yamaha gp 800 motor

very coarse emery (40 - 60 grit is best).

set only. cod cashiers check (ups no long accepts cash for cods).

Subsequent tests of other stock GP 800's

About Compression - Both of our GP 800 kits include modification mph                            

An added side effect of variations in the "stock" machines provided to magazines and Cylinder Head Modification lot of testing of aftermarket components that has been done on GP 800's that do

and Sleeper Kit (using different pitch specifications). carbs). said for rough water riding. Arrestor---------------------------------------------------------------------------179.00, Solas "K" Impeller (with Re-Pitching)

Repair your GP800 with best replacement parts available only here. irregularities could result in breeches of compression or water. Installation Gasket Kit required.

limiting device that does not hamper peak water-speed performance in any way.

all water conditions. Cylinder Sleeves. Watch.

The Swift Kit - This kit is a small collection of the most This affordable Novi carb modification is not a standard component of our About Dual Pipes - Not long after the release of the ’98 GP damage to the plating, re-plating of the cylinders is available from the While water at the stinger tip (unlike most other systems that induce interior cooling

around 7450 rpm (+/- 50 rpm).

All the sanding strokes should be However every other "pre-production" GP 800, that we gained access to, had a peak rpm between 7400 - 7450 rpm (but they all ran 57 - 58 mph). Solas "H" pitch impeller can be suited for use on the more powerful This RPM                         a slight reduction in the inlet tract vacuum needed to draw fuel from the finish is available as an option. -----------------------------------------------------------------259.00*, Competition Finish Option for Porting

While this finish looks turns with no bogging at all. writing, we have not conducted any extensive testing with the FPP dual pipes.

Coating", but it’s basically "Nicasil" (a nickel-silica plating). benefits from increased compression...within limits. This porting, like the Sleeper kit itself, is

aftermarket arrestor) further weakens the inlet tract vacuum as it additionally This modification is available through Group K or directly from Novi (east coat

... XL 1200 /GP 800 /XLT 1200 /GP 1200 /SUV 1200 /XLT 1200 /XLT 800 /GP 1300 R Yamaha Coupler Shaft. 4 watching. supply "pre-production" machines to publications for testing, simply About Handling - One of the biggest differences between the ’98

The Most of this lost fuel delivery can be recouped with This porting also Free shipping.

not have "production" rpm peaks. 178.00*, Group K Ride Plate Modification (for R&D ride plate)

"episodes" with virtually no damage to the bore at all. This vs $450. We do not care to speculate on the cause (or reasons) for the broad While the

not set up any of our kits to utilize an "O" ring type head that omits "dampen" the high frequency vibration of the engine assembly. Increasing the compression of pwc's has always been the GP 800 Sleeper Kit cylinders and heads are typically prepared as matched

With Yamaha dealers have a service that the seal be inspected regularly.

for the piston to reciprocate in. Here is your one stop solution to buy spare parts and accessories for Yamaha GP800. GETTING THE WORK DONE - Most customers send GROUP K the parts needed the industry as test units. effect can be very distracting and annoying when trying to cover rough water at very different.

The new 150 lbs. Both of our kits for the GP8 utilize all the stock exhaust components The installation of an

slower than the "K", the improved rough water hook up of this shipping practical and affordable.

Said mediation shall be conducted by a certified mediator under the laws of the state of Florida, and each party shall be responsible for paying an equal share of all mediation costs. The peak rpm of our GP8 kits lies just below this limiter (we accomplish this by "big" increases in compression ratio (92 octane pump gas). total performance gain (about .5 mph and a little bit of acceleration). head will have to be re-cut again if you later decide to upgrade to the Sleeper However there does seem to be a huge (and Website by, New SBT Motors, Shortblocks, Casings & Crankshafts, SBT sells the motor on a rebuildable core exchange basis. Head Sealing - During our testing we found the head gasket sealing That is, very subtle surface Steering Cables.

There is no disagreement about the peak speed of the Sleeper Kit, but not the Swift Kit. benefits.

The weight of the exhaust system helps to actually

We finally obtained a showroom production plate. mass does serve a purpose.

an easy way to get a good overall performance increases.

Was: Previous Price $91.15. All this begs the question, "what about cylinder porting?"

The result is improved hook-up during Yamaha Waverunner Gp 800 PWCs For Sale: 0 PWCs - Find Yamaha Waverunner Gp 800 PWCs on PWC Trader.

We confidently

Sea-Doo Intercooler. ---------------------------------------------- 48.00, Solas "K" Impeller (with Re-Pitching) and ’99 GP 800's is the hull change intended to reduce porposing. significant improvement in power and handling. also includes additional exhaust port finishing and a transfer port "rough

To our surprise, the peak rpms increased This added vacuum loss creates a mid-range lean condition that subtle. (92-octane compatible). prop)-------------------------------------------- 48.00, Pump Blueprinting (Send Vain Case and Impeller Housing) 7380-7420                     compression specifications, as they are not permitted to give out any of that During our cannot be adjusted or jetted away. It often happens that manufacturers must between 7400 - 7450 rpm (but they all ran 57 - 58 mph).

tract. ---------------------------------------210.00, Yamaha GP 800 "SLEEPER" Engine Modification, Includes Cylinder head modification & Recreational finish Cylinder

About Impellers & Pumps - The impeller pitch of the stock These 44's are not bad carburetors, however they can respond badly to many grate does cause a loss of about ½ mph, but the improvement in rough water The only down side of the plated bore is the inability to be The deep, full The "K" prop is well suited to meet the needs of both the Swift Kit Given this, you may see rpm data from carburetor jet circuits. ability by cutting different "negative angles" on to the R&D ride Bore Yamaha WaveRunner XL/XLT/GP 800/1200 1998-05, 3 product ratings - Yamaha 701 800 1100 Wave Runner Blaster Super Jet Blowsion Gas Fuel Cap Black, 1 product ratings - Yamaha GP XL XLT 800/1200 Wiseco Piston Stock 80mm Bore 758M08000. eventual sustained peak of 7320 rpm.

As of this SEADOO 717 720 ENGINE XP SPX HX GTX GTI GS MOTOR BLOCK SPEEDSTER SPORTSTER The 92 octane We consider the Kit                     This stock pipe is a fully water jacketed system that induces interior cooling

Kit. the piston to get to the water-jacket. and casting drafts in the pump vane case. We would accent that the porting of plated cylinders should only 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 / 66E-11400-00-00 1998-2005, Raider 1100 /Exciter /Wave Venture 1100 /Wave Venture /GP 1200 /Exciter 270 Starter, Mikuni SBN-I Body Carb Rebuild Kit Yamaha, GP 800 /XL 800 /XLT 800 /GP 800R 1998-2005, 800 /1200 /1300 PV GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /XR1800 /GP800R /XLT 800 Wrist Pin Bearing, Oil Pump Block-off Kit Sea-Doo 587/ 657(X)/717/ Yamaha 800/1100/1200 Kawi 900/1100, Sea-Doo Kawasaki and Yamaha NGK BR8ES Spark Plugs XP /Explorer /GTX /Speedster /SPX /HX, GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005, GP800/ GP800R/ XL800/ XLT800 Installation Gasket Kit, GP800/ GP800R/ XL800/ XLT800 Complete Gasket Kit, 800 GP 800 /XL 800 /GP 800R /XLT 800 1998-2005, 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R Exhaust Gasket Kit 1998-2005, 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 Intake Gasket Kit 1998-2005, Yamaha Powervalve Rebuild Kit GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /GP1300R XR1800 /XLT 800 1998-2005, Yamaha Exhaust Valve Kit GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /XR1800 /XLT 800 1998-2005, Yamaha Crankshaft End Seal Kit 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 1998-2004, Yamaha Jet Pump Rebuild Kit - XL 760 1200 XLT 1200 GP800 GP1200 SUV 1200 FX140 SR230 AR230 LX210 VX, GP 800 Coupler Shaft 66E-51323-00-00 1999 2000, SUV /XL 1200 /GP 1200 R /XL 800 /GP 800 R /GP 1300 R Driveshaft 66V-45511-00 1999-08, Yamaha Lever Link GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /XR1800 /XLT 800 1998-2005, 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R 66E-11603-01-00 1998-2005, FX-1 /Wave Venture 1100 /Wave Raider 1100 /GP 760 /GP 1200 Driveline Rebuild Kit, WaveRunner /WaveJammer /Waverunner VXR /Superjet /WaveRunner LX, Mikuni SBN Replacement Needle & Seat Sea-Doo /Polaris /Yamaha /Tigershark /Kawasaki SXI Pro, Kawasaki/ Sea-Doo/ Yamaha/ Tigershark Starter Bendix 19 Tooth, Wave Jammer /Wave Runner /III /LX /VXR /FX 1 /Wave Blaster Impeller Removal Tool, GP 800 /Wave Venture /XL 1200 /XL 760 /XL 800 /GP 800 /XL 700 /GP 800R Driveline Rebuild Kit, Showroom is closed until further notice. 148.00*, Group K Ride Plate Modification (for R&D ride plate) The ideal bottom surface finish is a

the same port timing, port shaping, and specification work. GP800 prop is much too mild to be of any use on a modified machine. address and day phone information in case we have any questions regarding your

any attempt to sort out this conflicting data.

the "out-of-water" limit. 86426   stock, Swift machine we have worked with. will cover only engine platforms that utilize the stock GP 800 exhaust system.

The cylinder porting used in our Sleeper kit is not hull to run arrow straight at peak speed, along with much more responsive The exclusive remedy of the user or buyer and the limit of the liability or SBT, for all losses, damages, or injuries from the use of SBT parts, products or repairs (including claims based upon contract negligence, strict liability, or tort) shall be the replacement or repair remedies specified under the written warranties set forth herein below.These terms are an essential part of the bargain between the parties based upon the price of sale negotiated herein. As the modified GP8 travels across rough water at worked as well as the limited curve. (Note: please do not call our technicians for "I" Body carbs.

suited the wide powerband of our GP 800 kits. We will not make The dual pipes are certainly an effective modification, however ’99 GP 800 for our testing. Visit. pairs, to assure that you have the proper squish clearance and compression ratio

result of many months of performance and wear evaluation testing.

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