how did syndrome die in the incredibles

He was the single father of five adopted children and, according to the NSA file, he raised them with his “roommate” Scott (come on, guys). He was also perfectly willing to risk several lives once he set the Omnidroid free in the city just to boost his own ego and reap the benefits. This has lead some fans to conjecture that he actually is a super and that his power is intelligence. Like many sociopaths, Syndrome holds a firm belief that mercy is a weakness and disregarding life is a strength that was pointed out by Mirage.

Zero Point EnergyUtility Gauntlet Weapons Even though she didn’t seem to like him much, this tidbit adds an extra tragedy to The Incredibles; as worded by the Disney Wiki, Mr.

Then, there was his whole obsession with female villains.

Though it was years and his vindictiveness had completely absolved him, Syndrome did have a memory of why he respected Mr. One-Eyed Bart | He referenced that the jet blew up and took his suits and their old house with it, which was accidentally caused by Syndrome's death in the jet turbine. Syndrome is an extremely spiteful, hypocritical, and vindictive individual.

Failure, being called "Buddy", rejection, Supers Incredible launched his car against the plane, Syndrome was left without his getaway vehicle.

Syndrome's personality (namely his callous disregard of others and lack of conscience or morality) all stem back to psychopathy and/or sociopathy. It was literally called "Every Disney Villain Death but Whatcha Say" for anyone who's curious. He’d refuse: “There’s no one underneath!

You're weak.

Due to Mr.

Syndrome states that its just too good in a hillbilly voice as a confederate flag and a pirate painting is shown on him. Incredible, he had Mirage recruit Mr.

Incredible over a cliff with his invention, making the hero land in a river.

Sadly, after Bob categorically and justifiable refused to grant Buddy's favor, Buddy returned home in disgrace and rejected the righteous path. Mr.

), broke into the Incredible Family's home (the Incredibles used the last name "Smith" instead of "Parr"), disguising himself as a burglar and making enough noise to lure Bob to him, and then used Bob as a battering ram to wreck the home. We watched it LAST YEAR in 2018. However, Mr.

On the surface, The Incredibles stands as a classic good-versus-evil narrative designed to draw in all members of the family.

Battlesaurs (Goliathon & Reptillus Maximus), See Also Incredible for rejecting him.

The family arrives just as he is preparing to leave, and he suspends them and slams them into a table.

He also told Kari that wearing a "BS" on the shirt was below him while explaining why he had an S on his shirt. The very next thing she noticed is Syndrome's "S" on the front of his costume, Syndrome tries to cover it up by saying it stands for "Sitter", then trying to further that disguise by telling Kari that his original idea was that he had initials for "BabySitter", but then he would be flying around with a big "B.S." The Incredibles: Syndrome | Omnidroids | Mirage | The Underminer | Bomb Voyage Disney literally threw hundreds of puppies off a cliff, Then there's the guy from the black cauldron that had his flesh shredded from his body, Tarzan is one of my favorite Disney movies, The sound of the vines going taught and the machete hitting the ground still haunts me , Imagine if they actually did the true to story Mulan shit. His mother got shot. Soundtrack: The Incredibles • Incredibles 2 When Mr. Incredible prefers to "work alone". Back when kids weren’t super sensitive bitches. In an NSA recording, she admitted that she mostly used it to steal boyfriends.

The truth is that Syndrome isn't actually the villain in the first Incredibles … Syndrome appeared to be driven at an early age for recognition and ego nourishment, which are normal traits for that of a child prodigy as seen by him trying to overcompensate for his lack of super abilities with his brainpower and technology.

Incredible with his family's supposed death and a second time when he gloated to the family on how he would steal away Jack-Jack and turn him into a sidekick in a last-ditch attempt to spite Mr. So i’m just looking around. Incredible initially humored Buddy with autographs and similar considerations, but did not approve of a child showing up uninvited to announce that they're partners to begin with, much less repeatedly. When people come in, I defend the diner. Sid Phillips |

Incredible's bluff of "crushing her", although he decided not to kill Jack-Jack's babysitter, Kari, and instead deceive her into giving her custody of Jack-Jack (though this may in part have to due to the fact that she was easily persuaded due to her being incapable of handling Jack-Jack's superhuman powers).

Are we gonna forget princess and the frog. While many of the other superheroes strove to separate their normal and superhero lives, Universal Man had no alter ego. In the mix, he lied that his 'S' symbol stood for "sitter" (also mentioned that he wanted initials for Baby Sitter, but he didn't want to go around wearing a big BS) and … Incredible for shunning and rejecting him.Kill the Incredible family.Become a "hero" in the eyes of the public.Kidnap Jack-Jack Parr and make him his "sidekick".Make superheroes widespread by selling his technology and thus destroy the entire concept of them (all failed). However, it is quite needless to say that Syndrome was not always like this. Whether Brad Bird’s intention or not, the possible father-son link in The Incredibles arguably makes film more sophisticated and complex.

Incredible with an explosive device, then sent his Bio-Probe to verify that he has been terminated. However, the rescue ended up causing one of the two lawsuits that Mr. Syndrome stood 5 feet and 7 inches tall, excluding the height of his hair.

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Syndrome is considered to be one of the darkest and most evil Pixar villains, as he was responsible for several deaths and endangered many lives out of petty spite. His inventions, wealth, Mr.

Home Later, Elastigirl breaks Mr.

He had stopped idolizing Mr. Dynaguy was one of the first supers to get sued for public endangerment after Mr.

Tronasaurus |

Mirage | Jason Lee (film, etc. Syndrome was supposedly "not a super", but he demonstrated exceptional ingenuity, technical knowledge, and planning skill far beyond the science of his time.

He was also capable of creating a sentient, self-aware, incredibly powerful and intelligent being that ultimately defeated him despite him knowing how to destroy it.

Mr. He was also capable of creating a sentient, self-aware, incredibly powerful and intelligent being that ultimately defeated him.

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