liandry's torment vs morellonomicon

Morellonomicon is almost never a bad buy, but it isnot always the best in normal situations. However, without grevious, your entire team wont be able to kill a 2-3 item 16 level mundo.

liandrys: champs who scale very well with magic-pen(high base damage, %damage) or champs with very much cc(the dot is doubled if the target is cc'ed, lissandra for example) morellonimicon: mostly used as a counter item (against a swain, or a mundo) for the healing reduction, or if you are against a ad champ and you don't want to build athene's, you can build it too I'm just wondering if I'm overlooking certain specific types of abilities which make these items quite good for certain champions.

Liandry is crazy especially if you can apply the burn easily. As we can see in this scenario is much better a LVL 1 Azir with Liandry than a lvl 18 with Morello LOL. I made some graphs that hopefully show up here (first time trying Google Sheets). 5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Grabbing the Moon (by Boz) - Game Grumps Animated, Inside Star Citizen: Idris Attack | Winter 2020, Shark Attack - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts. Try to kill a mundo without it. Since when LS owns Bitcoin, and knows machine learning?

Vel'Koz is an excellent candidate for having both of these items. There's a tiny excuse for Oblivion Orb sometimes, but even then. in terms of dmg output might be and should be. Liandry's Torment vs Morellonomicon (Math inside) As I was making this list, I had to re-do it because I wasn't testing the real power of the items, I realized that the only way to achieve a reasonable comparison was to test the items itself, because of this I had to do again the maths and the test. I used Ryze Q, Karthus Q, and Akali Q as case studies for Liandry's, showing the effective AP that the item provides to each ability for given health values and burn amounts. However, it would be a choice between athenes and morello, not morello and liandries. At enemy 1S, 1 Auto. Liandrys also synergizes nicely with Brand because of his passive.

(Bonus speed W lvl 1 + 20%), The runes I picked was, from Inspiration, Unsealed Spellbook, Perfect Timing, Minion Desmaterializer, Cosmic Insight, and then from Precision I pick Presence of Mind and Legend: Bloodline this test was approached in the Taiwan Garena Server patch 10.3, During this process I notice some bugs, I will detail them down, in this post of .txt. It doesn't matter if you test it at lvl 1 or 18, you have the numbers, just applying some simple maths you will know which damage output you will get. That's actually pretty high MR, and reduces the effectiveness of Morellos a lot, especially if you also have sorc boots. Liandry's is really best on a small number of champs because most AP mids scale better off of flat AP. So if I wanted to go the offensive build I would get morello, if I wanted the defensive build I would get athenes. Otherwise, go Athene's. While Liandry's is absolutely better, it is slightly more nuanced than that. So take brand for example. Liandries is deadly on damage over time mages. +15, ((75 + 75) * 3) + (10% = 160) - 300 = 310 L. This composition was from the Mad lions vs Misfits game from today If there are some numbers you guys don't understand just post it in the comments, If you guys need more explanation I can do a video about it. Edit: Thank you all for your responses! Morello - 70AP --- -40% Healing for 3 Seconds. The effectiveness of grievous wounds items is a popular topic these days. But to me, they seem like items which are quite specific of the enemy you're up against (Morrelo against Nidalee for example). Anyway sorry for this misunderstanding. Morellonomicon against healing, orb when the enemies are all squishy and dont build mr. Vel, Brand and Zyra profit more from Liandry's due to their passives so you only want Morello for the heal cut. I've been reading some guides and some state to get either of these two items. If you create 3 soldiers and there are 2 enemies, and with the farest soldier you attack an enemy, the auto-attack will change to the closest enemy, this bug is repetitive. Assuming 1 auto = 1 second and 2 auto = 1 second from base dmg of 800 and healing 160 or 96 hp. (Actually I will clarify this, because maybe people will not realize that the hp is 10,000), These are situational purchases used for different reasons... and does the % hp dot on a 10k hp bot really seem like a fair/real game statistic?

It is straight up mind boggling. For anything sustained or raw damage throughout you will nearly always want liandries.

We offer a variety of tools and events to assist in the learning process. The longer the cool down, the more effective the reduction. Champions who should not be gettting this are bursty casters such as Kat, Lux, and Fizz, as these champions don't benefit much from the passive, and instead would be better off focusing on burst through masses of AP. (If the other team has nobody you can assassinate for example). 8 autos at lvl 1 will take 9,6 seconds. The thing about Liandry's is that it builds out of Haunting Guise which is an amazing item to help casters stay relevant in the mid game.

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