what to do with yorkie while at work

Even puppies from the same litter. I would also take away the puppy pads as this is allowing him to go in the house, and at that age he should be able to go 5 hours without the loo, but obviously needs to learn this gradually. It will allow you to communicate and soothe your four-legged companion with your voice. But when you do leave your yorkie alone, do make sure that you clear the area of anything that you wouldn’t want your pup to get into and close doors to rooms that you don’t want him exploring! They are very affectionate and rely on you, so leaving them alone for many hours is stressful and can lead to an anxiety disorder. Would this be an okay arrangement to leave her in for 4 hours tops? I want a walking companion in the mornings and we plan to camp and backpack with him. This will help ensure that your dog learns the command quickly. They are social creatures just like humans and do not appreciate being left alone for extended periods.

So raising a puppy when you work full time won’t be the same for everyone.

I know you worry about your dog while at work, and the guilt about leaving it alone is eating away at you. It sounds mean, but it’s one of the techniques that work … He lives in a good size trailer. Hi there, me and my family (mum and dad) have recently bought a Lhas Apso puppy, she’s almost 9 weeks and luckily I’ve been out of work for a week so I’ve been able to keep an eye on her and get her comfortable but I go back to work next Monday and she doesn’t like to be left alone for any period of time (because she’s been so used to me always being here). In this week, I have had to leave my puppy in a crate but he is left with plenty of toys and chews and a Kong with frozen food and he seems to be fine with it. I’m sick of reading articles about people who work full time cannot have a dog and this is one of the reasons why so many people give their dogs up when in actual fact with a bit of training and patience dogs can be left alone during the working day. The longest period he will be left on his own is 4 hours during the day, neither of us are able to take any holidays at the moment however we both work only 10 minutes from home. She also had separation anxiety pretty badly but now she's 10 months old and she's doing well. Did you take time off work when you first got your puppy? If you enjoyed this article, why not sign up for our newsletter? I was worried about how it would work with us working full time but so far so good!

I like to drop a couple dollops of peanut butter into the broth too. I thought it would be okay as I know of a few other dog owners that do this but now after reading this I’m not sure! Looking to see if this sounds reasonable to you all. During the day my boyfriend will go home at 11:00 to let him out and play and I will go home at 1:30 to do the same. Over time, your dog will begin to associate this calm behavior with treats—giving you leverage to calm them down in the future. However, if it is still sleeping after you are back, this could be due to depression.

Thank you for the tip to arrange for someone to visit your dog when you’re working full-time.

I also put his bed and all his toys with him and leave the TV on I knew he wouldn’t get into to much trouble if I corralled him while I was gone. These are available to purchase online and in every pet store. Or problems with him chewing stuff, and with barking or howling while they are gone. I have tried turning my back when she does this and not giving her attention but she will keep jumping up to try and bite. Keep it busy with interactive and food-dispensing toys. It is possible to work full-time and be a responsible dog owner, however, it does require great deal of organisation and is quite costly so should never be entered into lightly. I plan to make sure the pup gets time to eat, potty and play extensively in the mornings before we go. And, of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not gone for too long. ), I got her when she was 4.5 months and unfortunately she already had seperation anxiety and I work full time. According to some dog psychology specialists, it might provide your dog a certain sense of security and safety. And a puppy or dog whose bladder is constantly being overfilled is likely to be more prone to bladder infections etc. People often say “I only work four hours” but in reality, the dog is left a good deal longer than that because of the travel time involved. This article does a great job of explaining the importance of proper early stage training and interaction with puppies. Play fetch in the lawn to get rid of its pent-up energy from staying indoors all day. Like most dogs Lochie responds very well to routine and because this has been introduced to him at such a young age he seems content and happy with our setup. Thus, keep following the above suggestions. I consider us lucky to have a puppy as obiedient as he is at 7.5 weeks. Could anyone give me any advice on what I could do to get her more settled? Combining work and dog ownership can be done, with thought, effort and often not inconsiderable expense.

I’m thinking of getting a puppy in about a year. Because Yorkies can have weak joints, jumping from high places can cause undue stress.

I am a heating engineer travelling by van between customers, so a similar situation to yourself, we are picking up our puppy in 3 weeks so any advice from your experience is welcome. Remember that your Yorkie is a hyper dog. Can Dogs Eat Potatoes Cooked, Raw, Or Mashed? Maybe take her along to puppy school. I have always worked full time and for the first 18 months my partner at the time worked nights so it worked out well and unless we went out at the weekend she was rarely left for more than 4 hours a day. Or, the scariest thought, what your dog is chewing up! It is important to watch your dog at first when they are interacting with any toys and treats to ensure safety. Easier for me to take them both out at once and thy usually both always go when I do. I have a yorkie and a yorkipoo and both stay in the crate during the day while we're working and at night while we're sleeping. We noticed when we picked him out he was considerably quieter than the other pups, and also more prone to running off to play and explore on his own. SEOgine, LLC is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Again at Lunch when we came home. I will either come home at lunch time or my mum will visit. Vocal and Talkative. However, Yorkies are hairy and small, so any weight change will be hard to see. We will not be able to make it home during the day, but we have an older dog at home, so the puppy isn’t totally alone. I have a bit more flexibility with my hours, so my plan is to take earlier lunch breaks when required (10:30am – 11am) if we find he is being destructive or seems stressed or unhappy with the schedule. Yes, this means giving them all those kisses and cuddles that they’ve been craving. my mum works and i am at school between 8am til 6pm. They have caught on pretty fast and I never let them play or distract each other during potty time. If you notice these significant changes in its diet, your Yorkshire Terrier is going through difficult times. What is the longest you have had to leave yours in their cage and how did they do? I work full-time and will be getting my puppy shortly.

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