000 buckshot wound

Always remember that you must aim a shotgun, because it’s possible to miss the target entirely. About Again, it’s a matter of finding a load that is both reliable in your gun and throws tight patterns to reduce the risk of collateral damage. At farther distances, individual pellet holes appear around the circular defect. figure 8.18 Scene close-up revealing powder on the shirt and abundant blood. Some ammunition have plastic shot containers that hold the pellets and also act as the wad. 4 (0.240-inch) to 0000 (0.380-inch)—a single, well-aimed payload of buckshot provides a hunter the opportunity of inflicting tremendous damage to vital organs and structures for rapid expiration. In addition, their data on buckshot penetration tends to support the conclusion of forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio. 2 Trackbacks & Pingbacks About

As the range increases beyond 4 ft, the pellets start to spread and the hole takes on a circular appearance. A well-placed load of buckshot is one of the surest ways to stop a close-range deadly assault. The major factor in the production of a square hole is the distance from muzzle to screen. The assailant said he shot at this man from about 10' away as the decedent was rising out of his sofa and coming after him with a knife. figure 8.3 Loose contact shotgun wound and a larger, more ragged exit wound. Available in multiple diameters—typically ranging from No. Patterns in inches using Remington 870 Express Tactical with a modified choke. See next photo. The Hottest Gun of 2020: The Kimber Rapide Black Ice. See next photo. Since shotguns have no lands-and-grooves, their projectiles cannot be positively matched to those found at the scene or inside a body. These markings allow examiners to test-fire weapons and compare test-fired bullets to those discovered in bodies. That’s because my personal experience and work in law enforcement have shown that 12-gauge guns usually shoot tighter patterns with a modified choke. In the wide-open spaces of the Old West, the double-barrel 10-gauge coach gun may have made a lot of sense, but in today’s urban and rural areas, most people are best served by a 12 gauge firing 2¾-inch ammunition. The single large entrance was surrounded by a number of irregular abrasions in addition to some powder tattooing (Figure 8.38). This one is approximately the same size as the external wound. The edges of the wound will be seared and abraded. | If I were to switch to a .410, I’d try the Federal Handgun, Hornady Critical Defense, Remington Ultimate Defense and Winchester 000 loads to see which one recoiled the least and patterned best in my gun. The other loads shot patterns that were wider at 15 yards than at 7 yards, and the Remington #4 load increased the most in area.

That’s especially true of the 3-inch, 20-gauge Federal Vital-Shok and Personal Defense loads. | In the end, the right choice is one that’s well reasoned and made with the understanding that the defensive role of buckshot is primarily personal and home defense at distances that rarely exceed 15 yards. figure 8.5 This loose contact suicide wound to the neck is larger than expected because the neck was bent over the barrel. The mechanical action of the skin rubbing against the muzzle causes the abrasion of the skin. Less recoil allows me to make faster follow-up shots—if any are necessary. At close range, when there is still one large perforation, the wad usually follows the buckshot into the body. No, but in the book Stopping Power: A Practical Analysis of the Latest Handgun Ammunition, Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow found that 00 buckshot stopped gunfights at least 90 percent of the time when at least six pellets struck the torso. figure 8.38 A close-up of the hole in the heart. | I fired one shot with each load at the head of a full-sized silhouette target 7 yards away, and one at the center of the target’s chest at 15 yards. On the other hand, every gun patterns differently, so I took my 12-gauge Remington 870 Express Tactical to the range to fire four loads to provide examples of how one gun can shoot very different patterns with different loads. Smaller-sized buckshot was a little less effective, but not by much. It patterned very tightly with Federal’s 000 buckshot Handgun ammo, and was an impressive close-range self-defense gun. figure 8.16 This is another defect in a chest wall. When selecting buckshot for personal defense, shooters must reconcile their recoil tolerance and the risk of collateral damage where they live with a specific load’s reliability and patterning in their gun. Advertise

Hornady’s eight-pellet Critical Defense 00 load delivers 1,872 fpe, which is about twice as much as a .44 Magnum round. Examination of the square hole shows that the individual wires of the screen are broken and bent outward by the pellets. If the weapon is held in loose contact with the skin, there will be deposition of soot surrounding the entrance. Grab your copy at OutdoorGroupStore.com. Shop This wad does not fragment on firing and is recoverable intact at the scene or from the body (Figure 8.36). However, it is still important to test-fire the same gun and ammunition that was used in the shooting to determine an accurate comparison with the distance in question. A perfect square is not produced all the time, as one side can have a rounded appearance. Each load kept all of its pellets in the head at 7 yards, although the Super-X hunting load clearly shot the largest pattern. See the included table for more results. Lands-and-grooves cause specific identifying features (rifling) on projectiles as they pass along the barrel. As the range increases, the diameter of the entrance will increase gradually. The 00 magnums may be good for shooting running deer, where a wider pattern and more pellets make good sense, but for personal defense, my preference is to stay with the eight- and nine-pellet 00 loads that use plated and/or hardened shot, since they tend to pattern best. Does it always work? See next photo. When the strands are bent back into place, a circular hole is formed. The cork wad overlay the powder. At ranges from contact to 4 ft, discharge of a shotgun through a window screen will result in production of a square hole in the screen. independent of the gauge, choke, barrel length, type of wad, and shot size. See next photo. The only buckshot load available in 16 gauge is a Federal Power-Shok loaded with 12 pellets of #1 buckshot, so there isn’t much of a choice. Why? At 15 yards, the area of the pattern of the Federal load remained essentially the same as it was at 7 yards. Figure 8.38 Intermediate-range shotgun wound of chest showing powder tattooing and large irregular areas of abrasion. On some occasions, usually in contact or close-up buckshot wounds, the pellets may exit. Contact The range (distance) of fire can usually be more easily determined in shotguns than in handguns or rifles. At 4 ft, there will be separation of buckshot pellets from the main mass so that there will be a large gaping wound with a few satellite holes. Privacy Policy A shotgun cartridge contains pellets, gunpowder, and a wad that separates the pellets from the gunpowder. Figure 8.36 Shotgun wound of neck with a plastic over-the-shot wad from a Federal buckshot shell embedded in the entrance.

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