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Insurgency soldiers when they appeared in SCP - Containment Breach. Performances of the play are associated with sudden psychotic and suicidal behavior among both observers and participants, as well as the manifestation of a mysterious figure, classified as SCP-701-1. SCP-2845 • Bobble the Clown •

Historical estimates place the number of lives claimed by the play at between █████ and █████ over the past three hundred years. The Chaos Insurgency is opposite to the Foundation who contained their SCPs and put most of them under strict surveillance. Description: SCP-701, The Hanged King's Tragedy, is a Caroline-era revenge tragedy in five acts. The Chaos Insurgency has access to a more limited amount of SCPs than the Foundation but is more willing to use them without restriction.

Robert Bumaro • Other significant incidents include the 19██ performance at a small theater in ██████, ███, ██; the 1964 performance at the University of ███████████, ███████████, ███████; the 19██ performance at ██████ University, the first SCP-701 event successfully suppressed by the Foundation; the 19██ performance by a student group in ███████, CA; the 19██ television adaptation by the ██████████ Broadcasting Corporation (production successfully shut down by the Foundation before broadcast); and the 19██ incident in ██████████████, OH, USA, designated SCP-701-19██-1. SCP-990 • SCP-2521 • If the player had the Gate A opened and did not have SCP-106 contained, SCP-106 will distract the firing of the guards of SCP Foundation after he got out from the Gate A.

SCP-060-FR • SCP-1790 • Unknown to the Foundation, the Insurgency has been secretly operating a rebellion in order to rebel against the Foundation and betray them. The Chaos Insurgency's slogan is taken from John Milton's. SCP-1337 • SCP-701-1 • Soon, the Insurgency became one of the most fearsome human enemy faction to the SCP Foundation, which will utilize all kinds of ways in order to neutralize the Foundation itself, including sending spies into it. SCP-3000 •

SCP-701-1 in a still image from SCP-701-19██-A. SCP-280 •

Headquarters Jeser • Performances of The Hanged King's Tragedy do not always end with an outbreak. Find out what you can do. According to one story, the Chaos Insurgency was a group of a covert special task force formed by the O5 Council of SCP Foundation, first known under the codename of \"Insurgency\", and was part of the Foundation. Evil Organization SCP-966 • Nadox •

Red Sky in Morning Sailor take e^H wArning, Wiz: All right the combatants are set, we ran our data through every possibility.

Even so, if the Chaos Insurgency did orchestrate the entire event, then they had succeeded to plunge the entire SCP Foundation into a mess. Anderson Robotics • SCP-939 • Despite the soldiers of the Chaos Insurgency only appearing at one of the endings, it was implied that the Chaos Insurgency orchestrated the entire event happening in SCP - Containment Breach. SCP-372 • C.I.The InsurgencyRed Right HandRival RebelsThe Madmen SCP-079 •

SCP-401 • SCP Mythos These items currently consist of: the two (2) currently extant copies of the 1640 quarto; twenty-seven (27) copies of the 1965 trade paperback edition; ten (10) copies of a 1971 hardcover printing; twenty-one (21) floppy diskettes, consisting of data seized from raids on [EXPUNGED]; one (1) S-VHS video cassette tape (designated SCP-701-19██-A); and one (1) steel knife of unknown origin (designated SCP-701-19██-B). If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. Wiz: Well he got defeated in probably one of the most boring fashion they are, the remaining gods created a pocket dimension designed for The Chaos King and trapped him in there, Boomstick: Aww, you're right Wiz that is pretty boring, Wiz: But even a pocket dimension can't keep this beast from completely absorbing you, Boomstick: And the rest of the multiverse. Check out how this page has evolved in the past. According to one story, the Chaos Insurgency was a group of a covert special task force formed by the O5 Council of SCP Foundation, first known under the codename of "Insurgency", and was part of the Foundation. The publisher, one William Cooke, disappeared from the historical record soon thereafter.

The Insurgency also wants to take down the SCP Foundation for its "lies" by possibly unleashing several harmful and even hostile SCPs. Chaos Insurgency's mark in SCP - Containment Brach. View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout). Considering the nature of the Insurgency of using dangerous SCPs as their tools, it is very likely that they had caused this containment breach of SCP-173 and SCP-106. Cornelius P. Bodfel III • Mekhane • TerrorismTreason

Failed usurper ten trillion times, Fueled by those two who sinned no crimes.

Access to the area is to be heavily monitored; absolutely no personnel whatsoever is to be granted access to the archive without the express, in-person permission of Drs. SCP-352 • They are also implied to have killed approximately 375 students at Kirk Lonwood High School during anomalous experiments, although they claim the Foundation was responsible. Goals In short, SCP-701 is a self-evolving memetic virus, transmitted through unknown means through the text of the play. Agents should note that copies of the play have often been misfiled under different titles or spellings of the title. SCP-307 • After SCP-106 sunk back into the ground, the guards will cease fire. SCP-055 • The couple created the rest of the Amatsu-Kami who later came to be worshipped as gods by the Humans of this land, which enraged Mikaboshi which you should never do... looking at you Godzilla, Wiz: But luckily the gods sealed him away in the Netherworld... but that didn't keep him away for along when Asgard collapsed he was able to escape and killed the gods of Olympus gaining their power and on a path of vengeance, Boomstick: And he has a lot of power from killing the gods, Wiz: To start off he has super strength able to throw planets like ragdolls, super speed able to fly well over the speed of light and completely ignore the laws of gravity, Boomstick: He also can teleport to the other side of the multiverse with little to no ease and can create mystic force blasts that can blow up entire solar systems, Wiz: He has invisibility, matter manipulation, image projection and the creation of inter-dimensional nexus points among other feats, such as creating "shadow copies" capable of avoiding detection by high-level dark magical entities such as Nightmare in the latter's own realm, Boomstick: He also has the ability to alter his form and shape; he also often takes on a female form to appear harmless if you know what I mean ;), Wiz: His power is of such extent that he can control numerous minor demons, as well as animating and manipulating corpses en masse at will; moreover, even the Kami themselves appear wary and fearful of Mikaboshi whom they consider their primal foe, especially as he himself has slaughtered much of their pantheon, Boomstick: This guy can create razor-sharp claws that can be harmful enough to kill Zeus by tearing out his heart within seconds, y' know the Kingpin of the Olympus gods, Wiz: He also can become a fire breathing serpent able to burn galaxies with ease, Boomstick: And guess what his most powerful ability is... Give Up?

Daevites • This organization consists of about 16 main members.

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License, Original 1640 quarto (all known copies in Foundation custody). Add photo The Chaos King VS The Scarlet King is a What-If Death Battle featuring The Chaos King from Marvel Comics against The Scarlet King from SCP Foundation 1 Description 2 Intro 3 The Chaos King 4 The Scarlet King 5 Intermission 6 Death Battle 6.1 FIGHT 6.2 K.O 7 Aftermath Marvel VS SCP Foundation, which super multiversal threat would trump out victorious, could The Chaos King … Append content without editing the whole page source. SCP-058 • SCP-2774-A •

Full Name Suppression of the play's publication has generally been successful, with most copies of a 1971 scholarly edition destroyed before distribution. SCP-610 • SCP-023 •

SCP-025-FR • Rasmin Yelkov • Dr. L████ has theorized that SCP-701 events may involve [EXPUNGED].

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