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He has a larger build than most of the other adults. He’s scrawny and bespectacled with short, well kept brown hair.


Davey *to Specs*: I put my password on a sticker on my laptop because my password is hard to explain and I don’t want to come put it in every time you accidentally lock it. Feel free to reblog this post and help a fan! Katherine: *coming in behind Davey* I knew he was there and still jumped! Why would Blink mock Crutchie for being disabled, if he’s also disabled? It ain’t that good but it’s better then most of my drawings

In 1899, 17-year-old Jack "Cowboy" Kelly is one of many struggling newspaper hawkers in New York City, selling copies of the New York World on the streets of Manhattan ("Carrying the Banner").

Katherine: I have to usher for the high school show tonight and didn’t feel like changing after this so *gestures to body* here we are.

Get on top of the fridge…GET UP THERE! Guess what! I respond to David, Davey, Sarah, Les– I even respond to Jack’s name better than he does! The Jacobs' Household is small, with a bed in the same room as the dining table, and one bedroom for David, Sarah, and Les.

Les Jacobs Mush .

He is a cancer survivior. 439. Link. D&D Beyond I aim to create clear, understandable posts about the canon aspects of the musical and movie, to make it easier for fans to put their own spin on things.

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Sarah is not present in the musical and is not mentioned. The Jacobs family, however unfortunate, is very tightly knit. honestly I don’t deserve, I DISCOVERED THAT BROOKLYN’S HERE AND ISSA TWAIMZ DANCING TO WII MUSIC WORK SURPRISINGLY WELL TOGETHER, as a fandom are we, fansies just ignoring the line, “wE COuLD hoLD a hOEdoWn iN hERe ANd No OnE WoULd bE tHe WiSEr”, because….

If he does have a family, they must have done something awful in a past life.

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I was in a Newsies production as a Mush understudy! inspirational?

https://newsies.fandom.com/wiki/David_Jacobs?oldid=4838. (Newsies Production Handbook, page 28). I prefer it is was “ and no * or - Icon by @i-got-personality. Family: The owner of the Tribune (father). Davey: Why do you have a caramel frappe and a sweet tea? Sarah is not present in the musical and is not mentioned. Les was born around 1889-1890 saying himself that he is "near 10". Hide Full Bio Read More . 3166.

Davey is tall and scrawny, with dark curly hair and a prominent nose.

The Strike Edit Character description, analysis and casting breakdown for Les Jacobs from Newsies Age: Unsure. (Newsies Live script, page 70) Following 1872, the Tribune was primarily operated by Whitelaw Reid, so it can be assumed that Darcy’s last name is the same. David is one of the eldest Jacobs children, having a young brother named Les and a sister, close to his own age, named Sara.

Rude teens, plus Les. Jack: *to Romeo, who he’s known for four years* Hi, I’m Jack, what’s your name?

His first name could be either Lester or Leslie.

However, Mush is “Jack’s muscle and confidant”, meaning that he has to be close in age to Jack, and old enough that Jack would let him do his dirty work.

Race: Well you definitely accomplished that.

He and Les became newsies after their father broke his arm and was fired from a dead-end job at a factory, which caused the brothers to have to support the family.

Erster . Why does Davey value honesty, justice, loyalty and nonviolence so much?

Mods are Mod Strings (any pronouns) Mod Black Jack (he/him or they/them), Mod Keys (they/ them and fae/ faer), and Mod Splash (any pronouns). Vincent Agnello, R. J. Fattori, Lewis Grosso, Matthew Schetcher, Zachary Unger (whom I couldn’t find high enough quality pictures of). Sign in. Why does he want to? Les: one kid’s younger brother who added us all on snap so he could send us selfies and videos of him longboarding, ok but when Tommy Bracco takes off his hat and sings borough what gave me birth??? Usually hangs out with all the newsies including Jack Kelly.

I doubt his father would let his own young child in there, so Darcy is probably 16 or older. Sarah: Anyways, at this thespian workshop-. (Web MD), Gender: Snyder is always played by a man.

And a prayer becomes a vowAnd the strike starts right damn now!

Jack: I get called Jack, Davey, Race, Jackson, Jay, Hey You, You, Hey . What is Darcy’s relationship to Katherine? Crutchie: Why am I friends with you people? Someday becomes somehow Video. Davey: *completely unphased* You shoulda jumped out sooner.

I’ve been in New York for a while, so I decided to sketch up some rude New York teens on the flight home. . Once we’ve begunIf we stand as one You’re in timeout.

Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Why was Mush missing his two front teeth when he came to the lodging house?

Katherine: *puts hands over ears* Go ahead.

When David Jacobs and his younger brother Les join the "newsies", Jack notices David's intelligence and Les's marketable cuteness and self-servingly takes them under his wing. In the Newsies novel, David is 15, Sarah is 16, and Les is 8. How did Snyder get the idea to embezzle funds from the Refuge? According to the Newsies Live script, David is 17 at the time of the strike.

Kid Blink is mean- looking with shaggy hair.

(Trading card) He mentions having a mother during Carrying the Banner, (Newsies Live script, page 4) but it’s unclear if he’s being sarcastic or sincere.

It's where your interests connect you with your people. how many have you personally held?? Davey: *about previous director* I’m glad I never did it with Logan, I would’ve cried and not come back. He looks up to Jack Kelly as his hero. . Pm me? *steals wall ad runs off. Age: Unsure. Why does Snyder hate Jack so much more than the other kids at the Refuge?

He usually has greying and/ or balding hair and these really creepy pale eyes. Followers. Hey ghostie! Credit to owners are in posts Feel free to send in asks whenever you want to infodump, request characters/ ships, or just to talk. David and Les became newsies just a day before Joseph Pulitzer raised the newspaper's prices, and David drew attention to himself right away, complaining that he was given one paper less than what he paid for.

Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . Nickname and Meaning: Davey (diminutive of David), Walking Mouth (given to him by Spot for talking so much). everyone trying to make this about jackcrutchie can choke get off my post. He is intelligent and rational, keeping an eye out for his friends. Family: Esther and Mayer Jacobs (parents), Sarah (sister) and Les (brother), Real Name: (none) Snyder. i know you’re smart, but a hoedown is a different kind of knowledge that i would expect of cowboy jack kelly before i would expect it of you.

He usually has dark, curly hair and is tall and muscular.

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Did Snyder start the refuge, or did he start as a guard and work his way to the top? Real Name: None. where does it say you gotta live and die heeere?

(. race: let’s go to the park and find something to eat, jack: everybody would be happier if we traveled by horse, me after trying to sing every part in carrying the banner, Crutchie and Davey: *spinning calmly while talking*, Literally all of the other Newsies, including Les: *flying past them, spinning as fast as they can, screaming*, CRUTCHIE: miss uh.. whats your name i need a drink, KATHERINE: OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS OH GOSH DARN, RACE: *walks out of room*peace out famm *slaps random kids back*, SPOT: *kid shows up with a giant box of poptarts* what i was hungry, ALBERT: *watching a weird spanish video* he just fell off a cliff, JOJO: *me and my ex crush in a intense debate about weather or not we should be able to drink water in class*, KID BLINK: your late hear me out… the juniors walk so slow, TOMMY BOY: are you eating a cucumber yes i am is there a problem, SPECS: your gpa is a 2.8 are you fucking dumb. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

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