ak‑47 sight picture

However, spending your money on a scope makes a nicer rifle. All the adjustments should be made in very small increments and remembering the geometrical progression effect. Since the sight adjustments are not Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. For a 12 inch round target at 100 meters, you should position the aligned sights at the lower edge of the target.

It is easy to replace and is the best upgrade you can add to your AK rifle. The angle calculated with opposite / adjacent = angle in radians for small angles. It is adjustable from [1] 100 meters thru [9] 900 meters with [D] a battle

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mills and moa data is more for people with scopes with mill or moa reticals. The idea for this section originated from a question asked by a reader on the How To Zero The Kalashnikov AK-47 — 7.62x39mm page with regards to what distance to zero a micro red dot sight mounted to an AK-47 that. Thus, using your rifle in a rugged sight is not a big problem anymore. A bit hard for small people and women to use, This is perfect for all shooting situations, The lenses have a special coating that makes them resistant to any scratches, The windage and elevation can be adjusted, The body is made for special aluminum, can withstand heavy recoil, The mounting takes a bit of time but it is not a major drawback that will discourage you, A very durable product, made from high-quality materials, The light transmission is effective and the glare is negligible, The lenses have a special emerald coating, Takes a bit of time to figure out but it is really no big a deal, This features compensation for the bullet drop that goes up to 600 meters that too without manual adjustments, This scope has been tried and tested in combat situations by experts, This can be utilized in the same way as any CQB sight, The body of the scope is made from really strong aluminum, There are six different settings to adjust the level of brightness on this scope, Very durable product from a durable brand, The batteries tend to die out a bit quickly, The resolution is very high as it has large lenses, The overall finishing and construction is way above average, The mounting can be a bit tricky at first but you will get used to it with practice, This scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof, The scope can be used for shooting at night, The lenses have special coatings that allow maximum transmission of light, The construction is solid and it will last for a long time, The eye relief measures only 3 inches but this is not a big deal as the performance is still good, How to Choose a Good Rifle Scope for an AK-47 (Buying Guide). This

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You will have a 32mm objective lens and a maximum of 7x magnification from Vortex Optics to shoot out to each edge of the range. both higher and closer to the front sight as it is pushed up by the ramp that it slides along.

The For all AK47s except Yugoslavian Model. of the sights to ammunition with different ballistic characteristics. The type of rail and the placement depends on the type of optics and sights which you tend to mount on the AK 47. On the recent market, it's pretty easy to find out a cheap and good scope. The sighting of the AK can be done without any special tool except those provided with the gun. All of the sighting-in procedures are performed on the front sight only. His articles have appeared in numerous firearms publications, including Guns & Ammo and Shotgun News. However the front sight windage adjustment can be done in the field using a spent casing as a ramrod and heavy object (rock, piece of wood) as a hammer. In spite of the variety of manufacturers, extremes in tolerances and quality that can be encountered in the AK family of Rifles, I must report that I was VERY surprised at the ease of installation of your system. Looking for a reliable scope?

The construction is solid and it is evident that it will last for a very long time to come. This leads to an annual affair of changing batteries. Shooting Mystery (shootingmystery.com) is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. “GI” type post and aperture sight picture.

Not that bad

The mechanical sights are less than perfect and range marks out to 900 are more for show then go but within its useful range, Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! GG&G AK-47 1000m Ghost Ring Replacement Sight GG&G AK-47 1000m Ghost Ring Replacement Sight. More importantly; the Tech Sight narrows the eye-relief distance from the original AK-47 sights, allowing the shooter to shave off valuable sight acquisition time during a contact. In the case of novice shooters, the idle eye should be taken out of action by closing it or squinting. AK Iron Sights: How to Use the Ak Rifle's "Built-In Eotech" The front sight block is marked with centerline and the cylinder with a series of vertical lines. Security Contractor You can have a look at best, The POI is under the target: The front post is too low, The POI is over the target: The front post is too high, The POI is to the left of the target: The front sight is off to the right, The POI is to the right of the target: The front sight is off to the left, : The USSR and modern-day Russia train their soldiers to aim at the center of mass, or the belt buckle, within the “Battle Setting” range. The durability of scope will let you know the construction. Aim using a normal sight picture and pull the trigger.

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