maya lin eleven minute line

Artist and architect Maya Lin. Artwork - Sculpture, Artwork - Land Art/Geoglyphs Links: By: pmoore66. It was really interesting to hear Lin speak about this project – she draws some interesting comparisons between the way that Lewis & Clark viewed the land that they explored, in comparison to how the native people (i.e. You can read more about the Confluence Project here. I found it compelling to look at and wanted to know more about the piece. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. Naturally that  eventually led me to spend probably entirely too much time on her website. i had recently read somewhere that Lin will be creating works along the Columbia River, at landmark Lewis & Clark spots, or something like that. Lin's interests range widely, from the most advanced concepts in science to the very earliest artists on earth. While to the untrained eye this looks like a tangle of aluminum wire, it is actually a meticulously constructed three-dimensional model of one the most remote locations on the planet: the ocean floor sitting along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that rises to form Bouvet Island, about 1,000 miles north of Antarctica. This squiggly line is 1600 feet long and 12 feet high. As an architecture student at Yale, Lin designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as a class project, entering it in the largest design competition in American history. @MadeSadEasily Oh, that would be an uncomfortable one to navigate. How does Lin use vending-machine toys and their containers to make a statement about garbage? How does it look different when viewed from above rather than at ground level (see insets below)? Tweet. Lin was inspired to create the piece by prehistoric burial mounds near her home in Ohio.

Covering approximately twenty-four hundred square feet, it rises from a plane of short two-by-four segments to a hill ten feet tall. I chose this work by Maya Lin because at first I thought it was her signature. And here’s the awesome part: it’s located in a cow pasture in Sweden. and had a moment with Art. In the building's central atrium, a 28 by 55 foot sculpture with an undulating wood surface lifts off the ground and seems to travel toward the viewer, bearing grass and trees. [youtube]. Etched granite - Constitution Gardens, Washington D.C. As we went past the Vietnam Memorial, I was able to tell the person the history about the memorial because I had learned it from your post!

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