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Company Website Wind Gate Wellness. Depending on the main symptoms a person is feeling (body ache, headache, fevers, runny nose, etc) there are different approaches to take to help you get better.

One should dress sensibly, wearing warm scarves to cover these three “wind points” on the neck as well as cover the Tai Yang part of the body – the back. Today, the “insects” that are born in the wind are pathogenic “bugs” (bacteria and viruses) that make us sick. Like currents in the air, acupuncture meridians—as postulated by traditional Chinese medicine—are invisible paths of action in the body. Valid only for option purchased.

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Hopefully, other natural ways to live are also part of that approach, such as eating organically, moving the body more with gentle exercise (like qi gong or yoga), eating less processed foods in general, and enjoying more quality time with friends and family. Here we are in Buffalo, and it’s hard to imagine at times a more windy place. Because the body pores are open during sweating, one thing you’ll want to be very cautious of it going outside where more wind and cold can sneak into the already open and weakened body. © 2020 Southtowns Acupuncture - Hamburg, NY. Great experience! Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Office Hours. If appropriate, we may suggest an herbal formula too. Grow Your Business by Working with Groupon, $33 for one acupuncture session with initial consultation ($125 value), $75 for three acupuncture sessions with initial consultation ($275 value).

If we break down the ancient character for wind, we see that it is the origin (fan) of insects (chong).

Natural Medicine, Acupuncture.

Beyond acupuncture, facial rejuvenation and hypnosis services, our goal is to encourage you to reassess and transform your own view of health into positive actions for your mind, body and spirit. All patients will have their temperature taken and be asked to complete a questionnaire upon arrival. Wind is something to be avoided. Today I wanted to talk briefly about the element of Wind. Each meridian corresponds to a specific organ, element, and set of emotions. Appointment required. Through personalized treatment plans and education, we empower you to take charge of your own health and awaken your highest potential. “Wind Mansion” pressure point or GV16 (governing vessel 16) Here’s the last of the acupressure points on your head for today. © 2020 Wind Gate Wellness LLC - Designed & Powered by, Learn more about our promotions and seasonal wellness tips. May be repurchased every 180 days.

... Wind Gate Wellness. When chi becomes unbalanced or blocked, health and wellness problems arise, such as digestive trouble or a bicep that looks like a creepy face when you flex. It would also be a smart time to avoid drinking iced beverages. The beauty of acupuncture is the infinite combination of points to achieve harmony, balance, and health. In the winter, our family only drinks warm beverages. You are much more than your symptoms. All goods or services must be used by the same person. For instance, the lung meridian flows through the arm and is associated with yin and metal; should its flow of energy be disturbed, feelings of grief and sadness may manifest. That is pretty easy to understand. In the neck area that are three important points all with the name of “wind” in them. You want to release the pathogen, and usually that is done through sweating. Learn more about our promotions and seasonal wellness tips.

In the system of acupuncture, the points traditionally had ancient names, which evoked something of the sense of the function of that point. The winds are constantly buffeting our little house and sometimes I feel that the big bad wolf is outside our door trying to get in.

Promotional value expires 120 days after purchase. By subscribing I agree to the Terms of Use and have read the Privacy Statement. In the system of acupuncture, the points traditionally had ancient names, which evoked something of the sense of the function of that point. Acupuncture theory holds that a person’s life force, or chi, flows along specific channels from organ to organ. If you must go outside while sick, dress very warmly and cover especially well the wind points along the neck and back.

In the “Ling Shu” (the Spiritual Pivot, a famous classic Chinese medical text), is the quote “the sages avoided the winds like avoiding arrows and stones”. It is the more superficial part of the body, the first layer like the surface of an onion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share 3 or more photos, Earned when a user has gotten 2 or more helpful votes.

For example, meridians tend to fall along planes between muscles, or between a muscle and bone or tendon—areas usually rich with connective tissue. It’s natural to seek balance, especially in today’s world of excess stress and over- stimulation, but even trying to create a new routine to feel happier, peaceful and content can seem overwhelming. First. We have heated tables, a TDP heat lamp for the feet, belly, or painful areas of your body, and we often do moxa, a needle heating technique. Amount paid never expires. Merchant's standard cancellation policy applies (any fees not to exceed voucher price).

Perhaps to the ancients the insects seemed to “blow in” (fly) along the wind. Because of this, it’s the first to be affected negatively by pathogens that sneak in. © 2020 Groupon, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Another thing about Chinese Medicine which is interesting is that it is naturalistic. The morale of the story is to appreciate the long history of wind’s negative influence on the body, especially in the winter. By that, the body is closely related to nature. All reviews are from people who have redeemed deals with this merchant. It also has a magical-sounding name, and is in a very specific area: the back of your neck. With so many complexities to keep in mind, it’s easy to understand why acupuncturists must undertake thousands of hours of coursework to become licensed. Traditional Chinese Medicine is natural. For each condition an acupuncturist seeks to assuage, a timetable dictates when each meridian is most active and therefore easiest to treat. Wind may blow the turbines and bring a kind of cleaner energy to our region, but it is something that our bodies cannot process easily.

Water is best served warm, like a moderate tea, in the cold weather. There are many simple, common-sense ideas like this that we will be sharing over the winter months in our blog, newsletter, and social media. When a person is sick, they should be very careful of this.

Healthy physiology, pathology, and nature are all interconnected and can be understood through the prism of yin-yang, the relative balance we all carry within ourselves and see in the natural world around us. These bands underlie some—though not all—primary meridians, suggesting that the energy known as chi may be related in some way to the energy that zips through our power lines and singing toothbrushes. In other words, an approach that is more “natural”. This is a very common combination of points, believed to redistribute energy and help recirculate stagnant flow.

Here is a favorite of mine: The 4 gates are comprise of two acupuncture points needled bilaterally: one on the hand and one on the foot.

The ideas are that these are places that the Wind can sneak in and pool, gather, reside, or be released. It’s the acupuncturist’s job to unblock chi by inserting thin needles into carefully chosen points along these pathways.

The idea is that insects are born in the wind.

At Wind Gate Wellness, we help take the anxiety out of that process by providing you with custom acupuncture, hypnosis and facial rejuvenation treatments to rediscover your true nature. So far, doctors and scientists have had little luck mapping meridians to visible anatomical structures, but some studies have uncovered overlap between ancient and modern medicine. In choosing which points to stimulate, your acupuncturist will be guided by a network of meridians running through the body.

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Urinary Bladder 12 | Feng Men | 風門: This acupuncture point, used in traditional Chinese medicine, is located 1.5 cun lateral to the GV Meridian, at the level of the lower border of the spinous process of the second thoracic vertebra..

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