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Thank you for being here. Normally I wear L or 33/34 waist shorts at other places. He added it is “an important step forward” for the company. Especially the luxtreme ones. One bar is a 4. Just for reference my serene blue pieces have a manufacture date of 01/20, and most were released 4/20. 35.1k members in the lululemon community. I can attach them or email them to you as I just won the item but am a little concerned about it being fake. It had X, 5, 0, 4, 1, 6 (clockwise) and then a 4 in the middle.

limitless short. Love your blog, and this post helped me a lot with buying Lulu items on sites like Poshmark. It's stretchy without stretching out. Thank you so much for the reply! Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Some of the seamless-style pants (think Flow & Go) have their size dot expressed much in the same way as the Swiftlies, in that it is not so much a dot as it is written directly on the fabric in an inconspicuous way. For any type of swiftly, if it has an indication of size, it will likely not be in the form of a traditional size dot. The best advice I can give is to turn it inside out and check the bottom seam, but I don’t believe these have a size dot. I have a Men’s shirt with three bars. Also, the circle size dot seems wrong.

Tag is gone and I’ve searched everywhere I can think of. Hello Wendy, I don’t know if that indicates the style (never heard of it indicating it before, but I could be wrong) but you can always email me or FB message photos to me so I can try to determine the style of skirt it is. Do all the Wunder-Under high waisted leggings come with size dots and/or a pocket?

But there are a few problems. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. This website uses cookies to personalize your content (including ads), and allows us to analyze our traffic. Reference their size chart or visit a store to get help figuring out what size works best for you ! Hi thank you for this, I have a pair of 4s but I want to know what style they are. Some styles worse than others. I have personally not seen Swifties with actual size dots but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fake. Super useful post! For many Luxtreme crops, there is a size dot in the back waistband zippered pocket. Hi My lulu’s are ebb to street pant rip tag sz 2 with one bar on inside waistband. Are they supposed to have a size dot somewhere? Unfortunately, I have to say that, with bra-less tanks, you’re mostly on your own for these ones.

Two bars is a size 4. Thanks for confirming the size 2!

I do believe that these are a “size dot-free” item. Sometimes, it is inside an even tinier pocket inside that pocket. Any idea if that’s any indication of style?

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. With ITF Crops, they have these little rolls or bars sewn into the waistband, and I’ve heard mention those can indicate size, but I don’t know what they mean! However, in the past week I have acquired some with actual size dots on the inside bottom band, does this indicate they are fake? Cookies help us deliver our Services. The bars work like this from what I can tell, 1 bar=size 4, 2 bars=size 6, 3 bars=size 8, 4 bars=size 10… on the ebb to street pants I have there’s 3 bars on the inside back of the waistband, then there’s a single bar on the side which I don’t understand what that means.

Fit: True to size, but the fabric is very stretchy, so consider sizing down if you're in between sizes. Original post, 2013 below- It seems to me that, no matter what I do, there will always be someone who undermines the community and sells fake Lululemon items. … Continue reading "Time to Talk About Fakes" REJOICE! I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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I would try turning them inside out to see if there is a size dot anywhere, but unfortunately they don’t always have a size dot- I hope that helps! Sorry you can’t find a size dot… sometimes they do fall off- other times, Lulu just never put one in there!

I do try to be helpful! I'm between a 4-8 in tops and a 4-6 in bottoms. You are amazing. You’ll fall in love with their clothes once you find what styles work / sizes etc.

Above thr size, 44796, and below LW821OR. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. A small number of items also include sizes 0 and 14.

There are no bars for 2. One bar ous a size 2.

It’ll be around the edge where the pants meet the cuff. You’re taller but there are plenty of inseam options. Other times, it has simply fallen off. In “normal” pants I’m a 0, occasionally a 2P. Wunder Unders, and basically any flat waistband-style pants that Lululemon makes have a size dot in the tiny waistband pocket that is intended to be used for either a credit card or gels. No. Apart from there, literally any other pocket. The next issue of Vancouver Sun Headline News will soon be in your inbox.

Take a deep breath.

The size is more likely to be conveyed on the bottom, inside of the garment. If your man wears a size Large in Nike I would not advise buying a size XL in lululemon. I had contacted the seller and they said the pants are a few seasons old but are authentic. I bought them, but I wear several sizes in Lululemon. Probably XL, my brother wears a 32/33 and is a L in pants and shirts there, and is a similar height. Also, there is no small pocket anywhere on the waistband. Many times sweaters don’t have sizes listed except for on the tags themselves. For reference; I'm 5'8" and roughly 200 lbs, I wear size 6 in fast and frees + aligns or any other naked sensation pants they offer, size 10 or 12 in shorts and size 8 in everything else. Enjoy today. Just a number in the ribbing pattern of the cuff. I’m obsessed with In the Flow Crops, I have about 10 pairs now I just bought a pair off Posh and it is the first pair that doesn’t have the size sewn into the left leg hem (like Swiftly tops). Thanks!! I don’t know how to include pictures on this post and not sure if you’ll approve comments with links. Thanks for your question!The high waited ones don’t always have the waist band pocket. Hug someone you love! Thank you for the compliment! There are thousands of pictures but are organized by category.

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