bugs bunny i wish i was in dixie

They run on, and Bugs comes to the Boiler itself (it being a ‘Steam’ Paddle, after all), opens the door for the Colonel who dives in. Bugs sees him coming and starts running. Colonel Shuffle: Why did you dunk my poor old hide in old man river, when I bought a low seat? A Yankee! Bugs (sounding like a Southern Belle): Ooh! and until I hears from General Lee official I’m a blasting any Yankee that sets foot on Southern soil. The Colonel comes around to his side of the table. Bugs Bunny is an animated cartoon character that was originally created by Leon Schlesinger Productions and voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc. Visit louisianarebel.com for Confederate and patriotic flags, patches and gear. Please don’t beat me massa! Buy them from one of our own at Black Creek Armory! Bugs: “Record Carrot Crop in Alabama” Alabama! Bugs (singing): Stuck a carrot in his hat and called it “Macaroni”. NO! With Mel Blanc. Irv Wyner How about giving out with something peppy on that there skin box, huh? Bugs picks up a newspaper lying on the ground and reads out the headline. While hitting him, Bugs’ wig and hat fall off onto the Colonel’s head. The chase eventually involves a path beneath the snow, which ends abruptly when Elmer runs into a pine tree. Carl Stalling The other side of the line is verdant and green, this side is a dry, barren wasteland. Sam looks across the line and sees that Bugs is waving a white flag from behind his rock. Look at this tired speciman! Buy them from one of our own at, A Diary from Dixie, Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut, 1823-1886, NOLA Lee Circle 2017 - Staring Down the Antifa. Bugs heads toward the record carrot crop in Alabama but runs into Colonel (Yosemite) Sam who is under orders to let no Yankee cross the Mason-Dixon line. Bugs Bunny in Dixie (cartoon - watch before it's banned) Youtube ^ | When America was great | Warner Brothers Posted on 08/19/2017 11:04:04 AM PDT by 11th_VA The paddles turn through the water, and the Colonel rides up on a paddle blade to the boat, looking spotless. I'm gonna drum you out of the service!" Bugs and Elmer supply new lyrics to Rossini's opera.

Somehow, though, Bugs works his arm free of the cuff – out of sight in his burrow – and attaches a bomb in its place. After some more hijinks and another failed chase, a weeping Elmer Fudd gives up and labels himself as a "disgwace to the wegiment" for failing to catch the rabbit, at which point Bugs willingly turns himself in. Bugs (singing): Yowver, Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony. Elmer has crept up behind Bugs and is tapping his foot, waiting to catch the rabbit by surprise. Bugs again burrows away.

Warren Foster We see a short white haired, moustached man standing on a table and shooting into the roof with two pistols.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. ♪. Sam: Hey there, boy! The camera cuts to a box with a glass front and a pistol inside and the words ‘For Dry Pistol Break glass’ sign on the glass, The Colonel breaks the glass and takes the pistol. Don’t beat this tired old body! He then deliberately takes his time going through each and every key, and does not find the correct one until the moment the bomb explodes offscreen. Bugs visibly watches him go over and flinches at the splash, Ship’s Officer: have your tickets ready gentleman’, He comes to a rope barrier, and takes a hard turn right through a doorway. The camera zooms into the room. Bugs (as Abraham Lincoln): Never mind the “Buts”. Gunfire is heard and lots of men run out of the room. Search for "Southern Fried Rabbit" on Amazon.in, Title: Sam: Aha! Yosemite Sam is wearing a Southern Civil War uniform. Bugs, cheerfully: ♪ I wish I was in Dixie, hurray, hurray, In Dixie land I’ll take my stand to live and die in Dixie ♪. I’d prefer a profusion of pennies. The Colonel is dancing with the pain of the burning and the difficulty of finding coins in his pocket. Listen live to Stormfront Radio with Don Black & Friends Followed by Dr. David Duke.

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