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If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Ali Marhyar is an actor and writer, known for As Above, So Below (2014), Zero Dark Thirty (2012) and Casting(s) (2013).

Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Ali is also famed for his work in “As Above, So Below (2014)” directed by John Eric Dowdle.

[12][13][14] His main channel Ali-A has a subscriber count of over 16 million, with its total views exceeding 4 billion. Muhammad Ali Ali in 1967 Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (1942-01-17) January 17, 1942 Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. Died June 3, 2016 (2016-06-03) (aged 74) Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S. Even after earning such fame, Ali is not added to Wikipedia yet, however, he is included on. [27] In October 2017, Ali-A Adventures: Game On!, a graphic novel was released.

Furthermore, he spent most of his adulthood in his hometown. [20][21][22] Redbull's eSports division has referred to his main YouTube channel as the "biggest Call of Duty YouTube channel. The focus of the documentary was charting the "Minecraft phenomenon" through the quartet's meteoric rise to online fame.

Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. His second channel, More Ali-A, has a YouTube subscriber count of 5.1 million and a total of over 959 million video views. Ali Marhyar, Actor: As Above, So Below. Furthermore, he also directed the movie starring Rabah Loucif, Pascale Arbillot, and Mehdi Djaadi. Aiken has also been featured in the Mobile video game, Celebrity Street Fight,[53] in 2015 alongside DanTDM,[54] KSI, Marcus Butler, and Deji Olatunji (ComedyShortsGamer). [13], In January 2016 Aiken was subject of the documentary Minecraft: Into The Nether alongside other popular YouTube personalities such as KSI and TheSyndicateProject.

Ali originally holds a French nationality as he was born to French descent parents.

– Call of Duty SPECIAL!

The show "puts children in charge" of redecorating their family car, "without their parents’ input. Partie 2, Il n'y a pas de grenouille qui ne trouve son crapaud. Moreover, he honed his acting skills, comic timing, direction, and writing during his training days. [18] The Huffington Post has also stated that "Ali is one of the UK’s most popular and influential entities globally and is at the forefront of the online and YouTube revolution. Aiken often refers to his YouTube subscriber fanbase as the "Ali-A Army". Ali Marhyar is a French actor, writer, and director who is known for his role in the 2012 drama thriller movie “Dirty Dark Thirty”.

"[39][40], Scuf Gaming has released a themed controller, based around the Ali-A Game On for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

When new installments to the Call of Duty video game franchise are announced, Aiken covers known information about the games, giving viewers in-depth reviews. Like other celebrities, Ali has kept his girlfriend away from the spotlight. In September 2020, he created a fourth channel titled "Ali-A Plays", where he uploads content relating to the Call of Duty franchise only. According to Socialblade's statistics, both of Aiken's YouTube channels are within the top 50 in the network.

[63], The examples and perspective in this article or section. [13][25], On 7 April 2017, Aiken was mentioned in an article by Business Insider France.

His recent credits include “Family Business”, “Harbor”, and “The Price of Success”. In 2013, Aiken wrote a guest blog post in Huffington Post UK. Please help to establish notability by citing. The “Budapest” famed actor Marhyar has been notoriously keeping secrets about his personal life, love life, age, and especially birthday. "[19] In September 2015, Aiken, along with Tom Cassell and Daniel Middleton, starred in Legends of Gaming Live, with the trio being referred to as "[s]ome of the most popular YouTubers in the [United Kingdom]". The campaign resulted in over 13 million views on YouTube and lead to over 24,000 youth learning basic programming skills in the programming language Python. (Ali-A Fortnite: Battle Royale STATS)", "Gaming world record holder Alastair Aiken to host UAE masterclass", "Ali-A 2,000,000 Subscribers!

Ali Marhyar is an actor and writer, known for As Above, So Below (2014), Zero Dark Thirty (2012) and Casting(s) (2013).

Other notable YouTubers within the network include both of Daniel Middleton's YouTube channels and KSI. Looking for something to watch? Marhyar was born in 1986 in France where he was raised in his hometown with his family.

– YouTube", "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare WALKTHROUGH! [14][30] He does not consistently have the same introductions to his videos; however, he does usually start them off talking to the camera in a vlog-like fashion before moving into gameplay. Moreover, he has worked in “E-Love” in his early career. [36][37], During 2016, Aiken teamed up with other large YouTube content creators within the United Kingdom teamed up with Mattessons as part of a campaign to teach young people basic programming skills.

– (COD BO2, MW3, BO1, MW2, WaW & COD4)", "I put the Clare and Ali silver play button on the shelf instead :)", "Tallest staircase built in one minute in Minecraft (console)", "Meet Hauk, StyleHaul's Answer for the Growing Men's Influencer Market", "Video: Guinness World Records surprise YouTube gaming star Ali-A with two incredible titles", "Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition: five million copies and growing", "Syndicate, Ali-A and DanTDM to star in September's Legends of Gaming Live", "Endemol brings on Tom Cassell to host Legends of Gaming", "Endemol Shine UK acquires Electric Robin, OP Talent", "The making of a Call of Duty YouTube star", "25 Most Famous Youtubers on Earth – Clickible", "Ali-A has an epic time at Virgin Fibre x Destiny 2: The BETA Experience", "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare WALKTHROUGH! [35] Alongside KSI, Aiken discussed the new paid subscriptions that were coming to YouTube (YouTube Red) at the time.

Moreover, he has worked in “E-Love” in his early career.

Partie 1, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "PANCAKE CHALLENGE! Ali Fortescue Was a Correspondent at BBC before Joining Sky News. Learn About Ali Fortescue Sky News Age, Wikipedia, Family, Married, Husband Bio. Ali Marhyar has landed in television series such as “The Goddess With Hundred Arms” and “Speak Out So Much Love”. [56][57] In September of that year, referred to Aiken's audience size and following as a following that "most advertisers would drool over.

He has worked as an interrogator on a monitor with Jason Clarke, Reda Kateb, Jessica Chastain, Kyle Chandler, and so on. "[14] In both 2015 and 2016, Business Insider has listed Aiken as the ninth most popular British YouTuber. Alastair Aiken (born 6 November 1993), better known by his online alias Ali-A[11] (or by his original alias Matroix), is a British YouTuber known for Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries and vlogs.

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