a fraud and a liar, there was little to be done to make Uther realize the truth. Merlin mistakenly says that the Spirit World demands a sacrifice, Kilgharrah reminds him that he's wrong. How old a man can become, and yet change so little. While not fully recovored, the Great Dragon acknowledges that Merlin did what he thought was right. He helped Merlin solve many challenging problems. it's like Merlin has forgotten about them, I'm sure Aithusa has been growing anyway.. cool image! Kilgharrah then flies away (The Diamond of the Day: Part Two). Morgana was grateful and elated when Aithusa did this. Due to King Olaf's extreme protection of his daughter, a love affair would jeopardize the success of the peace treaty. He thinks the great dragon is selfish, and promises him he will never let him be free. Kilgharrah's face is done using motion capture technology. Kilgharrah, also known as the ‘Great Dragon,’ is a large and very old dragon. Your gift, Kilgharrah to Merlin about Merlin and Arthur. The Dragon says Uther's reign must soon end so Arthur is able to be King and Merlin will be able to help him fulfill his destiny as well as fulfill his own. Based on what Kilgharrah said, you would think “oh Aithusa is gonna help Merlin in a later season” but no. The dragon didn’t go properly. Merlin realizes the hard choice he will have to make and that he will have to live with it for the rest of his days. Gaius and Kilgharrah haven't met again after Kilgharrah was released by Merlin. "I am tired, Emrys. Nope but I am sure it will take a big part of season 5 plot ! Merlin first informed the Dragon that he had recently visited the Crystal Cave and foresaw Morgana trying to kill Uther.

In the end, Merlin realizes that there is no other choice and needs Kilgharrah's help and must go to him for Arthur and Camelot's sake, no matter what. Less than a week later King Uther, who was then just Sir Uther, and thousands of other knights, came under the white dragon banner. Now released from his chains, the dragon roars in freedom and goes free as he flies away through the cave to his freedom (The Fires of Idirsholas). When Gaius attempts to give his life in place of Merlin's mother and Merlin has to save him by turning on the high priestess Nimueh, whose life is taken instead and with whom he had done the deal with to take this life anyway. Kilgharrah's face is done using motion capture technology. Aithusa uses its breath to forge a sword for Morgana's ally Mordred. He attacked the towns and citadel, harming the people, many of whom were killed or hurt, such as Arthur in his bid to protect Gwen. Kilgharrah has not met Mordred, although he has already foreseen his future. Kilgharrah is computer generated but is voiced by English actor. But he also unusually spoke through riddles to give Merlin the chance to both figure out their meanings and find an answer alone, even though Merlin found this quite annoying. It is fitting because Aithusa is a rare white dragon, and its birth symbolizes a good omen for Merlin's destiny, for Arthur, and the land that they will build together. A white indeed a rare thing--and fitting. Merlin questions him on this, wanting to know whether or not he will ever see him again, but the dragon does not answer him. What Kilgharrah foretold usually came to pass. One time, Merlin went to the great dragon to seek help on finding a druid camp which Mordred was a part of.

At first Kilgharrah questions his loyalty, then reluctantly decides to help but makes Merlin promise him something--that in exchange for his help, Merlin will one day set him free. Aithusa unwittingly attacked Merlin, Arthur, and Gwaine, leading Merlin to chase after the White Dragon and use his Dragonlord powers to stop Aithusa from striking again. Merlin, I see you are distressed by this, but I cannot help you because I do not know how to. Character information Aithusa is a dragon, with white scales, and wings with a white, almost transparent membrane. In others, the red dragon symbolises a tyrant king (most likely Vortegrin) who had been defeated, whose banner was a red dragon.

Statistics They have yet to meet on civil terms, although when Arthur was mortally wounded by Mordred, Kilgharrah helped Merlin transport the dying Arthur to the Lake of Avalon. When Merlin uses magic in public which he thought no one would see, it has huge consequences. Aithusa

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The only episode where he serves as the main antagonist was. Though no man, no matter how great, can know his destiny, some lives have been foretold.

Kilgharrah surprises Merlin at first and then tells Merlin that he knows about the druid boy because like Merlin, the dragon can also hear him speak. The Dragon was grateful for Merlin's choice to not kill him, and departed after telling him he was sure they would meet again. If you pursue this course of action, you do so alone. Aithusa crowed even though his talons were empty for he had grazed the back of a fish!

He also named Lancelot as the most bravest knight of them all and that the Dorocha must return to the Spirit World. Maybe Merlin lacked the experience or knowledge from his father to know that he should check on him sometimes. Upon flying to the Lake, Kilgharrah once again reminds the young warlock that the sword could unleash incredible evil should it fall into the wrong hands and wanted Merlin to promise that once the sword's duty was finished, the young warlock would then hide sword where no-one could use it.

When the boy seeks help from Merlin and by extension, is also helped by Morgana who wants to look after him, Mordred constantly names Merlin something he has never heard before: Emrys. This could be because he is the first creature of magic.

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