the touryst guide

Talk to the soccer fan and complete the mini-game scoring 15 goals in less than one minute.

There are other opportunities throughout the game, but this is the earliest. Jump down and continue North to a second monolith. Finish the test before the time runs out to complete the To-Do task. All you need to do is complete all 9 levels of the mine. Collect the gold coins for it to spawn, then you need to cover the beams of light with the platforms. Speak to him a second time to show him the picture of the art gallery. . You may need to rotate your camera to see the fourth platform against the 'fourth wall' you're looking through. - Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A Security Man at the base of the pyramid on Soggy Island.

Get back into the canoe and head towards the monument. He'll ask you to bring him some new music - we'll come back to this later. Jump back the way you came to the middle and collect the monument core from the hand once it's opened. Then, you will be given access to the diamond mine. Climb to the top of the monument and complete the stone puzzle, using the pattern from the far island. You can now head outside, climb to the top of the monument and drop into the hole at the top to collect the coins.

Travel back to Hawayy, put on the white tank top from the shirt shop, and travel to Leysure Island. - Offline: 10 [1000] When you can see the monument in the distance, jump to take control of your character and take a photo of the LYFTA monument. Place the cores from Ybiza, Hawayy, Fijy and Touryst Island to the Old Tourist in the Touryst Island monument. Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake code listed above.If you know other secrets, hints, glitches or level guides, then please Submit your Stuff and share your insights with other players. You can complete the game and then back track from your last save to finish up any part of the To-Do list. Head through the door in front of you to the boss room. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission.

Head slightly further West and pull the second melon from the grass - take it back to the smoothie bar to complete that task and obtain a smoothie. In the next room the orbs rotate horizontally. Drop down to the lowest orb, allow it to rotate, then jump up onto the platform next to the door. Jan 24, 2020. 2.

Try to jump on each orb only once, then allow the hand to open and quickly make your way to it, jumping only once on each orb and off again quickly before it explodes. If you miss one of the gates, pause and quit then retry - you won't have enough time to turn around and go back for the gate. Don't let the platforms land on you if you fall off, or the boss zap you too often, or falling debris hit you, as you'll need to restart the fight if they do. He'll ask for three coconuts. He'll give you a To-Do task to bring him photographs for his postcards. Your double jump and sprint-jump will come in handy here for getting to trickier locations.

Walk around the discolored sand to reveal some coins. Step onto the platform and run and jump in the direction it moved from. Go into the records shop (on the right-hand side of the travel shop in the center of the Island). This should minimise missing your landing spot and falling. Repeat on the other three red lights so they are all blue at the same time. You are the Touryst, who has gone on a wonderful vacation only to stumble upon a mysterious old tourist and some even more mysterious monuments that are all more than what they seem. Once it's stomped on all four blocks, the boss will explode, and you'll be able to leave through the door. Throughout the game you can find more coins this way, but it shouldn't be necessary, as we'll be going to the mines as early as possible and selling diamonds for lots of coins.

It will act as a platform enabling you to get out of the water and activate the door.

Head into the travel shop and buy the travel guide for Fijy and Hawayy. Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake code listed above. Hand in your photo to Axl and the last core to the Old Tourist. This can be a little tricky, and if it stomps on the block whilst you're holding it, you'll have to restart this part of the challenge. These indicate how many stones are required to be placed in each of the four center squares. He's in an ice cream truck halfway between the shirt store and surfers, with the monument behind him.

Learn the rhythm and you should not find it too difficult. Behind the first house, in the sea, is a message in a bottle to collect. You can now get to the coin on the rock to the right of Axl's Shop. The next room requires you to simply grab the stone block and throw it at the door. Jump up to the platform, pick up the light, and point it at the red square on the wall to turn it blue. Now you need to navigate your way down the mine to the bottom floor whilst collecting diamonds along the way.

- Extra equipment needed: No

The door with the diamond above it is now open, so go through and talk to the man behind the desk to put on a miner's outfit. The Touryst is a really fun, but short experience. Depress buttons 1, 4, 5, 7 and 8.

Travel to Leysure Island and take a photo of the art gallery. When you start the game, you will arrive on 'Touryst Island'.Go inside the first house on the left and loot the chest of drawers for one coin. To earn the achievement, you must complete the minigame without any mistakes. The answers to his questions are "None of them", "365", then "20".

Go back to the boat and talk to the captain. While winning the surf competition is a task on the To-Do list, you’ll want to get good at surfing and complete a 540 degree turn (“540 Degrees”). Travel to Ybzia and go to the far East side of the map. Jump again to where they will move to, to land on them. Then double jump back to where you started and onto the next orb in front of you. Walk forward to trigger dialogue with the Old Tourist. Get them into position and jump up and over the obstacles to the other side. You then need to walk back over only the tiles that vibrated, and the monument will open. You can see some platforms under the water. Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake code listed above. Speak to the Curator and you will give him the parcel you found in the crashed mail plane. Head through the door and jump on the monolith to be teleported back to the beginning. You may need to jump-throw it to get it far enough, but if it falls short you can jump into the water and push it towards the door. Pay five coins to take a trip with him to the dive spot. Report Problem. Listen for a sound queue or vibration in your controller and make a mental note of the 'number' of the tile (if the first is 1, second is 2, etc.) Head West, past the Smoothie bar. Talk to the lead dancer and he will mention that they need another drummer. This boss can prove a little challenging. After placing the core on the stand, pull the four plugs from the center of the room, grab one and plug it into a core. The Touryst - Part 5 (Playthrough) - YouTube. The captain of your boat you use to travel between islands.

Keep your headlight on.

Stuck in this game? Head East and into the mine. You should see the bottle by the other mountain a short swim in front of you. In the sea in front of the DJ booth (looking South) and to the left is another message in a bottle.

This is required to progress the main story. If you are interested in helping to create one, please post in this thread or fill out this application. Move to the edge of the platform to move it in that direction - you need to place it over a blue beam and repeat this with the other two platforms. The next room is a combination of the previous two. Grab them and take them one by one to the smoothie bar. Introduction:

He'll sell you some shorts for 10 coins.

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