nike nfl jersey size chart compared to reebok

Again, this is my favorite type of fan jersey. Currently, what NHL team has made the most consecutive playoff appearances? For comparison, here I am wearing a medium t-shirt: The Nike Legend fits true to size and will fit almost exactly how a regular t-shirt fits you.

Your subscription could not be saved. To be clear, when I refer to the fit, it’s more about comfort than style or fashion. Other key features are the broader shoulders, and elasticized sleeve cuffs. If you cannot stand baggy sleeves, you should at least consider the Elite Vapor Untouchable jersey. It is also made with a stretch blend of material, so although it fits snug, it doesn’t restrict you like a straight jacket because the material can stretch. It was actually one of my favorite fits of all the fan jerseys. Would you like to see NFL refs armed with tasers to help break up fights on the field? Yes, there will be times throughout the year that the NFL shop offers unique discounts and offers. I am a fan of Vapor Untouchable, so whenever you have a choice, I personally would recommend choosing Vapor over regular (for both the Nike Elite and Nike Limited). To read more about the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable jerseys, you can view my Elite Vapor review. Again, there is a regular Nike Elite jersey and a Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable jersey. Screen-printed name, numbers, and logos instead of stitched graphics. Sports Fan Focus was created to serve as an online resource for sports fans, providing informational helpful articles about football, basketball, baseball, golf, fantasy, and tailgating.

Because there are potentially fake jerseys on the re-sale market, I always recommend people to buy from a reputable source like (which is the official online shop of the NFL). This is the current price of the Nike Elite jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to In this article we discuss the best high top golf shoes.

In general, some NFL jerseys fit big, but it depends on jersey type. The problem was that they only had local team jerseys.

more um, coverage, for those who need it. For full disclosure, I currently do not own a regular Nike Limited jersey because I like the Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable jersey much better (see in the next section). In short, this means premium finishes and premium details. You also might regularly check the clearance section at, which you can view by clicking on this link (affiliate link takes you to Okay, here are the main features and differences that the Nike Game jersey has in comparison to the more expensive jerseys: As I’ve discussed, the Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable version is my personal favorite fan jersey. Reebok NFL jerseys remain popular and relevant to this day. Expect a snug fit near the waist line, and a relatively standard fit through the shoulders. There are 5 main jersey types, and they all fit a bit different. It has my full recommendation. This makes perfect sense, if you think about it. So I wanted to buy one online and I found one that is perfect, but the only problem is that it is the Nike brand.

Some of the Nike jerseys do recommend a line-dry.

. This is my medium Nike Legend jersey sitting on top of my medium Nike Game jersey: That is quite a bit of difference and might drastically affect your buying experience if you are expecting a certain type of fit and get an end result that is much different.

Get your answers by asking now. This is the current price of the Nike Limited Vapor jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to To read more, view my Nike Legend Jersey Review. When you transition from the Nike Game to the Nike Limited (and beyond), you begin to transition into more premium fan jerseys that have more detailed finishes like sewn on numbers, letters etc. To read more, visit my Nike Elite Jersey review. To read more about fit, visit our Nike Elite Jersey Sizing Guide. Yes, that’s another way of saying it runs slightly loose, but I didn’t size down. The problem was that they only had local team jerseys. Would you take Joe Burrow over your team's starting QB? What NBA player was the last to win three consecutive MVP awards? sizing structure. Who is he? The Nike Elite jersey is the premium fan jersey. I wanted to buy a NFL Jersey, but never bought one before. Our site is created by life long passionate sports fans who follow sports closely and can provide first-hand experience and knowledge regarding the issues that surround sports.

Just like the Nike Limited jerseys we discussed earlier in the article, the Nike Elite also has a Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable version. We also have a size guide for NBA jerseys: How Do NBA Jerseys Fit? I think only the Nike Legend (pictured above in article) would I say possibly has a better overall fit than the Limited Vapor (it’s close). Again, expect a slim fit. Thanks to all answers! But as far as fit, this also means a more athletic, snug fit (especially in the Vapor version).

Perhaps a jersey you are interested in is on clearance and it doesn’t hurt to check.

– and a size guide for NHL jerseys: How Do NHL Jerseys Fit? So to reiterate, it boils down to 2 factors: Worried that the NFL jersey you’re thinking of buying on Ebay is counterfeit? In addition to a looser fit, Reebok jerseys are also longer – the back is 2 inches longer than the front, thus providing.

I was wondering what size I should get since the Nike size chart says M(44), L(48), etc and since there is a difference in the "numbers" on the jerseys (stitched on, printed on). In the event of any of the above scenarios, chances are you owned a Reebok NFL jersey back in the day, and are now looking to replace it. It gives you the feel of a premium jersey with the sewn on numbers and letters and patches, but it allows you to save a little money instead of spending up for a Nike Elite jersey. VFK Digital LLC also participates in affiliate programs with Fanatics, NHL Shop, MLB Shop, NBA Store, and MLB Shop. This is the current price of the Nike Game jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to Learn how to tell an authentic NFL jersey from a fake, this recent listing for an Aaron Rodgers Reebok Replica jersey, Get a Reebok NFL jersey on Ebay and save big, Are Signed Top Selling NFL Jerseys Worth …. The Nike Elite Vapor is the slimmest fitting fan jersey. Get a Reebok NFL jersey on Ebay and save big. Reebok Men's NFL Authentic Jerseys. No flywire to strengthen collar to prevent stretching (but collar is well made anyway in my opinion). So, which jersey is right for you? It is a fit that works for most everyone because it isn’t too slim or too baggy. The Nike Elite jersey (regular and vapor) are considered on-field replicas – Nike Elite jerseys are designed with the exact specifications of the jerseys the players wear on the field.

You can also shop at locat retail stores, although not all types of NFL jerseys are offered in local retail stores, so your selection may be limited. I was actually shocked at how much I liked the Nike Legend because I wasn’t sure what to expect. This is because everyone can have access to the services as long as he or she is conceited to the internet.

This helps the learner to tailor the time the way he or she wants the services to be. I am 5'11 around 170lbs male.

It is made with the exact specification of what the players wear on the field. Both the Nike Legend and Nike Limited Vapor are great-fitting fan jerseys, but the Limited Vapor is my top choice for best fan jersey (over the Nike Legend) because the Legend is more of a shirsey and the Limited Vapor is a true fan jersey. How come bill belichick is struggling without Tom Brady? These three main jersey types (Game, Limited, Elite) are structured at three different price points so that fans have an option to match with their budget. It laid clean and smooth against my body and was comfortable (made with Nike Dri-Fit technology). This NBA legend holds the record for scoring the most points in playoff history. So if you’re 44, then you were 26 when Reebok first started manufacturing NFL jerseys.

2. "NFL" is a registered trademark of the National Football League & is not affiliated with this site. The Reebok NFL Replica jerseys are a bit lighter than the Premier, and at $75, was the cheapest. Here is a look at my medium Nike Game jersey (6’3″ 200 pounds): Click here to view the Nike Game jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to Then you can choose your size, and get more specific recommendations. Would the Patriots record be any better if Brady had stayed? We discussed it earlier in the article, but again, one main difference in the Vapor version is the design of the jersey reduces the amount of paneling so that the jersey lays flat against your chest and shoulders. To wit, the average age of NFL fans in the U.S. is 25-44. The general consensus is that Nike jerseys have superior material, a better fit, and a more modern look. Also of note, the sleeves on the Nike Elite are fitted and have an elastic cuff to mimic those worn by the players. Here are a list of a few things to consider when making your decision: Again, this is a difficult question to answer because each type fits differently. Are Signed Top Selling NFL Jerseys Worth Buying? How Does the Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable Jersey fit? To me it is the best combination of fit, comfort, quality, and price point. Again, as mentioned above, there is no blanket way to describe the fit of all fan jerseys because they differ significantly depending on jersey type. The sizing on the Elite jerseys will be a number-based sizing system instead of a general small, medium, large etc. If you are just looking for a simple way to rep a player and team, I would recommend giving the Nike Legend a serious look. Slip on loafer... Sports Fan Focus is owned and operated by VFK Digital LLC. If you want in depth reviews and comparison articles of all these jerseys, you can visit our football jersey resource page. Back to How To Tell An Authentic NFL Jersey From A Fake. Here is a look at my medium Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable jersey (I am 6’3″ 200 pounds): Click here to view the Nike Limited Vapor jerseys available at (affiliate link takes you to

Only one type is an authentic jersey. Again, expect a relaxed fit. The Elite jerseys also run a little bit longer in length than the other types of fan jerseys. What are the top selling NFL jerseys since 2013? Even though they haven’t produced any since Tim Tebow was the starting QB for the Broncos…. The size and fit of Nike NFL football jerseys will differ depending on what type of jersey you buy – some fit loose and some fit snug. Obviously, check the tag on your jersey, but as a general rule, you should never machine dry your jerseys on high heat. It’s not so slim that I recommend sizing up, but if you are in between sizes and don’t like slim cuts, sizing up may be needed. ), Medium-fit (not extremely loose, but not as fitted as the Nike ‘Elite’ on-field jerseys), Fitted sleeves in Vapor Untouchable version, Mesh paneling at the front neck line to mimic player jerseys. Longer, loose sleeves, that will hit near your elbow (the Limited Vapor has semi-fitted sleeves that in my opinion are the perfect length for sleeves.

Even if you’re 19, your dad probably bought the impressionable 10-year old you an Eli Manning, Michael Vick, or another top-selling jersey back in 2011. Reebok NFL jerseys vs Nike is only a thing if the jersey you desire is of a player that entered the league before 2012. There was a program regarding hand made juke boxes. It is a better quality jersey than the Nike ‘Game’ jersey and has a lower price point than the Elite jerseys.

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