tamaskan dog for sale

In 2009, an acquaintance of Blustag had approached some breeders and revealed information about lies that Blustag had told. ALL PHOTOS CONTAINED ON THIS SITE ARE COPYRIGHT (C) 2017 TRACY GRAZIANO & BEN KONCEWICZ, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, integrity, health, temperament & structure. Six pups were born 5th February 2017. This means that neither dogs of Tamaskan Alley are Tamaskan Dogs, as both Puppies by Ratliff and Blustag of North Carolina breed mixed breeds that are falsely advertised as Tamaskan Dogs. Her test results for DM are "Clear" which means she does not carry the genes for this debilitating disease: N/N. Why has no one heard of this dog until she had a litter? A weblog was soon made called “The No Wolf Tamaskan Fable”. Freyja has passing hip scores from the British Veterinary Association (BVA).

However, RPK never did do any health testing and kept breeding the dogs on every heat, they would not adhere to the strict guidelines and health requirements and refused to work with the USTDC (at the time known as the National Tamaskan Club of America, NTCA). Darwin also has a normal CAER eye test  from April 2017. Then, there were odd things about certain litters that later came to light. com/groups/776692035768063.

How can you not trust someone that helped found the breed and claim to be experienced breeders? Blufawn is a Silver Award breeder with the TDR. facebook .

Today they still fraudulently claim that the TDR is theirs and sell their Tamaskan puppies as TDR registered dogs with fake TDR paperwork. This means that she must be bred to only "Clear" males: N/N so that pups she produces will all only be clear: N/N or carrier: N/n. However, those test results showed the dogs to have bad hips, yet they still breed from them anyways. Hawthorne Black Dragon's Cauldron - "Raven". Jennie Saxby then contacted police for “an update on the theft of her dog” who informed her that “as she drove the dog to someone's house to rehome the dog and that person who now owns the dog has not reported it stolen, then it is not a matter for the police.” Shortly afterward, an official investigation into Animal Neglect was started by the RSPCA and Jennie Saxby (Blufawn) was subsequently convicted (out of court) for animal neglect, for which she received a three year behavioral order. Blustag still kept having back-to-back litters (a female being bred on each heat), some of their Tamaskans were mated with their Malamutes and Huskies without permission, usually with the excuse of them being “accidental matings”. Blufawn had announced on the forum that they were resigning from the TDR.

You may notice back in their affiliated club website at the bottom, it mentions, "Beware of backyard or hobby breeders; especially those from Elizabeth City North Carolina." We had our first Tamaskan Dog litter in early 2019 and look forward to continuing to help the breed in the future. When the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) had discovered in late 2007 that RPK had obtained the dogs and that the 2 Tamaskan sisters, Tasha and Tundra, were pregnant, RPK claimed it was an accidental mating and that no health testing had yet been done, it was asked that RPK does health testing to ensure healthy puppies and to be able to register the puppies with the TDR. Since then, RPK's breeding stock expanded with 4 unknown mixed breed dogs, and some of the offspring of the original 3. Darwin and Calista produced 6 lovely pups which were evaluated by Pat Hastings!

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