salt finish concrete pros and cons

I don't know anything about your front stoop but IMO solid granite is by far the best choice.

NOTE: if you install a salt system then precast is probably better. This pool finish adds a watertight seal and makes the surface smoother for contact with swimmers than the underlying rough concrete shell. One thing I am worried about is snow and ice. Is it just normal weathered concrete were talking about which most of the time can be corrected with a simple pressure washer and a 15-30 degree tip.

I was worried about brushed concrete as we have it on the front porch and back patio. Are there any advantages/disadvantages with regard to exposed aggregate vs broom finish? Now if there's some hard stains/oil stains a simple over the counter concrete cleaner can be added to the equation, or applied directly to the effected area, (always read the directions as some need to be deleted before application). .however, there are a couple of budget alternatives that I'd like to suggest to you that might consider. In our Polished Concrete Guide by the experts at CARRcrete, we will explain the pros and cons of concrete polishing with the aim of helping you make the right choice of finish, selecting an installer and of course choosing the right polishing expert.

You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed, You've disabled JavaScript in your web browser, A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running. I love the look, but I would be concerned about someone slipping while using your front entry -- not just with ice, but with rain and even in nice weather. One of the biggest benefits of treating your property with a salt mixture is to prevent the buildup of ice and snow.

Using white sand mortar will also give a different effect than using the more common gray sand mortar.

It looks great and the simplicity if it allows other features to stand out. Once you weigh the pros and cons of rock salt, you can decide if you want to use it throughout the cold winter months. That's why we have "road repair"...! I spent the extra cash and had exposed aggregate on my driveway, steps and front porch. Interior polished floors can have huge variation in slip resistance as well. How do they hold up to freeze/thaw, salting, etc? And while it is a naturally occurring substance, there are some major disadvantages to using rock salt to keep your travel paths clear. .

Using white sand mortar will also give a different effect than using the more common gray sand mortar.

It is one of the first things to reach for when there is an approaching ice or snow storm to help break down ice formation on roads and other paved surfaces.

Plaster is a pool finish that is typically ¼ inch to ½ inch thick. Depending on your polished concrete floor finish, you may have additional maintenance requirements.

No regrets! Laura ...we are away for the winter and after searching my photos I found no pix of the baseboards and try to describe them we installed a thick slab of wood creating a rather deep sill and mounted crown mold under the slab..with little crown returns at the end...this created an impressive foundation feature to our large windows that start at about 18 inches above the floors..the slab edges were rounded as are the corners of the window openings to go with our rather textured walls...we have big tall Windows across the front of our home..and we didn't want to distract from the views with a lot of trim just below the Windows ...and throughout the house....the baseboards added the custom finished feel to balance the absence of any other trim above...the baseboards are about 6-7" of stacked inexpensive narrower baseboards with one wider flat piece that we had routed and inserted further detail of a strip of carved wood that looks like rope...(at the base of the board we added a strip of reverse corner molding )...we painted it all and used the same trim around the doors...the finished look was very special while really using several inexpensive trims stacked ....if you are wanting a more modern less ornate but impressive trim perhaps just thin layers that stack downward like stair steps..a sort of Art Deco feel ... Niecie this is a beautiful place!

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