sunn coliseum pa

Bassist Norm Sundholm discovered that his bass amp was not nearly powerful enough to play larger concert halls. Rebuilding a Sunn 1200S head and need to install a reverb unit. Caps never were a problem except cosmetically: you just make a little board and stack the PC mount lytics in series with balancing resistors. At the beginning of the first U.S. tour, the Who made use of the Blues Magoos purchase of a Sunn Coliseum PA on 14 July 1967. Thanks in advance. Also, the amp used to connect to a cabinet with (6) 12″ speakers. Where can I find a readable schematic for an older (70’s) tube Sunn 1200S head?

We used it briefly in our teen-age garage band.

It is still easy to get a great deal (around $400) for many of these classic SUNN heads, and I highly recommend them, especially since you can now easily get the proper high-voltage filter caps that these amps need.

This fact gives SUNN amps a real advantage in accurate low-end (bass) sound reproduction.