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He doesn’t want to hurt the paper more than it has ever been hurt.”, To the end, though, Mr. Raines had supporters. The meeting diffused, Mr. Raines left the building, with his wife, and as Jacques Steinberg reported in his story, posted quickly on the Times’ own website, walked out into the chilly, wet summer day. However, according to a Times source, support from Arthur Sulzberger Jr. was not enough. In the past few weeks, members of the Sulzberger family were calling Times staffers, hoping to gauge the gravity of the situation there, and to assess the staff’s faith both in Mr. Sulzberger, the publisher, and Mr. Raines. “This is the last time I will stand here before you,” Howell Raines said. Messrs. Sulzberger and Raines embraced. In 1948, Stachowiak was an unsuccessful candidate for the United States House of... Krystyna Anna Stachowiak is the wife of Howell Raines. Stachowiak Expression,

“Let me put it this way,” said one source at the Times. Here’s a roundup of the most notable work. Boyd, said staffers, looked especially shaken. But the perception of the atmosphere within the paper–inherited by him or made by him–is that the Raines years, both of them, were unpleasant.

Krystyna Anna Stachowiak, a former marketing and public relations consultant, and Howell Raines, executive editor of The New York Times, were married yesterday at Trinity Episcopal Church in Mount Pocono, Pa. Canon Virginia Rex Day performed the ceremony.Do you think Andrew Sullivan was invited?

He may have not been worshipped, but he did come in and do some good things.”, Projects and changes implemented under Mr. Raines were now in disarray–or simply stopped in their tracks. Stachowiak Soul Urge, Raines’ wife, Krystyna Anna Stachowiak was there. “A lot of this came from internal emails and soapbox sermonizing by reporters here with an axe to grind. He summarized their achievements. Sulzberger–“was also right to recognize that it couldn’t be fixed.”, And finally, it was Arthur Sulzberger Jr.’s dilemma.

He was a first class writer and a first class editor. New York Observer Maciej Stachowiak is a Polish American software developer currently employed by Apple Inc. where he is a leader of the development team responsible for the Safari web browser and WebKit Framework. And he just couldn’t do it.”, After the meeting, Jerelle Kraus, an art director at the paper, when asked if people were happy said, “A drill came out of my mouth, I was so excited.

Within minutes it all rolled out. Anna Stachowiak . > Editor: Howell and Krystyna are our Affleck and J. But others were bitter and angry that some of their colleagues had amped up the Blair and Bragg debacles to such an outcome. Mr. Raines’ wife, Krystyna Anna Stachowiak was there. Support responsible news and fact-based information today! Clement Stachowiak was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1939 to 1940. When Arthur Sulzberger Jr. went down to Washington to find out whether the bureau hated Mr. Raines so much that the rest of his time was impossible, the answer was: yes. Krystyna Anna Stachowiak is the wife of Howell Raines. 'Biden' was searched 2,700 times. I don’t think being a board member or a family member would give you a sufficiently good feeling for a lot of these issues to be the decision maker.”, In other words, the weight for the decision fell upon Arthur Sulzberger Jr., and nobody–not the Sulzberger family nor many second-guessers around them–were in a position to understand the Mr. Sulzberger Jr.’s thinking: “This is what the chairman of the company is paid to figure out.

But, said one staff member, “Howell said this very moving thing. Many went outside anyway, and, as if to assert their rights as newspaper people, smoked. That’s where speeches were made, it’s not unheard of.”. Lo. Hundreds of things are frozen.”, “It was not clear that Howell recognized what he had done wrong and until you recognize what you’ve done wrong, you can’t make it right,” another Times person said. TrackBack. Then staffers returned to their desks: People gathered around TVs to watch CNN, which had film crews outside their West 43rd Street entrance, projecting images of other staffers who had “the misfortune to be going out for coffee,” as one Times person put it.

If that reflects a poor management style, they should patent it and sell it all over the world.” And, Arthur Gelb, former managing editor of The Times said, “I think Howell Raines is one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with. According to several Times sources familiar with the situation, in Mr. Sulzberger’s visit to the Washington bureau Tuesday June 3, he was asked during an off-the-record brown-bag lunch “whether or not it mattered to him that Mr. Raines had the support of the newsroom.” And bureau reporters questioned if Mr. Raines was going to be truthful in answering written questions to a Wall Street Journal investigation into the paper. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. “I think you have to be very deep into the place to really be able to offer good judgments on these kinds of issues. There haven’t been many cited instances of Mr. Raines actually ruling by fear. But “it was more than just dad,” one Times source said. Wife: Krystyna Anna Stachowiak (Polish, m. Mar-2003) University: BA, Birmingham-Southern College (1964) University: MA, University of Alabama (1973) The New York Times Executive Editor (2001-03, resigned over scandal) The New York Times Editorial Page Editor (1993-2001) KJS is KDE's ECMAScript-JavaScript engine that was originally developed for the KDE project's Konqueror web browser by Harri Porten in 2000. Other names that Krystyna uses includes Krys Stachowiak, Krystyna Stachowiak, Krystyna Anna Stachowiak, Krystyna A S Raines and Krystyna S Raines.

Not just Jason Blair. A. Anna Stachowiak. Then Mr. Sulzberger Jr. got up. Lo. On June 13, 2002, Maciej Stachowiak announced on a mailing list that Apple was releasing JavaScriptCore, a... WIKINAME.NET © 2015.

The tragedy is that he was caught in this awful situation that led to his resignation.”, Metropolitan editor Jonathan Landman, while calling June 5 a “sad day,” said: “In the end there are very good people here who will do everything in their power to make it better, to really succeed.”, The entire meeting had lasted 10 minutes, a bitter punctuation in the 152-year history of the newspaper. They knew Joe Lelyveld’s phone number. The backlash had already set in. Msza św. | Permalink. Cards. Forget the spin on cable news. None of this had to wait four weeks. The family that controls The New York Times is not monolithic in its support of the editors of the newspaper, as editors as disparate as A.M. Rosenthal and James Reston have discovered in the past century.

Former Times executive editor A.M. Rosenthal, whose management style many have sought to compare to Mr. Raines said, “The management of Howell Raines won the paper seven Pulitzer awards in one year. Mr. Raines got up and stood at the microphone and began to talk. All rights reserved.

14.30 na cmentarzu junikowskim w Poznaniu. Some thought that Mr. Raines’ friendship with Arthur Sulzberger Jr. might allow Mr. Raines to finish his term, that his immense talent as an editor would create an opportunity for another big win for him, the kind he had after Sept. 11 and during the Iraq war. last Saturday. To read our full stories, please turn off your ad blocker.We'd really appreciate it. According to sources, Mr. Sulzberger received pressure from both family members–dismayed over the reported venom–and by members of The Times board, increasingly worried over what would be revealed in The Journal piece. Steve Rattner, a former Times reporter and close friend of the younger Sulzberger, declined a request for an interview but said: “This is obviously a horrible thing for any institution to have to go through, but in many cases, including this one, I am very optimistic that the institution will emerge stronger and healthier as a result of it.”. Among the people said to be campaigning for Mr. Raines’ resignation were cousin and Times Company vice chairman Michael Golden. Gerald looked like somebody had punched him in the stomach.”. So was managing editor Gerald Boyd, and his wife. (Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis denied the claim. “It was a very devastatingly sad and moving moment,” said a third-floor staffer. It was ugly history, the kind that the New York Times liked to believe happened at the places it covered, being made. But I think he”–Mr. Managing editor Gerald Boyd, who in recent days toured the newsroom, desk-to-desk, with Mr. Raines to consolidate support, was stepping down. He said the decision to resign was made by the two men. And then he said ‘I hope all of you live lives that you love, with the loves of your lives.'”. It wasn’t working.

Sources told The Observer that after the lunch, Mr. Sulzberger asked for the resignation of Messrs. Boyd and Raines.

Maybe more time than he should have been, but certainly a full amount of time to try to get back the confidence of the newsroom and he couldn’t do it. Watching him were Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., the publisher of the newspaper, and his father, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, once a boyish publisher like his son, now a patriarchal 77-year old. Because Howell is a very very talented journalist. As I said, if he were being fired for Jayson Blair per se, that would have happened three, four weeks ago. Indeed, according to one Times source, Mr. Raines, in the 24 hours leading up to the June 5 meeting, “did not sound like someone intending to quit.” And yet, there he was, with Mr. Boyd and the Arthur Sulzbergers, of past and present, on the fourth floor of The Times, just outside the national desk. “Howell and Gerald made the decision to resign yesterday,” she said. Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait and see how it all plays out. NYT Editor Howell Raines' wedding to Krystyna Anna Stachowiak (the theme: black tie fly fishing) marked the continuation of a hallowed Times tradition: newsroom romance. Mr. Raines had made himself an untenable executive editor for the New York Times, not so much because of Blair affair, but because of the weakness of his position after the scandal. He was elected to the Assembly on the Wisconsin Progressive Party ticket. KJS Software. As the words were passed around the room, as staffers who had been getting their coffee up in the cafeteria, or were in the bathroom, or missed the first few minutes began to get the idea: this had never happened before in the history of the Times. If you have information about this name, share it in the comments area below! He rode at the 2014 UCI Road World Championships. Mr. Golden did not return a call seeking comment. –Frank DiGiacomo, Elon Green, Joe Hagan, Rebecca Traister and Alexandra Wolfe contributed to this article. I think Howell was given as much time. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Sr., stood gauntly in the background while his son spoke. He said that they did it for the good of the 152-year-old paper.

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