miraculous ladybug baby fanfiction

In fact, she and Alya vowed that they would never become those kinds of mothers, especially at 17. Do we have anything else to eat?". "Fine, I know what I need to do! “Can’t I have at least one Maribaby?”.

I've been with her all day," Marinette complained as Louise started wailing.

He’d never fully understand this crazy girl. Miraculous baby.

So, I decided… Why not? "Well... there was one more thing I planned.

That sounded honest. "Not a very pleasant start to the morning," she murmured back, softly rubbing Tikki's head in response to the Kwami's cuddling. You’re the only one I would ever consider being the mother to my children now. Marinette’s voice immediately cut off and she stared at him with a slightly horrified yet all too knowing gaze.

"Happy Mother's Day," he told her.

“Well, I don’t think you actually said you wanted the babies to be yours too. You're kind and selfless Adrien. Also, I've never experienced pregnancy personally and this is my first time ever writing a pregnant character. Though Marinette and Adrien would be the first to have kids out of the two couples, Nino and Alya teased that they were certainly thinking about starting their own little family soon as well. "Wait, that's yours and Ladybug's kid?" Please consider turning it on! “It is not!

When all was said and done, the two laid entwined on the floor with an audience of four teens who didn’t understand what was going on, but they were rooting for it. “Like he was the only source of water for kilos, babe.” Marinette colored up, and Adrien preened.

Marinette smiled. 3… Yes, that will do. It wouldn't do if she flew out while he was leaping across Paris. He placed his hand tenderly against the bump. He replied, "Red is quite a great colour, I think.

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Volpina and Queen Bee, secretly Alya and Chloe, had assured everyone they could handle any Akuma attacks while the two famous heroes were on leave, but it seemed even Hawkmoth had decided to cut them some slack.

Quickly he pulled her under the shelter of a large park tree. At any other time, Tikki's words would have comforted her. “Wouldn’t we?” Adrien leaned in towards her, using his eyes to their best effect and knowing she’s weak to his begging. I did some research and I tried my best, but I apologize if it's not completely accurate to how pregnancy actually feels. Marinette is struggling.

All Adrien wants is to give his pregnant wife Marinette the best Mother's Day ever, but as luck would have it everything just keeps going wrong (Post-reveal, Adrienette married life).

When his eyes caught sight of them he cursed.

With Louise!"

I'm Spider-man!" Sweat damped at the top of her forehead, as she glared at herself with slight guilt and regret. cakepie6, miraculouis, Serendipity00, writing_toole, miraculouslevelheaded9, Light_Illinium, Tigae, Cary_Dt9, elliebelliegirl, JediPaladin, farialyton, Amaya_Marian_77, Ceysna, ChubChubSmash, CorraCat, marshmallowl, Diora1, ProfessionalVampire, Celestial3, Purplekyle23, BazilFaye, CareBear0309, GreenShadow_MoonLion, Cinnia, Mermaidyarn, CatBlanc, fireflystars, QueenOfAllOfTheLand, stormwing, Articx_Frost, Zhuravlevas, Lethargic_Pink, nightbludger, BeautifulTrash, Misspsychedelicpattern, Bex_is_a_Slytherin, WhoNeedsLoveWhenYouHaveOTPs, Nafs_bluebery, 1karus_x, bubbleLord16, Rosieenicole, MajorWesJanson, TheFaeDemon, SterekLover4ever, Split_Syllables, naresar, StellaHeart17, WhimsicallyMused, Lindylady, Hey_Jude, “It was!” He waited silently, unable to believe they’d blocked themselves, and trying to understand that she would actually have wanted him. Luckily Chat Noir is prepared... to help avoid it, right? "Is it the suit?! She grabbed her phone and padded into the bathroom.

You've got good taste! “Wait. She called me Satan.” He gave a sad sigh. Miraculous: One-Shots by Miraculous_786 21.2K 465 19 This is a collection of one-shots and prompt works that I have written centred around Miraculous Ladybug - most …

Marinette grimaced. All because Luka, sweet, kind, naïve Luka, wanted to do something special for his girlfriend’s birthday.

I appreciate that you took the time to plan this out and even if it didn't go according to plan..." She booped his nose, making his cheeks to turn pink.

Nino made a humming noise.

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I gotta admit, she’s got an adorable one, but I think you’re a little old.” Adrien ran and jumped over to the next roof. “I’m sorry it didn’t work out. "I have a surprise for you for Mother's Day. He checked her diaper.

Adrien considered playing hurt but decided that would be too tame. She said, her eyes only smiling at her.

But she was. The sky cried quick and hard, beginning to soak their clothes. Then, he put Louise into it and made sure that she was secured properly.

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