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Time calculators of Astrograha uses API to obtain the Sun rise timings for the chosen location to calculate the ruling planet hora.

There are many more concepts such as Rashi Tulya Navamsha, 12th house (bed pleasures), position of Mars and Venus that are looked upon for match making. One nakshatra has 60 parama ghati. Mirugaseerisham (Mrigaseersha, Mrigasira) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 6. This porutham is based on the relationship of the Rasi lords. Lord Rama Avatar Lagna = Kataka (Cancer). He was a mind-born son of Brahma (Brahma was said to be his father)*  and one of the seven great sages or Saptarishis in the first manvantara (Sanskrit for a time cycle). It will have the most say, more than the ruling graha, on the psychological themes, attitudes and mental outlook.

Lots of Siddha articles - Click here. When you hear people make statements such as "My nakshatra is Punarvasu 2nd padham" or "My birth star is Vishaka 4th quarter" and so on, they are referring to this finer division of each nakshatra into quarters. In the pada course we will see how the planetary placements in the nakshatra can reveal interesting variations by using the padas according to Pulastya’s teachings. Avittam (Dhanista, Sravista) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 24. {{(horoscopeMatching.StarMatchResult.RuleMatches | filter:{MatchPoint:'1'}).length}}, {{(horoscopeMatching.StarMatchResult.RuleMatches | filter:{MatchPoint:'0.5'}).length}}, {{(horoscopeMatching.StarMatchResult.RuleMatches | filter:{IsMatch:false}).length}}, {{horoscopeMatching.StarMatchResult.MatchScore}} out of 36. Each Nakshatra has its presiding deity, ruling planet and specific energies, which play a major role in deciding the characteristics and basic nature of an individual. For Example: Let us say the boy belongs to Chithra (Male Tiger) and the Girl belongs to Anuradha (Female Deer), there would not much of match as Tiger and Deer would be inimical. Finding out your Rasi from your Nakshatram If you know your janma nakshatra, you can find out your janma rasi from your nakshatram. Sign up to receive our Newsletters & enjoy a FREE membership plan for 3 months, © 2020 AstroVed.Com Private Ltd. - All rights reserved.

This higher precision division of each nakshatra into quarters has been done. If both the lords are the same, then the match is mathiyamam. It is calculated based on the Nakshatra count from the Girl’s to the Boy’s. For Each Rasi there is an equivalent vasiya rasi (to which it gets attracted). Our nakshatra calculator above will also calculate the nakshatra pada for you. Satguru Venkataraman first revealed these temples for each nakshatra to the world in our monthly magazine over the course of a few years.

https://Agasthiar.Org/AUMzine/0019-rasi.htm. But within Gemini there are 3 distinct nakshatras with a completely different symbol, deity, patterns, animal, tridosa, gana etc. You can find your nakshatra and other astrological birth details using your date and place of birth. If the Moon is in pada one of Pushya, then it could impel the mind of the native to be a teacher, preacher, minister, inventor or a judge. Hastham. Nakshatra Finder The birth star finder tool, Nakshatra Calculator helps you find your birth star in a quick and easy manner.

Astrograha offers this comprehensive astrology report for free. The Gana Porutham refers to personality match between the couple. Since, the Moon is considered the Mano Karaka or ruler of the mind, the star constellation in which the Moon resides defines the characteristics, thoughts, and actions of a person. There are 28 nakshatras, however only 27 nakshatras are considered for calculations.

This is a vast topic and has its own complexities and hence an astrologer’s review is always recommended for match making.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If the boy and Girl fall under the same Gana, the match is considered as Uthamam. Aayilyam (Aslesha, Ayilyam) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple : 10. Chevvai Dosham Finder Hence it is suggested that an astrologer be consulted to determine the overall marriage compatibility.

The basic principle of yoni is that if the boy has a male yoni and the girl has a female yoni, it is considered as a good match. It is calculated based on the Nakshatra count from the Girl’s to the Boy’s. Aayilyam. If the boy falls under Rakshasa Gana and the girl is of Deva or Manusha Gana, then the match is considered as medium and is awarded ½ point only. Since there are 27 nakshatras, there are 108 nakshatra quarters (27 x 4 = 108) in total with each quarter spanning 3 degrees and 20 minutes of the great circle. We can think of this as the four aims, goals or motivations. This article by SueAnn will discuss a teaching that originated from the book Ravana Samhita. This North Indian Nakshtra match making, provides a 36 point rating for checking the compatibility of marriage. Pooram. Astrograha will not take any responsibility and will not provide any guarantee for the correctness of information provided in this website. This shows that the boy’s mind can connect well to the girl’s mind. The purpose of Astrograha is to enable the knowledge of astrology reach people from all corners of the world. Revathi (Revati) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: Above: Temples for each of the 27 Nakshatram Birth Stars. Uttiradam (Uttarashada, Uthiradam) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 22.

Mother Ayur Devi Avatar Thithi = Vijaya Dasami. First a few words about Ravana’s grandfather and then we will see what the nakshatra padas do. We use the pada to understand the energy, motivation, behavior, direction and goal of the deity of the nakshatra. Avittam. Lord Rama Avatar Raasi = Kataka Rasi (Cancer). You can think of the 12 rasis as another way of grouping the 27 nakshatras. Pooratadhi (Poorvabhadra) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 26. The specific Nakshatra Shiva Linga for each of the 28 nakshatras. Find your nakshatra through nakshatra/constellation finder that is accurate nakshatra calculator. Magham. The ratings are classified as: This rule determines the prosperity and health of the couple. All concepts discussed or projected here may have its own flaws or may lack the accuracy, it is upon the individuals to use or reject the information. This Vedic Based application will help to find your Janma nakshatram with Rashi Zodiac sign and also calculate Male/Female, birth star or Naalu from your birth date.

Theyare in the following order: Every Nakshatra will be composed on these four parts  — chatur-purusarthas (the 4 goals). Since 12 rasis = 27 nakshatras, one raasi = two and a quarter nakshatras (since 27 divided by 12 = 2 and 1/4). Birthstar is the name of the constellation in which the Moon was located at the time of the birth.

The following table gives the names of the 27 Nakshatras, their unique energy, and ruling deities & planets: Our Free Tool ‘Nakshatra Finder’ is simple and easy-to-use to find your birth star (Janma Nakshatra) by simply entering your birth time and place. Enter your birth details to know your birth star or that of your loved ones. Vedic Astrology is a science that has been gifted by the sages of ancient India. Lord Krishna Avatar Nakshatra = Rohini Nakshatra. You will instantly know the degrees,minutes, seconds, the Rasi and the Nakshatra in which the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. Each Nakshatra is also divided into quarters or padas of 3°20’, and the below table lists the appropriate starting sound to name the child. Nakshatras manifest on the psychic level. Obviously, he lived a long time ago. It is calculated based on the Nakshatra count from the Girl’s to the Boy’s. Hence, a birth star of an individual is calculated based on the position of the Moon in the stars, at the time of birth. In other words, the 27 nakshatras are grouped under 12 rasis at two and a quarter nakshtras per raasi. If the boy or girl belongs to a nakshtra that is vedhai (lack of fondness) to the other’s nakshatra, then the rating is 0. The Raju calculation is only applicable for stars following under the Madhyama Rajju category. A manvantara is 306,720,000 years long and present-day humanity is in the 7th manvantara. Enter an address, and then drag the marker to tweak the location. If you do not know your nakshatra or rasi.

For instance, Pushya nakshatra’s deity is Brihaspati, the priest and preceptor of the devas. Mother Ayur Devi Avatar Nakshatra = Uttarabhadra (Uththirattaadhi) Nakshtra. Location Map: Seedhakka-Mangalam - click here. Punarpoosam (Punarvasu) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 8.

*A Brahmarshi is a sage who has understood the meaning of Brahman, has attained the highest divine knowledge, Brahmajnana. This rule provides us with a list of Nakshatra’s that are lacking of fondness to certain nakshatra’s. Compatible Matching Stars feature of Astrograha calculates and lists all suitable stars / nakshatras Astrograha uses the method of classifying the nakshatra’s into 3 categories: Prathama Rajju, Madhyama Rajju & Anthi Rajju. The syllable of a person’s first name is sometimes used when calculating … Uthirattadhi.

The nakshatra compatibility calculator uses 10 match making rules and provides percentage compatibility. Your Rasi and your Nakshatra are important points in a horoscope. Chitirai (Chitra) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 15. Abhijith. Using the birth place, birth time, and date of birth, you can determine your birth star. This science is so vast, that the human intelligence or machine intelligence cannot provide predications with accuracy.

The corresponding syllables for the four quarters (padas) of Uttara-phalguni are Te (टे), Toe (टो), Pa (पा), and Pee (पी). The Madhyama Rajju is further divided into Arohana Rajju and Avarohana Rajju. The 3rd leg of the tripod is the lagna,  our intellect and shows the framework of our perceptions, like a preset configuration of how our brain works innately, irrespective of social conditioning. The fourth and last pada can show a more accepting, resigned, live and let live attitude, that goes with the more detached temperament of the moksha pada. With 9 grahas, that is a total of 972 combinations or results that can be gotten by using sage Pulastya’s pada system.

Below is the list of the nakshatra’s and its Vedhai nakshatra’s: Note: These matchmaking rules are just the first step in the horoscope matching process in astrology. Om Salutations to the Nakshatra Devis and Sri Chandra Deva. If it is away by 7 to 12 starts, the match is mathiyamam. Svaati (Swati) Birth Star Nakshatra Temple: 16. that matches the rasi of a boy or girl for marriage with percentage compatibility based on South Indian X. For example, grahas in pada one are fiery and can have a righteous and/or protective attitude. Of course, if your nakshatra spans more than one rasi, then use our calculator above to find out which of the two is your rasi. He also made this information available in the form of 3 books published by us in the early 2000s. Lord Rama Avatar Nakshatra = Punarvasu (Punarpoosam) Nakshatra. First, he received it from Brahma himself then passed it on to Rishi Parasara, considered the father of Vedic astrology, who wrote it down for the benefit of all.

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