scary campfire stories

Making up subreddits like r/nosleep and r/ShortScaryStories, we guarantee you that these users have the ability to keep you up all night with the lights on. No one living in the region ever saw the old woman again.

Callie was extremely tired and stopped at an old house with a sign declaring, “The Oaks Inn – Bed and Breakfast.” The room was very comfortable and she fell asleep as soon as she lay down on the bed. Terror stricken, he saw a coffin standing on end, bumping down the road from side to side – Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump . The man gets increasingly excited and the young girl becomes more frantic.

But the next night, he's just too curious and looks through the keyhole again: this time, all he can see is red. Courtney gives out at the party and wants to go home.

Unable to resist the man’s command, she placed her fingers on the piano and they began to play the sonata together. I got up and searched for where the sound was coming from.

There came the stomp, stomp, stomping noise of giant feet walking up the stairs.

Finally, she looks in her closet. She believes adventure and storytelling go hand-in-hand, and she uses the outdoors to recharge her creativity. Maddy agreed, but said she was afraid to try it even it was just a story. On the wall someone has written, "Humans Can Lick Too!"

Off she went, into the dark night. It began to rain. Tags: Campfire, Camping, Funny, Scary, Stories. And the coffin stopped. John and Elizabeth decided they wouldn't wait on the trail to die, so they continued on up the trail, only to pass out from heat stroke less than a quarter of a mile later. I wish I was dead!”.

Terrified, she speeds home, with the truck right on her tail, and pulls into her driveway. There, on the grave of a young girl, was Johnny’s jacket.

Alan and Matt were ghost hunters.

In the summer of 1996, a group of college students from Phoenix, Arizona decided to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon. One night, she wakes to hear a strange dripping sound. It's become a lot harder to scare people these days, thanks to the Internet, improved CGI and a film industry that allows Human Centipede to become a trilogy. He eventually fell back into a fitful sleep.

Age Recommendation: 8 years and above.

Most of these scary stories have no known origin, and no original author on record.

This is one of those scary campfire stories you may not wish to repeat in front of young children.

This scary campfire story is another one that comes in poem form. It was a dark and stormy night, the … The woman screams, but the bullet wasn't for her: she turns to see the body of a man fall out of the backseat of her car, clutching a butcher's knife.

She tries to ignore it, but it's just too creepy.

Ashley and Courtney shared a room at college. After an uncomfortable exchange, Rebecca returned to the tent and both women quickly got dressed and left the campsite in search of a more private place where the two could enjoy nature in peace.

He goes to ask the woman at the front desk about the room again, and she finally tells him the truth: a woman was murdered in that room years ago. Probably.

A young lady was driving home after a long vacation. I opened the lid very slowly, and there it was – a roll of wrapping paper!

On the second night of camping, the bonfire was raging, and the marshmallows had already been depleted. They are said to rise up from the ocean and march to ancient battle sites after sunset. The story goes that if you look into a mirror in a darkened room and chant "Bloody Mary" three times, you'll see the ghostly visage of Bloody Mary herself staring back at you. All the stories we have shared with you are variations of favorite tales, some of which have been around for fifty years or more.

Truth be told, I had to go online to find some good ones to tell.


No trip into the wilderness is complete without telling a few spooky stories in front of the campfire. She sees the old man through her back window yelling and gesturing her to come back, but she keeps driving. Sue did not believe the story.

Their snapback trucker hats is the perfect addition to your next adventure to a hot spring. Herman stepped back from the window and laid back down on the bed. "The Vanishing Hitchhiker" might be the most famous campfire story of all time.

After exploring the inner canyon briefly, all five students were perspiring heavily, and more than half of their drinking water was already gone. Just red. soon the young man became more and more curious as to why his wife wore a ribbon around her neck all the time.

This Reddit-born story puts a modern twist on the classic scary campfire stories we know so well. Eventually, they came to a beautiful, secluded campsite beside a small stream. There, on a grave, was Sue, dead with completely white hair. What is your scariest? "Thank goodness you're home," she said.

She is almost asleep when she hears dripping noises.

When Rebecca ran for the tree as well, she was hit twice, in the head and the back. The deer woman is a shape-shifting creature living deep in forests. Just then the vet pulls up and asks, “Did they get him?”.

Just as he reaches his arms around his girlfriend, a news bulletin warns of an escaped murderer who has a hook for a right hand. Thea Voutiritsas is a Kansas City-based writer and editor. “Come sit with me, Callie.”, Unable to resist his command, Callie moved to the piano and sat next to the man.

Reluctantly, the boy drives his girlfriend home.

. ” tells the tale of a shortcut home turning into the stuff of nightmares. Here’s hoping that your campfires are warm enough to take away the chill that creeps down your spine from your stories. John found out that the girl’s name was Mary and she was going to her home. He goes on his way.

On the second night of camping, the bonfire was raging, and the marshmallows had already been depleted.

She escaped in the middle of the night, and the wolf girl has never been found. He saw the same pale, thin face that had belonged to the carriage driver.

This scary story is perfect for campfires near a river. Both Larry and Cindy are confused and ask the vet, “How did you know?”, The vet explains, “Your dog was choking on a human finger!”. I also hope that you can scare your young ones but not too much that they can’t sleep.

But after one twin dies in a tragic accident, the other finds a mysterious connection to the afterlife.

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