professional way to say cya

I’m so glad to see other people promoting the idea of keeping notebook records! Use phone calls and follow-up emails with caution.

Or … Situation A arises. It’s a composition notebook size, so it’s not huge, but big enough that I can get one meeting or phone-call’s worth of notes on a page, usually. In Ed admin…I also keep chronological notebooks of all meetings and phone calls as Belle described. We show DFM DFM’s own prior email. Business City, NY 54321.

It definitely is such a useful habit to pick up. This system has helped me out many times. I love the age of technology, but if I need something fast, I know exactly where to find it. Any suggestions? Perhaps we should talk through further since it seems like we may want to reconsider strategy X?”. to cover the bases (example: “We need to cover the bases.”), Probably the best way to make sure no one thinks you’re trying to say “He was just covering his own ass” is just to be specific about who is being protected, like “He is just concerned about downside risk for the company” or “He was just trying to minimize potential negative repercussions for the company.”. So when Kat asked me to write a post detailing how to cover your ass at work, I was happy to oblige. Does anyone have ANY explanation for all of this? Here are some alternatives you can use: to manage the potential risks (example: “We need to manage the potential risks.”) But what you can do is send an email before due date of X comes to pass, with prior email included below and say something like, “Just checking in – are you still doing X?” Maybe it will still get you no where but maybe it will lead to a more productive outcome because you won’t be putting DFM in a defensive posture. Pictured: Writing Tools, originally uploaded to Twitter by Pete O’Shea. It wasn’t usually adversarial with the vendor, but typically they dealt with so many things that they didn’t remember the details and I could quickly catch them up.

I can’t turn it off but I wouldn’t want to since it’s been so useful. I don’t trust Outlook to do that job for me, because their rules are so wonky. Same with my phone call and meeting notes.

Lynn I think SHOULD be catelogeing all calls, memo’s and other thing’s for the CLEINT, but she is NOT, mainley b/c she want’s to get MASON to MARRY her. to minimize potential negative repercussions (example: “We need to minimize potential negative repercussions.”) All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. You can also email yourself if you want to have the time/date stamp. If they refuse to give the information, then I write in the minutes that they refused to share the information for whatever reason they have given. So how should you organize your emails?


I have a small subset of Current Projects, labeled by the type of project (site plan, subdivision, special exception, etc) and name; and a longer subset of Archived Projects.

May ’07- Oct. ’07.” On the inside, you’ll find my meeting notes for every appointment labeled with the names of all attendees, their affiliation, and the details of our conversation. He can deny that he ever promised you anything, but you have a date and time-stamped record of your side of the story. So far, the middle ground has been that we just do X instead of waiting for DFM to do it.

I think with a topic like CYA, it’s hard not to sound adversarial since it generally implies you are trying to protect yourself from something. When money is involved, any business relationship can become adversarial or downright nasty with little warning.

I just move the outlook folder from Current to Archived once the project is completed. Do You Limit Social Media For Your Kids? Phone call notes always seem to come in the most handy. I actually do this in my personal life too.

My workplace is collaborative. Example: “That email was mostly CYA. I see it the opposite way. Revisit – A politically correct way of saying. I can fill the test tube to the rim and still see the black dot at the bottom. Okay, as a records manager in the public sector … a lot of this stuff is not just CYA, but also being compliant to relevant legislation, and not wasting time by duplicating effort or looking for old decisions. Secondly, you never know when your commitment to keeping good records will save your hide. If I’m doing important work on one bill or one issue, then it gets its own folder. So an entry might look like this: Professional Devel. Once people know you keep consistent records in that manner then there’s little going back and forth to see who remembers what correctly. However, I could really use advice about two times when having and pulling out these documents isn’t productive: 1. Boss says, “do X.” I do.

I suggest being less forceful about it – from your post, it sounds like you’re basically telling your boss that he’s wrong and then gleefully pulling out evidence to show that – it’s no wonder he’s not reacting well. He just wants to make sure that if the project fails, no one will blame him.”. Sometimes you want an alternative way to say “we need to be thorough, and make sure we’re protected if it fails” without that connotation of selfishness. +1 – maybe the issue is not that you;re producing CYA documentation but that you’re doing it in a way that is harmful to your relationship with your boss. Thank you once again, and I will keep you in mind if we decide to purchase and rent a property in the future.

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