reproductive justice essay

In order to achieve full equality for people of color we must address the intersecting forms of social, economic, and political oppression that shape the lives of individuals and communities.

Typically, the women associated with the mainstream pro-choice movement are privileged women of middle to high socio-economic status who can easily access all of the necessary resources for. Access to safe abortions is a most definite human right, but it is also very important to a woman’s health, agency, and dignity. Choosing abortions, have allowed women to make the best decision regarding their rights to have a family.

And it’s important to note that these policies are no longer constrained to traditionally marginalized communities. Women’s reproductive rights have been endangered from early history. 29 Nov. 2012 Women of all races, social class, economic status, sexual orientation, or education levels deserve the right to reproductive education, and to be fully aware of one’s rights when born biologically, a female.

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All of us deserve to make our own decisions about our bodies, health, sexuality, and  whether and when to have children with dignity and autonomy and to raise the family we have in a safe, healthy environment. Many women of color have been victims of racism and class exploitation when it comes to reproductive justice. The opinions of Justice Thomas, with Justice Scalia concurring, are an attack on that fundamental right. The Reproductive Justice (RJ) movement was founded more than 20 years ago by a group of visionary Black women and centers the experiences and leadership of communities that are most affected by oppression.

They also remain being the primary lawmakers when it comes to policies regarding women, which makes you wonder if they are even qualified to comment on such issues such as birth control, reproduction and abortion.

The right and ability to have children is defined by reproductive justice, which connects basic human rights, health, and sexuality to reproductive health issues concerning women, families, and communities of color. Society frowns upon aborting a fetus in the womb, but it fails to realize the circumstantial standing each, I was unable to complete the transcription of all seven interviews, I was able to listen and draw out commonalities and themes I heard. Reproductive justice links reproductive rights with the social, political and economic inequalities that affect a woman’s ability to access reproductive health care services. However, the two are distinctly and philosophically different. The Forgotten Voice: The Importance of Reproductive Justice for Women of Color and Other Unrepresented Groups. These are questions more and more women are facing as policies that restrict or hinder access to reproductive health care surface. The story of human rights in the ambient of religious pluralism and reproductive rights is in pari materium to the myth of Medusa. We also support policies that ensure unrestricted access to contraceptive services such as the Affordable Care Act’s birth control coverage requirement, and we continue to call on policymakers to do the same. Birth Control & Preventive Services Coverage, Give to one of our Special Funds and Initiatives, Letter Opposing the Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court, NWLC Demands Justice for Women at Irwin County Detention Center, Promoting Equitable Access to Health Care in Response to COVID-19, Data Reveal Multiple Barriers to Gender Justice in South Carolina, Why Voter Suppression Is a Problem for Reproductive Rights and Justice, Immigrant Rights and Reproductive Justice: How Harsh Immigration Policies Harm Immigrant Health, The Hyde Amendment Creates an Unacceptable Barrier To Women Getting Abortions, A Women’s Economic Agenda Must Help Women and Families Succeed, Nearly One in Five Working Mothers of Very Young Children Work in Low-Wage Jobs, Cutting Programs for Low-Income People Especially Hurts Women and Their Families, Supporting Parents in Low-Wage Jobs and Their Children, Set Up for Success: Supporting Parents in Low-Wage Jobs and their Children, Moving Women & Families Forward: A State Roadmap to Economic Justice, Black Maternal Health Week 2019: Celebrate, Decolonize, and Restore, To Reduce Racial Disparities in Maternal Mortality, Listen to the Data, Black Women Built That: Byllye Avery & Khiara M. Bridges. This court case involved a panel of three judges, and it was decided that this Abortion Ban Act was in fact, unconstitutional, because it would allow for the even greater oppression onto women and their reproductive health, rights, and justice. And, for the first time since Roe, the Court blesses a prohibition with no exception safeguarding a woman’s health”. By partnering, reproductive rights and reproductive justice organizations can collectively tackle some of the broadest threats to women’s reproductive health we have faced in a generation.

Examples of resounding themes included fear and/or uncertainty about the future, judgment, support system, and healthy/unhealthy relationships.

We will write a custom Essay on Women and reproductive health specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. Price’s “What is Reproductive Justice”, provides an in-depth introduction and overview of the movement for reproductive justice and the WOC organizations working to address these issues.

These strategies continue to undermine the choices that the Women of Color have in deciding whether or not they want to have children because they do not want to be stigmatized with poverty. The main argument about patriarchy is that the decisions concerning reproduction and family planning has been left to the hands of men such as judges, politicians, law makers, and lawyers who have never experienced oppression due to their sex or gender. Even if one does not agree with abortion, he or she must understand that if it is necessary to protect the mother’s life and health, personal beliefs should be set aside.

The desire to conceive and start a family is a fundamental right for any woman within any region of the world. It blurs the line, firmly drawn in Casey, between previability and postviability abortions.

Whether these men have experienced it or not, they continue to speak on issues that have no relevance to their bodies, simply because they are superior in our society. However, one must remember and think of what. One of our signature programs is My Sister’s Keeper (MSK), an advocacy and leadership-building initiative for young women attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Should men be there for their partner or should women go through the process alone? This is why reproductive justice is critical.

Reproductive justice links reproductive rights with the social, political and economic inequalities that affect a woman’s ability to access reproductive health care services.

Race and religion play a large role in a woman’s overall health and wellbeing after having an abortion.

Birthing Justice: Black Women, Pregnancy and Childbirth, edited by Julia Chineyere Oparah and Alicia D. Bonaparte tells the stories, experiences, oppression, and subjection of black women in the maternal health care system. Women have to fight to have the right to regulate their own bodies and reproductive choices, although in some countries their voices are ignored. Generally abortion is an issue that has always been questioned but is an ambiguous subject, even though abortions have been allowed by the Supreme Court for almost five decades. Not all women can take care of their bodies because they don’t have access to birth control, prenatal care, cancer screenings or medication. Reproductive health care services that are provided by government funding is a highly debated topic among citizens and policy makers alike. When they have limitations such as the lack of proper healthcare, abortion is a necessary step in taking control of reproductive rights. Obviously, the adverse and psychological effects of the various interlocking forms of oppressions that limits Women of Color’s reproductive rights makes it very important to understand them. The program is designed to strengthen, engage and mobilize young Black women around reproductive justice and sexual health, as well as sexual violence prevention. Access is key.

These issues have negative impacts on transgender people’s access to public space, women of color reproductive self-determination and mothers. Reproductive justice affirms the right to decide if and when to have children, as well as the right to parent the children you already have in safe, healthy environments. 1) What are the main ideas and/or issues of the article as it relates to the chosen topic? Abortion is not about ending life, it’s about decisions. She received her Master of Public Health in Health Behavior from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Bachelor of Arts in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University. Living in a patriarchal world has allowed for the discrimination of women in achieving reproductive justice. What good is a right if you cannot access the services that right has provided?

In the 21st century, women are looked at with fairness and receive equal opportunities, but there is one right being stripped from women: the choice of using birth control and aborting pregnancy.

Will defunding Planned Parenthood save government funding and prevent abortions…, Leonardo Da Vinci's Virtue: A Biography Of Leonardo Da Vinci, A Speech On Child Abuse Awareness And The Drive Behind The Campaign, The Importance Of Death In Shakespeare's Hamlet. Kimala Price, author of the article, “What is Reproductive Justice?

Not all women can take care of their bodies because they don’t have access to birth control, prenatal care, cancer screenings or medication. The Forgotten Voice: The Importance of Reproductive Justice for Women of Color and Other Unrepresented Groups The desire to conceive and start a family is a fundamental right for any woman within any region of the world. Some people vote their cast based on certain decisions. The primary purpose of this law was to spell out the conditions under which the state could prosecute an abortionist for an abortion. The debate is where to draw the line for contraceptive availability, abortion laws, and healthcare. Sadly, men continue being the superior sex in our society.

“Killing the Black Body”…, Reproductive Health Care Availability and Controversial Policies

RJ has four goals: • The raising of children in safe and healthy environments • Planned and healthy pregnancies • Ending or aversion of unwanted pregnancies • Healthy expression of sexuality. Dr. Christy M. Gamble, JD, DrPH, MPH uses her expertise in the law, public health, and policy to advance the public interest as the Black Women's Health Imperative's health policy & legislative affairs director.

Women were dispossessed of all their rights, being nothing more than a housewife, being restricted of their potential.

How should abortion be controlled or handled? today’s government a huge controversy is whether your pro-life or pro-choice. What is Reproductive Justice?

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