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"I will no longer tolerate a newspaper which is like a vulture. His candidacy for a further third term sparked criticism, as he had promised in 2001 that he was contesting for the last time. Uganda's Domestic and Regional Security since the 1970s, Gilbert M. Khadiagala, The Journal of Modern African Studies, Vol. [25], The second set of elections were held in 2001.

[40], In 2001, Museveni won the presidential elections by a substantial majority, with his former friend and personal physician Kizza Besigye as the only real challenger. He is of the Bahororo tribe. Guru here said he can’t marry a second wife. [36]:262–263 Museveni apparently persuaded an initially reluctant High Command to go along with the venture. "On our second day at Luttamaguzi's home, two men visited and interrogated him on Museveni's whereabouts," Namusisi recalls. 707–711. I did not want the Karimojong to complain that they are forgotten.

Indeed, this was part of the NRM's ten-point programme, as Museveni noted in his swearing in speech:[17][18]. No man should engage you in sexual intercourse until you are married, true love waits.”. [47], In July 2005, Norway became the third European country in as many months to announce symbolic cutbacks in foreign aid to Uganda in response to political leadership in the country. Uganda: The Making of a Constitution, Charles Cullimore, The Journal of Modern African Studies, Vol.

Maria Kiwanuka is the former Finance Minister of Uganda. He moves with the measured gait and sure gestures of a leader secure in his power and his vision.

(2013). [7], With the overthrow of Idi Amin in 1979 in the Uganda-Tanzania War and the contested election that returned Uganda's earlier president Milton Obote to power in 1980, Museveni returned to Uganda with his supporters to gather strength in their rural strongholds in the Bantu-dominated south and south-west to form the Popular Resistance Army (PRA). However, on 13 September 2019, Museveni's former Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Kale Kayihura was placed on the United States Department of the Treasury sanctions list for gross violation of Human rights during his reign as the IGP (from 2005 to March 2018). [55], On 30 July 2005, Sudanese vice-president John Garang was killed when the Ugandan presidential helicopter crashed while he was travelling to Sudan from talks in Uganda. [13], By 22 January, government troops in Kampala had begun to quit their posts en masse as the rebels gained ground from the south and south-west. While at university, he formed the University Students' African Revolutionary Front activist group and led a student delegation to FRELIMO territory in Portuguese Mozambique, where he received guerrilla training.

The UK and Ireland made similar moves in May.

One legislature [Mbwaketamwa Gaffa] is quoted as saying, “…when the president ascents [sic] to the bill, it might be legal, but it will be illegitimate, and we are going to challenge it.”[95], Before the amendment of the bill, the upper and lower age bounds for the presidential caps were 75 and 35 respectively. In 2014, he made a statement that performing oral sex would cause people to get worms. If we said only Tororo people buy cement, the factory would collapse.”, The President added: “I encourage Ugandans to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The other three judges decided that the illegalities did not affect the result of the election in a substantial manner, but stated that "there was evidence that in a significant number of polling stations there was cheating" and that in some areas of the country, "the principle of free and fair election was compromised."[42]. President Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to only embrace monogamous families if they envisioned being rich and economically stable. Before the amendment, article 102 (b) barred people above 75 and those below 35 years from running for the highest office.

A court cleared. 619. [46] "Many observers see Museveni's efforts to amend the constitution as a re-run of a common problem that afflicts many African leaders – an unwillingness to follow constitutional norms and give up power".

Married to Edwin Karugire. A Facebook user by name Armsliase Love Bubu stated Museveni said the truth but he needed to revise the social media tax as many people risked missing his counsel on the subject. President Museveni commissioned the National Cement Factory also known as Simba Cement last night in Mukujju, Tororo District.

4. 4. 33, No. The second point on our programme is security of person and property.

He further charged that the citizens abandoned cultivation of rice in the wetlands for a while and venture into fish farming stating it was very lucrative. The First Lady of Uganda, Janet Museveni, has revealed that her three daughters were married while still virgins. Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki and Justices Alfred Karokora and Joseph Mulenga ruled in favor of the respondents while Justices Aurthur Haggai Oder and John Tsekoko ruled in favor of Besigye.[29]. Kenyans Demand for the Release of Bobi Wine | Tuko TV. "[67], Further international scrutiny accompanied the 2009 Ugandan efforts to institute the death penalty for homosexuality, with British, Canadian, French, and American leaders expressing concerns for human rights. Perhaps Museveni's most widely noted accomplishment has been his government's successful campaign against AIDS. One of the campaigns headed by Museveni to fight against HIV/AIDS was the ABC program. You can even agree on quotas but do not push too much.

During the 1980s, Uganda had one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world, but now Uganda's rates are comparatively low, and the country stands as a rare success story in the global battle against the virus (see AIDS in Africa). Museveni made the remarks, which have since left tongues wagging, on Tuesday, August 28 after he commissioned a local cement factory. The ABC program had three main parts "Abstain, Be faithful, or use Condoms if A and B are not practiced. Museveni attended Kyamate Elementary School, Mbarara High School, and Ntare School. The Ugandan government has also been criticised for aggravating the Ituri conflict, a sub-conflict of the Second Congo War. However, it is not true to say, as some critics and outside observers, that there has been a continuous slide back towards gross human rights abuse, that in some sense Uganda is fated to suffer at the hands of bad government. [93] The third argument they make is that the bill violates other constitutional clauses in relation to the extension of terms[94] and electoral procedures. [99], A three-month survey conducted between September and November by civil society organizations recorded that 85 percent of the sampled population opposed to the removal of the age limit with only 15 percent in support of the bill. [11], Despite these reservations, however, the NRM/NRA eventually agreed to peace talks presided over by a Kenyan delegation headed by President Daniel arap Moi. "Let the partners give advice and leave it to the country to decide ... [developed] countries must get out of the habit of trying to use aid to dictate the management of our countries. [60][61] On 2 January 2006, Besigye was released after the High Court ordered his immediate release. The northern region along the Sudanese border, however, proved more troublesome. The final agreement, signed in Nairobi, called for a ceasefire, demilitarisation of Kampala, integration of the NRA and government forces, and absorption of the NRA leadership into the Military Council.

[16], The NRM came to power promising to restore security and respect for human rights.

The insurgency began with an attack on an army installation in the central Mubende district on 6 February 1981.

The election results were disputed by both the European Union and the opposition. ", Earlier, the independent newspaper The Daily Monitor had quoted the 49-year-old politician as telling a local radio station that there was no doubt "Winnie had a relationship with president Museveni but my differences with Museveni were long before this (Besigye- Winnie) relationship was there. Speaking to crowds of thousands outside the Ugandan parliament, the new president promised a return to democracy: "The people of Africa, the people of Uganda, are entitled to a democratic government. He was served by a female vice-president, Specioza Kazibwe, for nearly a decade, and has done much to encourage women to go to college. - Sapa-dpa, © 2020 Independent Online and affiliated companies. him of the rape charge but he still stands trial for treason.

(Oct., 1980), pp. [28] The court held that although there were many cases of election malpractice, they did not affect the result in a substantial manner.

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