wendigo psychosis cases

Wendigo psychosis is a fascinating condition with a storied history.

Narcissism, hermaphroditism, and Proteus syndrome all come from ancient mythology. For the most part, wendigos only seem to strike when there is only one person nearby. It’s said that whenever a wendigo eats, it grows so that its body matches what it ate. As it was the turn of the century, tribal traditions were beginning to go by the wayside, and when the Canadian government got wind of a mystical cannibal fighter, they didn't much cotton to the idea of spiritual medicine by way of execution. They also have a certain level of general malice towards anything human or beneficial to humankind.

Jack and his brother were arrested for murder.

An evil spirit with too-tight skin and terrifying antlers, the wendigo enjoyed dining on human flesh.

Wherever you go, the creature will follow, raking at you with grasping claws, tirelessly pursuing the despairing hope that you will be the meal that finally gives it satisfaction. There's the Hook Handed Man, an American classic. A skull with a shoe jammed inside.

Reportedly, they had been overcome with a mysterious psychosis, which they described in detail: "(They become) so ravenous for human flesh that they pounce upon women, children, and even upon men, like veritable werewolves, and devour them voraciously, without being able to appease or glut their appetite — ever seeking fresh prey, and the more greedily the more they eat. Get the latest info & news from the Paranormal Authority crew.

Wendigos are said to be cursed for their actions, often by shamans of the village, after their actions are discovered. One man had a bout of wendigo psychosis while he was traveling on a bus in 2008.

Humans are, and there’s good reason for this. A wendigo’s hunger is only matched by its hunting skill, which is legendary. Through their friendship with a local alcoholic and a series of merry mix-ups, they discover that they're living within spitting distance of a Micmac burial ground, abandoned by the natives because "the ground was sour." The best way to win a fight with a Wendigo, though, is to avoid a Wendigo altogether. In a particularly jarring description from Ojibwe scholar Basil Johnston, its lips were described as "tattered" and it was said that it smelled like "death and corruption.". During the winter, he hadn’t been able to find any food. No word on when he'll be getting his own movie, or how the MCU would square having a flesh-eating death demon in the same cinematic universe as, say, Baby Groot, but they've made weirder things work. The folks at mythology.net add a few steps like dismembering and cremating the body and scattering its ashes in several directions. When Swift Runner went to trial in 1879, the jury didn’t buy his supernatural tale, and after 20 minutes of deliberation, they sentenced the Cree to death. This spirit had the power to possess people and cause people to do acts that involved unspeakable levels of greed, lust, and hunger. Jack claimed to have stopped as many as 14 Wendigos in his life. It manifests through compulsive, strong attacks of cannibalistic behaviors.

They have extreme speed, strength, and endurance. A wendigo, initially, was considered an evil spirit that appeared like a mix between a human and an animal. According to folklore, wendigos are people who committed acts of cannibalism during famines.

Anything and everything.

Wendigo psychosis is a mental illness that is associated with wendigo possession, and there have been multiple cases reported in the Ontario area.

If they go too long without killing someone, they die. They investigated his campsite and discovered grisly remains: bones picked clean of meat, some with the marrow hollowed out.

Why hadn’t he succumbed to starvation? And what list of human/monster amalgams that will devour you in your sleep would be complete without fan favorite Baba Yaga, the occasionally friendly Slavic forest witch who lives in a chicken-legged hut and probably thinks you're delectable. It was said that this spirit could possess a person who was overcome with selfishness or greed, leading them to acts of cannibalism.

The only real way to escape a wendigo is to see it before it sees you and to run as soon as you see it. The moment a human turns to cannibalism to survive, they seal their fate as a wendigo.

People who are at the highest risk of possession are people who are unusually greedy, gluttonous, or envious of their neighbors.

In the northern wilderness, when you're all alone and miles from civilization, it can probably seem like this supernatural night terror could be anywhere. The first possibility is that it's a physical being; a hideous monster that stalks the northern woods, desperate to sate its unfathomable hunger. People around the world have told stories of terrifying monsters in the woods, and among Native American tribes, those tales are taken as facts. Among the dozens of tribes included in the blanket definition are the Cree, Ojibwe, and Innu. When people felt the curse of the Wendigo beginning to overpower them, they would send for the holy man to end their misery before they could do any real damage, safe being better than sorry. The chief weakness of a Wendigo, traditionally, is its heart. But as you might expect, that didn’t really fly with authorities. Some claim escape is impossible once a wendigo spots you. You know, because that narrative wasn't creepy enough. It’s important to remember the overall theme of wendigos. Stories about the Wendigo have been told for centuries, echoing fears of humanity's darkest potential.

Wendigos do anything that tends to embody wanton hunger, violence, and greed. Convinced he’d killed his family, the priests went to the authorities. Wendigos are often described as tall, emaciated beings that have greyish skin, long claws, and black eyes. Recently, some witnesses claim that wendigos also have features similar to animals–most often deer or wolves. So to sum up, the good news is that the Wendigo probably isn't real. Wendigo psychosis is a mental illness that is associated with wendigo possession, and there have been multiple cases reported in the Ontario area. It’s generally accepted that being targeted by a wendigo is a death sentence.

Before his death, the big man converted to Catholicism, and moments before the trap door dropped, he gave a speech admitting his guilt. It’s a syndrome characterized by temporary insanity that leads people to commit acts of murder, cannibalism, and environmental destruction.

They are relentless in their pursuit of food and unaffected by the punishing elements. Many of the Athabaskan tribes indigenous to Alaska, British Columbia, and the Pacific Northwest told stories about the Wechuge, another man-eater, said to be the result of a person being overpowered by old, powerful spirit animals.

Someone had snapped them open and sucked out the marrow.

Though there have been sightings of wendigos during the summer, this is actually a season when they seem to be more scarce. We get the word "phobia" from Phobos, the Greek personification of fear. Legend suggests that a wendigo that possesses someone will eventually turn that person into a wendigo as well. Believe it or not, Native American legends claim that wendigos were once human–just like you or me. That being said, there have been survivors. In fact, some of the most famous cases of Wendigo psychosis seem to have sprung up for no reason at all. Most recently, they appeared in Fallout 76 as the hideous result of radiation-based mutation, featuring otherworldly, stretched-out bodies, acid-laced teeth, and potbellies waiting to be filled with delicious wasteland wanderer giblets.

All Rights Reserved. Though wendigos can eat other animals, other animals are not their primary focus. They are also fond of driving people to wantonly destroy local environments as a way to encourage famine among humanity. In the same way that concerns about the destructive potential of nuclear technology brought Godzilla to the modern world, a very real fear of desperation may have led to the proliferation of stories about the Wendigo.

That’s when he’d murdered and eaten his entire family. This includes an EMF meter to help you, I get it, you want to be a ghost hunter.

The priests were also disturbed by Swift Runner’s constant nightmares. Since their most active times are during the winter and fall seasons, it’s can be assumed that they hibernate during the summer months if food supplies are low. On their home turf, the unforgiving cold in the forests of the North, you're pretty much out of luck. Stories tell us that a Wendigo is almost impossible to escape. Watching shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures has prepared, Best EMF Meters and Detectors for Ghost Hunting – 2020, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8b7lYRVTYY. The full truth will probably never be known, and the world's most famous Wendigo was executed in late 1879 in Alberta's first government-sanctioned hanging. What sorts of unspeakably haunting ways are we talking about? Different groups had different variations on the mythos, but one thing always stayed the same: the all-consuming hunger that drove it to take the lives of the unwary. The odds are pretty good that at some point in your life, you've been gathered around a campfire with friends trading stories about all the specters and monstrosities that could lurk out of the woods and consume your supple young flesh bits.

Though their legend has changed over the years, many of their main characteristics are fairly steady–and sightings of them continue to roll in despite the legend’s obscurity.

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