rdr2 cant find black rat

Glitch Warning #2 (Posters not available): Some players have reported not being able to find the posters anywhere. E.g. Hi guys i need help. Where can I find a Black Rat? Just to add, I have cleared everything else, and I’m at 99% completion with absolutely nothing else to do but wait for the patch or go for 70 gold medals, or studied and skinned animals, which seams obsolete if I’m unable to finish this after all the hassle. do i have to do something to get it check ? I am super pissed because I probably have over 200 hours in this save and I don’t understand how a glitch like this is possible and can ruin such a big game and stop someone from completing 100%. All my other saves I have the bat carcasses and I also completed so many other challenges I couldn’t even think about going back and doing them again…. Specifically in your quest log. Fully shut down your console, disconnect it from the power source.

Cooking recipes you can use with this animal.

They are rarer than squirrels and have more few spawn zones. I have completed all the story missions, all the stranger missions in the game, the ties that binds us as well, all V parts, and at the moment I’m at 97.7% completion, and I can’t find hunting requests anywhere. That is not all you need to do after you get the squirrel statue the statue keeps moving around and you need to keep putting it back on the mantel the locations we know so far is There are 5 train stations where you can find a poster that starts the Hunting Questline. Can’t prove it at the moment, maybe someone of you can do it :). 2.

A subreddit for Rockstar's critically acclaimed open-world Western game Red Dead Redemption, its prequel Red Dead Redemption 2, and its online multiplayer Red Dead Online. Toads only spawn near water (rivers, lakes, islands). Thanks for the guide! Little squeaking noises are the indicators. RDR2 / Warframe_| wreck_em | ^Currently playing |_^PSN___ | User Info: PrehensilePlant. Best regards, Jesus M. Rockstar Support. I accepted his request but thought I'm gonna need a varmint rifle for this so went to the shop round the corner and bought one.

For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "anyone found a good spot for rats ? Black Rats can be found in Saint Denis and other highly populated areas. Same issue… I got mail back with payment but the tracker still has the list from request 4 all checked off. Just kill all animals of the required type and pick up their bodies, take special care with the 3-star ones. You must shoot its weakpoint which is usually the heart or the head. To see all the weakpoints you must first beat Chapter 6 Story Mission “Goodbye, Dear Friend”.

Does the squirrel statue spawn in that order or can it be random? Grab the hunting request poster and go to the animal spawn zones shown below and place the bait in a remote area (away from roads), but where you can easily see the approaching animal. Very close where wolf man lives. They are very small and hard to see in the grass. And can they be dropped off at any post office or do you have to return to the one you got the quest from? Never skin the animals, just pick up their carcass and you should see an update for the hunting request in the top left corner. 1.

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