mud crabs hawkesbury river

If you’re lucky he may swoop down near the boat to grab a meal.

They put up a great fight and I can’t think of a more worthy fish to eat. Broken Bay and Pittwater offered good protection at the mouth before boats would run the weather down to Sydney Harbour.

If you wish to explore the river you can use our tinny however if you are looking for something a little bit more upmarket take a look at what Boab Boat Hire can offer you. Here you can play with the kids at low tide or go ashore and head off on one of the many walks that surround the bay. If you’re after larger jewfish, poddy mullet make great bait and can be caught in the area. For your best chance of finding a flathead here, focus your efforts in summer and spring and target the drop offs at the mouths of the creeks that feed into the main river. The climate and fishing changes considerably as the river snakes its way to the coast. If you look at a map, you’ll understand the baptism. This water access only restaurant bases its menu around local produce. This is a large facility with a pontoon and more parking than I’ve ever seen used.

3 years ago. All along the way are marinas, food options, pubs and miles and miles of national park. It is where we launched the Quintrex Trident 650 HT. Beautiful place…pity we have to go!

Walking legs: Obviously patterned (mottled) legs. Whether it’s drifting along the sand for flathead at Patonga, wakeboarding and skiing at Wiseman’s Ferry, anchoring up for the cool autumn nights in Americas Bay or enjoying a sublime dining experience at renowned Cottage Point Inn, there’s plenty on offer in the majestic Hawkesbury River. They have two apartments for booking, both with water views, for a special trip away. While the Hawkesbury proper starts off with sandstone cliffs, creating an amphitheatre as you motor your way upstream, it quickly gives way to low featureless acreages and farmland. Here mobile reception is nullified, and time slows to a crawl as you snooze to the sound of a chorus of cicadas. The hairtail is a chrome eel like fish that swarms into the bay in the middle of winter. Elsewhere you may come across the humble and strange looking pelican who will follow you around until you surrender some of your catch. From Bass in the fresh water reaches of the Hawkesbury to the hard fighting Yellow tail Kingfish in Sydney Harbour and Broken Bay and everything in between. Your Guide Dan Selby has over ten years experience chasing everything that swims in these two diverse estuaries. They still use chains to cross the river. You can use bait and drift with the current or throw plastic lures, allowing them to sink to the bottom and giving them a series of lifts to imitate a baitfish. After the arrival of white settlers, the Hawkesbury became one of the major transportation routes down to Sydney in the 1800s. The Wisemans surrounds are also well renowned for their prolific mud crabs through the summer months and this year the word is the mudcrabs are devouring fresh fish frames and mullet fillets. It’s tidal and more open to the ocean and has clear water throughout. Please note that under 18’s do not require a licence. Over in the Cowan Creek arm of the river is another fine dining experience, Cottage Point Inn. Akuna Bay, a mere 10 minutes away, is the site of a large D’Albora Marina. Every season, dozens of lunatics descend into the bay in freezing conditions chasing these prehistoric and tasty denizens of the deep. Aim your efforts around the tide changes. On the Cowan Creek arm, Akuna Bay has a launching facility and parking. Bait fishing with the Hawkesbury prawns and squid are best for the jewfish. The aforementioned Jerusalem Bay also backs onto national park and it has a large tidal sand bank in its far reaches. Brooklyn is the perfect place to pick up fuel and supplies. There is a general store attached to the restaurant and fuel supply.

Fishing is such a relaxing activity for the whole family. © Copyright 2017 Berowra Waters Lodge Mud crabs use their claws to defend themselves and will even shed a claw to escape.

Thanks for everything Sue. It is a tide affected drowned valley ecosystem and is largely navigable for its entire length, and that offers an almost inexhaustible number of options for adventurous boat owners.

The rocky broken structure that is also a feature along the Singleton Road area and attracts many bream for the eager fisherman. Clever anglers can target bream and flathead up in these far reaches of the river but mainly in the warmer months and they can be difficult to find. It services a reasonable community and is tucked away in behind Long Island. In fact, at times, the entire mouth of the river can produce good numbers of these sweet delicious fish.

The river holds a healthy population of prawns, so they are naturally the best bait.

This is a tricky ramp to use and can accommodate two at a time. They are generally close to town and have good trailer access for anyone wanting to experience the Hawkesbury’s adventuresome side. The Wisemans area is renowned for its prime mud and sand flats ideal conditions for catching flathead especially around the lower Wisemans area across the ferry and about 5km up stream. With the exception of the bridges at Brooklyn that prevents up river travel by large yachts, the centre of the river is mostly deep and easy for a first timer to navigate, with well-placed markers showing the way upstream. If you plan on having a long lunch, there are six split level villas sitting over the water. a mud crab; wear a heavy-duty glove, use tongs or distract the claws with a stick. If you happen to arrive at Berowra Waters Studio without a fishing licence and would like to give it a go then please let us know and we can arrange a recreational fishing licence for you online.

Juno Point is where the Hawkesbury and Cowan Creek meet. Many “big old jewies” ranging from 20kg plus have been caught between the reaches of Wisemans Ferry and Spencer as deep holes provide ideal conditions for the jewfish. There are also occasionally schools of ravenous tailor in this area. A short ride into the shore and a walk up a creek reveals a stunning waterfall, with sweet fresh water cascading over the colourful sandstone. The river holds fish along its length. The fishing here can be excellent with deep holes and rock walls providing refuge for jewfish. In the Windsor area, the river is tidal but mainly brackish. You can tie up on the wharf but beware of the local boaties who do not seem to have the same care for their boats as others. The menu consists of burgers, fish and chips and for the more adventurous, mussels. Be wary of shallow weed banks and sand too. You can also refuel in this area on the water. It stretches 120 kilometres from Windsor and Richmond and is the confluence of the Nepean and Grose Rivers.

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