robert hansen children

Unlike Cold War spies of an earlier era, Hanssen claimed to have no political motivation for selling out his country.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 Hanssen became much more wary. interview with Alaskan State Trooper Sgt.

Serial killer Robert Hansen confessed to killing 17 women in Alaska over a 12-year span, all while married with two children.

FBI mole Robert Hanssen - How has his family handled it. At one point Hanssen spoke to a Russian agent over a pay phone, but they generally relied on placing signals in public places. At work, he often spoke of his religious faith and conservative values, traits which helped him avoid any suspicion during the years that he was in secret communication with Russian spies. The first of the bodies was found by construction workers near Eklutna Road.

He contacted Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent John Douglas and requested help with a criminal psychological profile, based on the three recovered bodies. But before he launched into his killing spree, Hansen was jailed several times for petty theft, and served three years at the Anamosa State Penitentiary for burning down a school bus garage. Stayed with him though he was verbally abusive to her and the children.”. But he also had a dark secret - he liked abducting prostitutes and exotic dancers and letting them loose in the wilderness so he could hunt them down like animals. Of these 17 women, Hansen was only formally charged with the murders of four: Sherry Morrow, Joanna Messina, "Eklutna Annie", and Paula Goulding.

Hansen, when questioned by APD officers, denied the accusation, stating that Paulson was just trying to cause trouble for him because he would not pay her extortion demands. Robert Hansen secretly murdered 17 women in Alaska, sometimes hunting them in the woods like wild game, all while living at home with a wife and two kids. The ones who pretend to be closest to god are the real perverts. She sold their house and bakery in Alaska and moved the family to Arkansas after the children were relentlessly bullied for their father's cruel acts at school. She had been stabbed in the back. [5] The psychiatrist who made the diagnosis noted that Hansen had an “infantile personality” and was obsessed with getting back at people he felt had wronged him. Using this profile, Flothe investigated possible suspects until he reached Hansen, who fit the profile and owned a plane.[14]. Hale said he met with Darla in the aftermath of his murder convictions and she said she “knew he was up to no good” but she just thought Hansen’s dirty secret was picking up hookers in the middle of the night before he opened the bakery. The body, dubbed "Eklutna Annie" by investigators, has never been identified.

Darla stood by her man anytime he had skirmishes with the law — like getting caught stealing a chainsaw from a hardware store or filing a fraudulent insurance claim to get the money to open his bakery.

I just watched Breach, the movie based on the capture of the mole Robert Hanssen, whose passing of information to the Russians constituted perhaps the most serious damage to U.S. national security. All of that was in the house with Hansen’s wife and children completely oblivious, seemingly. Robert Hansen was a reputed baker and a married man with two children living in Anchorage, Alaska. Shy and timid as a child, he developed a distinct stutter, which, in addition to severe acne scars, had rendered him undesirable to most girls at his school. He became an agent in 1976, and spent two years working in the Indianapolis, Indiana, field office. He suffered from severe acne, which left scars on his face. “I love him and I’ll pray for the salvation of his soul every day for the rest of my life.”. Here's what you need to know about Robert Hansen, his kids, and family life. He showed investigators 17 grave sites, in and around Southcentral Alaska, 12 of which were unknown to investigators. Robert Christian Hansen was a convicted serial killer from America who abducted, raped, and murdered at least 17 women in and around Anchorage, Alaska, in the 1970s and early 1980s.

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