255a warrant officer

Synchronizes and coordinates the Army's targeting process and Joint Fires at all echelons. Aggressive initiative and follow up lead to 100% of the unit's testing, measurement, diagnostic equipment enrolled in the TMDE program. Mentored and encouraged professional career development for subordinate personnel. Supply Systems Technician (920B) COM: (706) 791-8183 Allied Trades Warrant Officer (914A) Automotive Maintenance Warrant Offier (915A) requirement nor a prerequisite, the following certification (in order) also provide great weight to the Assisted in establishing and maintaining systems, cross-referenced intelligence records and files, and also determined significance and reliability of incoming reports and messages. As the command Ballistic Missile Defense Officer implemented a robust Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) training schedule that proved vital for successful completion of critical Phase Advanced Warfare Training and BMD Certification for the command. Ensured compliance with established monthly/semi-annual requirements using monthly reports. Configuring domain controllers and security templates. Supervised aircraft technical supply with four million dollar inventory.

Air Traffic and Air Space Management Technician (150A) Army-Portal.com—your information resource for all things Army! Provided intelligence support to Task Force 1-113 FA that aided in a successful deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-10. Language training initiatives led to command receiving the 2013 Command Language Program of the Year award for both the Marine Corps and Department of Defense. information systems on Army, Joint, Combined, and Coalition networks. Warrant Officer Basic Course, 2011 US Army Signal Center - Fort Gordon, GA. Plans, organizes, implements, monitors, and evaluates operations, threat environment, maintenance and advice on the technical/tactical employment of Target Acquisition Sensors. Supervise all support and deployment transportation operations for over 46,500 personnel and assigned equipment transported to and from Fort Hood, TX by all modes of transport.

Responsible for the Battalion's ARFORGEN and equipment RESET coordination, synchronization and management oversight on equipment returning from Combat. public speaking courses are not considered as meeting this requirement even if administered by the English Assist soldiers with developing career plans and Army careers while enlisted. Skill in integrating the actions of two or more specialized support activities for the purpose of meeting program goals. Legal Administrator (270A) Supervised 7 cross functional maintenance teams including two objective FRAG 5 (up-armor) shops, consisting of 113 military and civilian personnel with tools and equipment valued at over 3 million dollars. Monitored military pay adjustments prior to disbursing action.

Instructed, managed and supervised time frame and resource requirements, unanticipated resource needs and potentially controversial matters. A high school diploma or its equivalent must be present on all applicants' resumes when applying for a position as a Warrant Officer. Accounted for over 100 lines of controlled medicines/vaccines, $600,000 of military vehicles, and $125,000 of sensitive items without loss, Instrumental in running the supply mission at Kandahar, by meeting customer demand and achieving 88% customer satisfaction rate within 3 months of taking over operations, Through outstanding and proactive customer service, increased customer base from 19 to 63, a growth rate of 332%, Demonstrated influential leadership ability by managing 17 subordinates to grow storage capacity of warehouse from zero to over 1900 line items over the course of 12 months with no safety violations, injuries, or loss of product, Promoted to acting First Sergeant ahead of peers when enlisted; responsible for the training, fitness, career development, and administration of over 90 soldiers every month. Similar to previous budget proposals, it was approved before the end of 2019 and took effect on January 1, 2020.

Warrant Officer/MOS 255A Information Services Technician US Army.

Adept in understanding and implementing policy to accomplish service goals while meeting the expectations of senior leadership. Command Liaison Officer onboard JMSDF ships as the SME during training events and qualifications. Plan and develop processes for accountability tracking of all military and civilian forces supporting future state missions. Construction Engineering Technician (120A) Implemented and managed a monthly repair parts budget in excess of 100,000 dollars. © 2020 United States National Guard ELIGIBILITY.

Received high marks on Marine Corps Administrative Analysis Team (MCAAT) inspection. Supervised 50 personnel with zero fatalities during training and familiarization of crew. NOTE 1: Applicants from other military services (Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy) who can substantiate their qualifications with performance evaluations, awards, and certificates are encouraged to apply for MOS 255A. Four years of documented practical experience in information systems administration, Army Battle Command System

Administering and implementing TCP/IP addressing and sub-netting. Arriving Soldiers - Albany Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Baltimore Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Richmond Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - New England Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - New York City Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Syracuse Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Atlanta Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Columbia Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Jacksonville Recruiting BN, Arriving Soldiers - Raleigh Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Chicago Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Cleveland Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Phoenix Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Los Angeles Recruiting BN, USAREC Training Circulars and Graphic Training Aids, Warrant Officer Career College (WOCC) Information, Recruiter - Western Region and Pacific Rim, Becoming an Army Physician Assistant (PA), AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP). A letter from a Senior Signal Warrant Officer (CW3-CW5) is required. DSN: (312) 780-6643 Food Service Technician (922A) At higher ranks, Warrant Officers are also responsible for training others. A minimum of 36 months of rated time documented in NCOERs. Supervised administrative activities related to personnel records, including office organization and operation, and counseling of personnel, Managed the organization implementation to the Interactive Personnel Electronic Records, Consistently promoted safeguards in proper use of personal identifiable information, its release and protection. Created and implemented training program and authored technical documentation needed for mission. Provides assistance and advice to the commander and staff on all matters relative to the employment of target acquisition assets and the Army's targeting methodology. Warrant Officers work for the military as technical experts, combat leaders, and instructors.

Key point of contact for all requests for information, policy, guidance, informed decisions, and interpretation of regulations including deciphering MILPER/ALARACT messages.

Jobs / MOS List, © 2010-2014 Army-Portal.com All Rights Reserved The appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) of this Web site or the information, products or services contained therein. Performs troubleshooting techniques on software, hardware, and communication devices.

Maintaine a drivers training program, issued drivers licenses, manage repair work orders, fuel cards, logistic deliveries including rail car and semi-trailer and POV (personal owned vehical) inspections. instances practical experience acquired from civilian employment may be acceptable provided the experience Health Services Maintenance Technician (670A) Provided oversight for the professional development and management of faculty and staff in order to facilitate relevant and up-to-date curriculum for students. Manages medium to large scale projects according to agreed upon budgets and schedules.

Responsible for maintaining a continuous working relationship with Manufacturers, Contractors and US Army Commanders. Senior Network Operations Technician (255Z) Effectively planned and coordinated the Company's culmination training event at the National Training Center resulting in the successful training of six Special Operations Detachments while only spending one third of the approved funding. A minimum of 36 months of rated time documented in NCOERs. Serves as Lead Training Developer for Mobility Warrant Officer Basic and Advanced course developing over 2000+ hours of instruction, producing 120 Mobility Warrant Officer Graduates per year.

Experience working with people of various levels and diverse backgrounds to elicit their cooperation to perform specific tasks, comply with regulations, laws, and practices.

Additionally, though not a Performed full spectrum of personnel management functions to include evaluation of performance, discipline, recognition, professional development of subordinates, and team-building. A minimum of three semester hours of College Algebra or higher is the only accepted college course from an accredited academic institution. The applicant will have documented comparable managerial or leadership experience in the government service and/or civilian sector. Assembled maps, charts, and target materials through the combination of ArcGIS and Multi-Function Workstation (MFWS) software. Responsible for developing plans and concepts for future exercises and operations to be executed by the Group, Coordinates tracks and supports detachments, companies and Battalions conducting training and operations worldwide, Organized and conducted capability briefings and training demonstrations for congressional delegations and visiting foreign military members. Resource Management- Scheduled 917 aircraft sorties, prioritized use of 2396 resource flight hours annually and administers monthly/annual training requirements for 125+ personnel. Consistently achieved highest marks for quality control. Is proficient in duties described for CMF 4 listed in the duties paragraph in MOS 255A, 255N, or 255S; serves as technical and tactical advisor for network operations and signal systems at any echelon of command or support activity of the US Army or Joint Staff Sections assigned to Theater or allied armies; provides leadership, guidance, technical input, and direction to subordinate elements, staff agencies and field commanders up to and including theater Army level; manages the assignment of Signal Regiment warrant officers world-wide; provides coordination between military and industry during development, testing, and fielding of new information technology equipment; develops policy and provides guidance for management of theater information networks; serves as technical liaison proving technical guidance and policy advice to Joint, intergovernmental, interagency, and multinational partners.

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